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3 November 8th, 2010 Andrea Evans returns to B&B as Tawny Moore!

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TV Guide broke the news this morning that Andrea Evans is returning for episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful reprising her role of Tawny Moore, Amber’s momma, played by Adrienne Frantz.   Evans told TV Guide about her return, as the gold-digging pain in the butt, “Tawny has lost her job at the tollbooth back in Furnace Creek and she’s lost her trailer, too. She’s thinking her daughter is rich and will help her out — and, as always, I assume she’s up to no good!”

Andrea’s return airdate is set for December 29. The actress is currently booked for four episodes with the door left open for more, according to a B&B rep.

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  1. Brian says:

    I wish OLTL would have done more with Tina when Andrea was last back. I miss her on OLTL.


  2. Michael Jenkins says:

    This is great news, I love her.


  3. bottomchef says:

    Andrea Evans was campy fun as Tawney! Now if only Tawney could stick around and Amber could be shipped off the canvas.

    Is B&B shaping up to be the Amber show again? That would be awful. The only good thing abt Amber is Tawney. There has certainly been more Amber since Steffy has been temporarily off the canvas.

    There were rumors months ago that Tawney would return and reveal that Nick is Amber’s biological daddy. According to that rumor, other people in the storyline would be Rick, Jackie and Aggie I think. Since Amber kissed Nick, that would be very B&B as that would be incestuous. LOL.

    I don’t like Amber/Oliver. W/ Amber part of the younger set’s storyline, I’m hoping Hope gets to slap Amber.


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