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2 April 26th, 2011 AMC’s Susan Lucci: “We’re in the best of hands!” – Watch Video


Susan Lucci appeared at a book signing for her new memoir, All My Life in Florida over the weekend, and ET was there and conducted a mini interview with the actress.

During the discussion the cancellation of AMC was brought up in which Lucci stated, ”It’s horrible and it’s sad and disappointing, but we’re on for five more months. And the best thing the fans can do is watch, because Lorraine Broderick and Agnes Nixon (both longtime writers on the program) are at the helm and we are in the best of hands.”

So, do you think  head writer, Lorraine Broderick will give longtime AMC fans a satisying ending? Let us know. Watch the video of Susan after the jump!

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  1. Sue says:

    Must be difficult to be out on a book tour when the show you devoted your entire professional life to is killed. She sure is team positivity though. Susan is a good actress! I wonder if we will ever know how she really feels. There has got to be some frustration on what Frons imposes on the writing team and his gutting of AMC.

    It’s too bad she didn’t wait a few years to write her book.


  2. Brian Greene says:

    Screw You, Frons!


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