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25 March 5th, 2013 AMC’s Thorsten Kayes Speaks On Zendall’s Future & Susan Haskell On OLTL!


In an new blog post on the Tainted Dreams website, renowned soap columnist, Carolyn Hinsey spoke with All My Children fan favorite Thorsten Kaye (Zach) following the first week of production of Prospect Park’s reboot of the series.

In the interview, Kaye discusses the atmosphere on set, the storytelling, the recent cast photo shoot, and more.   There were two interesting excerpts that caught our eye, that fans have been inquiring about. First, what will be the state of the marriage between Zack and Kendall, in lieu of Alicia Minshew (Kendall) not yet confirmed to return to the series, and if Thorsten’s real-life wife, Susan Haskell might make a return to One Life to Live as Marty Saybrooke.  Here is what he had to say below:

Thorsten on the state of the relationship of Zendall moving into AMC 2.0:  “Someone says, ‘I’m sorry about you and Kendall.’  That makes me want to watch: ‘What happened? Where is she?’ I think people will want to tune in to see how we tell the story. In theater, you often know the end of the play but you still go to see how the actors tell the story. In soaps, you don’t know the ending which is cool in its own way. ‘Hey, you and Kendall aren’t together and your wife may be with someone else.’ That informs every scene I do. I care about where we left these people. ‘Where are they now? The writers aren’t ignoring past relationships. I’ll jump on that train.”

Thorsten on if Susan Haskell might return to OLTL even though the couple is raising two young daughters:  “I hope she does One Life to Live.   It would be nice for both of us to work a half hour away. This has been a tough few months for Connecticut. I want to be close to home.”

So AMC fans, what do you think about how the show will handle the relationship

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  1. melanieofoz says:

    One should never assume Kendall and Zach will never be again. Great soap couples are always kept apart for one reason or another yet later thrown back into eachother’s lives. Maybe Alicia Minshew isn’t able to come back now but might later in the future. If not her, a recast which I know is unheard of for most viewers. Who knows, a new character could come along and have a strong chemistry where viewers will root for them instead.

    I would love for Susan Haskell to return to OLTL. Don’t like how they massacred her character but it could be a good way to resurrect the Marty we knew and loved. She was always one of my favorite characters.


    Nancy Wizner replied

    I agree Melonie. It’s been done before where a character is brought back into the show at a later date. It would be sad to see her recast, but again, it has been done before and accepted. Alicia’s shoes will be tough to fill though, but I am sure open to a new Kendall if Alicia can’t come back.


    Jan replied

    Kendall has always annoyed me , the actress I don’t think can even act as she always made me think THIS is NOT Eric’s daughter at all.
    I think Zach is boring and wasted character for Thorsten Kayes and so he needs to pack he’s bags and head over to OLTL at Patrick so we can bring back mean full stories. It’s not so hard to write meaning full stories but AMC has proven
    different in in this case. This is why soaps fizzled.


    Katherine replied

    I love Thorsten and since Zach on all my children is not with Kendell now I would love to see him return as Patrick and workwith Susan again

  2. Gillian says:

    Love him! So talented. I wonder where Zach and Kendall’s kids are though. Would she leave them? Would she take them? Interesting plot twist. Also proves that no couple is happy for long on daytime soaps.


  3. jim says:

    Its really hard to predict how they’ll handle the realationship between Zach and Kendall when you you dont know if the actress is returning or not or if they’ll recast. Id b all 4 Marty returning to OLTL but there not be much there for her now that son Cole and granddaughter Hope were killed off on GH. However if they could get Starr back for a brief story arc with Marty accusing Starr for Cole & Hopes deaths, even though Starr wasnt responsible, something like that could work.


    Nita Wuest replied

    She’s returning. See post with link above.


    jim replied

    Thats great to hear! love her! Thanks for the reply.

  4. Iakovos says:

    True love finds a way. Heck, Zach rose from the dead, didn’t he? Maybe Alicia Minshew will return, maybe not. Maybe they recast Kendall. This is why we tunein tomorrow, yes?

    As for Marty back in Llanview, I would accept it IF she returned as a strong vibrant woman, someone who realizes, despite her life’s tragedies, she has a new lease on life, and not as the plotline punching bag/loon she was in her final days previous. I wonder if we will be forwarded five years in Llanview as we are in Pine Valley come premiere week this spring. Does anyone know?


  5. Angie says:

    Does anyone know if Susan Haskell has been approached to come back?


  6. Llanviewer717 says:

    I love Susan Haskell and I love Marty Saybrooke. Considering the radical changes made in the character at the end, mental illness and murder, it’s isn’t likely Dr. Seybrooke will return. Besides, she flew off into the sunset with the newly found alive Patrick (Kaye’s old character). Perhaps she could make a clandestine return to grieve the loss of her son and granddaughter but I don’t see her coming back permanently. Which is a shame because Susan Haskell is a fantastic actor.

    Haskell and Kaye are super together. Since it looks like Alicia Minshew has moved on with her life, would the fans accept Susan as the new Kendall?


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied

    Yes, I agree with you, I hated the way her character was turned into a nut case, I would love to see her return to OLTL to.


    Cindy replied

    I heard she was in talks with PP.


  7. BeckyZ says:

    I think Susan could play Kendall!


  8. su0000 says:

    They are jumping years ahead.. a lot can happen to a soap couple in an years time and even more in 5yrs time (not knowing how many years ahead)
    I do not see AMC picking up from where it let off with the exception of a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 year coma for the JR story..
    AMC is going to look and be different, but yet somewhat the same..
    A couple can not be the same when their children are not, they will be grownup..

    Can’t wait to see how all will play out!!!


  9. Chris says:

    “Sorry about you and Kendall” could mean a lot things. I am going to wait see who says this to him. I still have high hopes that Alicia will be back for the next arc. For now I am just going to enjoy seeing Thorsten and having our show back.


  10. Cartini says:

    Omg Finaly!!!! Susan Haskell please come back ! I would even accept Susan as a new Kendall!!


  11. Johnny says:

    Fans seem to not like recasts generally speaking, but if Alicia cannot return as Kendall, and Kendall is important to the storyline, re-cast Kendall. It’s a part in a soap opera, if it is well cast, and of course that’s an important “if”, I think it would be fine. Before everyone screams at me, please keep in mind it’s just my opinion – they have recast J.R. Chandler, and he was played very well by Jacob Young so if they need to recast Kendall, I think it would be fine too.


    Nita Wuest replied

    She’s returning. See my post with link above.


  12. MK says:

    Kaye was so angered at the way they made Marty, Kaye refused to play Patrick to escort off. Would been great to see a Marty and Todd closure since the guy she slept with Victor and not her rapist.


  13. Scott says:

    I’m glad both shows are back,but it is hard to believe that Tad and Dixie and to a lesser extent Kendal and Zac would ever separate after beating death to reunite.It would be so hard to believe,so hopefully they get creative about the separations.Perhaps outside forces not connected to their relationships are keeping them temporarily apart.


  14. AbbyS. says:

    I agree that it’s going to be hard to accept that Zach and Kendall are not together for any reason. I have to hope that AMC knows what they’re doing and doesn’t blow them up too much. Whether Alicia returns or there’s a recast, Kendall is a core character and she’s got a great history with Zach. I’m willing to watch AMC without Kendall, and I’m very glad to hear how highly Kaye thinks of this new version and how well he’s being treated, but a Zach and Kendall reunion is a must for me.


  15. Darly says:

    Susan would make a great Kendall .. if Alicia isnt coming back


  16. Barbara says:

    Being true to the previous stories, if Susan returned as Marty (OLTL), she would probably end up in jail or the “nut-house”. She doesn’t need to go to Llanview to mourn her son, if she wanted to do it, she should have done so already in Port Charles (where he did die).

    I personally, would not be opposed to Susan returning as a Kendall recast. I truly believe that it could work. Want AMC 2.0 to work. To do so, we need Zack and Kendall as part of show!


  17. Nita Wuest says:

    There are a lot of talented actresses out there, some who might resemble Alicia somewhat more, who could be recast in the role, if they decide to go that way. I love Susan Haskell, but she does not resemble Kendall enough to work as her recast. It would be hard to believe it, unless they came up with some crazy plastic surgery storyline, which has been done before. On OLTL, Patrick and Marty were magic, but those days are over. I don’t think there is anything left for Susan at OLTL. Since there is no Tad and no Kendall, maybe Zach and Dixie could fall for each other and go in an entirely new direction. They might be great together – who knows!


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