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18 November 15th, 2012 Anders Hove Chats On His Startling Return To General Hospital As Faison!

Photo Credit: Jim Warren

There is no doubt that Anders Hove makes one scary villain on General Hospital as the evil Cesar Faison! And now after the reveal on the November 12th episode that Faison is the man impersonating Duke Lavery, complete with a false prosthetic Duke mask, and Faison is indeed very much alive,  Hove spoke to TV Guide from his home in Denmark, about his return stint to daytime!  Here are a few excerpts below:

Hove on if he will be back for another run as Faison after viewers see how this current stint plays out on-air:  “I don’t know. At least this time around Faison won’t be dead — though that’s never stopped him before! They’ll probably send him to jail but maybe there will be more down the line. If executive producer, Frank Valentini needs me again, I’m there. I will never let that show down. I’m so excited working with Finola Hughes (Anna) and love that Faison is so obsessed with Anna. He’s genuinely in love with her but has unusual ways to show it. His ability to love so deeply is the only redeeming thing about him. It’s a lot of fun to do a character like that.  It gives you the liberty to behave horribly. I hadn’t seen Finola for many years but we clicked again immediately. She’s wonderful to work with and pretty damn demanding. But in a wonderful way. She is determined to squeeze absolutely everything out of a scene.”

Hove on his scarier-than-scary star turn performance:  “That’s the goal! The fact that Faison is still alive proves anything is possible. You might think the soap audience would not accept this kind of thing but they do. And they do it with a lot of passion. You only find that kind of audience in America. I’ve never met it anywhere else. One minute they’re angry, then happy, then frustrated. But they’re always very faithful.”

Hove on how he stuff his long wild hair into the faux-Duke mask: (Laughs)  “There are some things it’s best not to think about. Ian and I aren’t even the same height. He’s a few inches taller than I am. That Faison is really brilliant!”

So soapers, are you loving the performance by Anders Hove as Faison?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Claudia Kurzyna says:

    I love his return to General Hospital!


  2. J.R. says:

    Anders Hove is brilliant as Faison. One minute he is wiping away Robin’s tears and you see the vulnerability in his eyes. The next minute he turns into the truly creepy sinister villian that most believe he is. That’s what makes him the best love to hate character of all time on GH!


  3. maddiehayes says:

    I always love Anders Hove as Faison! Yes, the ‘mask’ business is kinda silly, but who cares? It’s these wonderful actors we want to see on our screens! I think that’s the first time Faison and Duke have ever shared a scene! GH is so great right now because Ron Carlivati is an old-school fan and he remembers it fondly, like we do. Can’t wait to see Robert today.


  4. Anthony says:

    How can anyone not enjoy Faison – the character is so over-the-top mean and crazy. But Anders is such a wonderful actor that Faison is believeable. I think it’s great having him back and I hope the storyline has lots of miles; it would be good to have him stick around for a while.


  5. aria says:

    Truly one of the best villians of all times, Anders Hove is awesome and GH is simply rocking, I feel like i’m in a dream, this is just to good to be true.


  6. heidi says:

    Faison is a villian that you love to hate… but somehow you feel for him at times… It is the writing… but it is also Anders Hove’s talented delivery. Sorry we will not be seeing him much. Having Faison and Duke be alive gives us hope for others. I am still hoping Jason/Steve comes back and others like Victor/Trevor too! Love having Anders back… Faison should not be played by anyone else!


  7. Ann says:

    Yes, Hove is pure genius! I want him back ASAP! Faison cannot be done this soon! I have let Valentini know we want him!!!


  8. MJ says:

    Anders Hove is brilliant.


  9. MBmomof3 says:

    Love it! Love the whole storyline and cast involved.


  10. Robynne says:

    l am LOVING General Hospital right now! Great to see Faison and Duke again, hope this leads to more story all around. Would like to see the rumors about Lucy Coe come true; then the big surprise at this Nurse’s Ball…Robin returns! :)


  11. Jean-François Roy says:

    Anders Hove plays (in my opinion) the absolute best villain in Soap history.
    I hope mister Hove stays for good.


  12. Sue says:

    Absolutely loving Anders – it’s such a treat watching him just devour his role. You can tell he’s thoroughly enjoying himself!!! (Still have a special place in my heart, though, for Billy Clyde TUGGLE!!)


  13. Jeff says:

    Fasion brings back excitement into a once dead soap. His character is the most vial and evil of any evil I’ve ever seen on tv. He’s the guy everyone loves to hate. :D


  14. Christy says:

    it’s devilish fun! I love it!!


  15. lisa says:

    One of the best villains to grace the GH show.


  16. Zoe says:

    I agree – my favorite villain! I hope they can bring him back. Hove is a great actor who brings out the best in the other actors.


  17. Stevie says:

    I too am thrilled to see Faison back. I believe he will revitalize the show in a way other, more mundane villains cannot. For one thing, he is more imaginative in his evil antics. He is a little more refined than your run-of-the-mill mobsters, like Anthony etc. who are followed by a nonstop wake of explosions, it seems. But a guy who will kill his own mother to get what he wants is pretty unprecedented.


  18. Teresa Guglielmi says:

    Please, GH do not have Anna and Robert kill the character of Faison, Andres Hove is WONDERFUL as this charcter, so fun to watch and love his evilness. Keep the
    charcater alive so we may enjoy Mr. Hoves wonderful perfornances for years to come.
    What about putting him up against Sonny for control of Port Charles. That storyline has so much potiental.


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