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3 March 3rd, 2010 AMC’s Vincent Irizarry on David Hayward through writing regimes & more!

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Vincent Irizarry makes being bad a whole lot of fun to watch! As Dr. David Hayward on All My Children he causes havoc for most everyone in Pine Valley.  And that havoc paid off when last year he won an Outstanding Supporting Actor Daytime Emmy!  TV Guide Canada’s, Nelson Branco Spoke to Vincent about AMC’s move west, his time as David Chow on Y&R,  Vince’s idols, and the change in writing regimes in Pine Valley.  Here are some excerpts below!

Irizarry on Lorraine Broderick’s scripts:  ” I love Lorraine! I don’t think a lot of people know this but Lorraine created my character. David was originally intended to be on the show for only three months. Six weeks into working with Lorraine, Megan McTavish came in. Every time I see Lorraine, I run up and thank her for creating this character but I haven’t spoken with her since she has come back. Any time our show was struggling with bad writing, I’d always ask [executive producer] Julie Hanan Carruthers why she wasn’t trying to seduce Lorraine into coming back to AMC. Just like Agnes Nixon, Lorraine knows the history of the show. As you know, Lorraine handles AMC with respect and affection. It was odd. Lorraine is an artist. I was lucky to work with her on GL for a period of time as well.”

Irizarry on how Chuck Pratt wrote his character of David: “I know people had issues and problems with his writing but I can’t complain. Chuck wrote David very well. So, personally, I can only talk for myself and not for anyone else. And I’m grateful to have worked with Chuck. As a result, I won an Emmy Award with his writing, so you’re not going to hear me bash Chuck.”

Irizarry on working with Beverlee McKinsey on Guiding Light and his other acting idols: “Oh my God. I love, love, love Beverlee McKinsey. That’s why I mentioned her in my Emmy acceptance speech. She was at the top of the list. She had such a significant effect on me as a young actor. I was 23! When they told me GL was bringing on McKinsey as my mother, I had no idea who she was because I didn’t know the medium. Everyone came up to me and said, “Oh my God — you’re so lucky. Beverlee is an icon.” We clicked immediately. I adored her. I respected her professionalism. In fact, to be honest, she defined that term for me. She knew her lines, was always prepared. As I grow older, I realize it’s people like Beverlee who have had the biggest impact in my life. Angela Lansbury is another hero in my life. I did a guest spot on Murder, She Wrote. I learned from Angela that you have to make it fun for the crew to come in to work. And they did have fun! Oh, they did. Show business is a team effort. I don’t understand why lead actors have to be jerks on set. Remember when Lansbury explains everything at the end of the episode of Murder, She Wrote? She did it all in one take. And the crew appreciated that, let me tell you. James Mitchell was another hero of mine.”

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    Please get on another soap; we love your acting, Vincent!


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  2. lisa Coxswain says:

    Please be on another soap; we love your acting, Vincent!


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