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0 September 18th, 2009 And Just Where Was Jeffrey in the finale of “GL”?

jeffrey_gl.jpgOn today’sGL” finale that aired today everyone in Springfield was granted a final “one-year later” scene — except for Jeffrey, who was last seen having a shoot-out with Edmund.  Soap Opera Digest posted this breaking news item tonight to help clarify for fans the intent from Guiding Light. “As Josh and Reva drove off together to presumably start a new life together, Jeffrey’s whereabouts were never addressed. So, where is he? GL rep explains that his absence was intentional, and the story was purposely left open-ended. “When Reva tells Josh she’s not ready, that’s all about Jeffrey and her trying to move on,” says the rep. Reva believes Jeffrey is dead and, a year later, he very well could be. Guess it’s up to the viewers to decide!”

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