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18 October 9th, 2013 Angelica McDaniel Chats On CBS Daytime After Dark, Revealing Secrets On THE TALK, Y&R’s New Head Writing Duo & The Future!

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Last evening, the CBS Daytime team put on a one of a kind event, CBS Daytime After Dark that featured an evening of stand-up comedy from some of CBS Daytime’s biggest stars to benefit the charity Stand Up To Cancer, a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, which funds groundbreaking cancer research.

The event was hosted by actor/comedian Billy Gardell (Mike & Molly) and featured CBS Daytime stars: Drew Carey (The Price is Right) Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum and keyboardist Cat Gray (Let’s Make A Deal) and Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood (The Talk).

On-Air On-Soaps was on the red carpet and inside the world famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip in Tinseltown to watch the incredible comedic performances and to talk with the movers and shakers, and the stars that comprise the family of talent of CBS Daytime. First up, we had the opportunity to talk to the woman who is really making a difference with her energy, fresh perspective, use of social media, and creating continual synergy for her entire daytime line-up which includes: The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Of course, we are talking about CBS Entertainment, Senior Vice President Daytime, Angelica McDaniel.

Just as Angelica was about to go in and take her seat to watch the stand-up routines that would provide plenty of laughs and enable these comedic talents to strut their stuff, she took a moment to chat about the creation of this event, The Talk’s exciting season four premiere week that had the ladies revealing some of their inner most never-before-known secrets, and what is to come on The Young and the Restless as it begins to embark on its new journey with new co-head writers, Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante!  Here’s what Angelica shared with us …

Angelica, did you come up with the concept for this event to bring all the incredible talent from the CBS Daytime line-up in great synergy to support Cancer Awareness?


ANGELICA:  Yes, this is a CBS Daytime exclusive!  A lot of women watch CBS Daytime and that is our key demo, and during all of our shows in the month of October we always support Breast Cancer Awareness.   So we thought, “Let’s do something that is related to cancer,” and then we partnered with Stand Up To Cancer.   The one thing I learned that was really eye-opening was that more than one person passes every minute from cancer.  So this is such an important event to draw attention to it.  We have got CBS Daytime talent, CBS Primetime talent here, and it’s a great night.  I am so excited that for the first time everyone gets to see these great daytime comics, but they don’t have the daytime television restrictions in this live show, so they can just let loose and have fun.

You have such an amazing talent pool in your arsenal with Wayne Brady, Drew Carey, Sheryl Underwood, and Aisha Tyler!  Not only are they some of America’s favorite game show or talk show hosts, but they are amazing live comics! So it’s great to be able to see them tonight in their true realm.  Such a treat, right?

ANGELICA: Wayne Brady, Drew Carey, Sheryl Underwood, and Aisha Tyler, these are touring comics and this is what they do.  We are so lucky having them hosting our shows and that is a big part of why we are the number one rated line-up in daytime television! So we thought, “You know what?  Let’s draw attention to that!  Let’s let the fans come” We are going to have a hundred fans crammed into The Comedy Store tonight and it’s great!  They got their tickets online, through social media and through the shows, and it’s a great way to see everyone come together and truly be a great big family.


The Talk is having its most successful season and ratings yet!  I must say, I have never seen anything like season four premiere week where Aisha, Sheryl, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, and Julie Chen shared some very deep, and often times harrowing secrets for the first time with the public and each other. Who came up with that idea for a season kick-off?

ANGELICA:  They are doing a great job in the ratings.  We kicked off season four with a great week of the hosts revealing secrets.  That was our executive producer, John Redmond’s idea.  But one of the things that people were thinking was that the women were going to say something like, “Oh, I dye my hair blonde,” or these kinds of secrets that weren’t really a big deal.  And then they were just blown away when they saw how revealing and vulnerable these women allowed themselves to be.  I am so proud of them for taking that leap of faith.  But it really just goes to show with the support of everything from the network, the studios, the executive producers, and the producers on staff, that the women really feel that they are safe to be that vulnerable.  That is really a testament to the behind the scenes people of that show.

Let’s talk about what is happening with The Young and the Restless! Are changes coming in front of the camera that fans will notice as far as storytelling, plot, and seeing the characters they want to see continuing at the forefront?  This week there is some major drama about to go down in Genoa City, too!

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ANGELICA:  I can say I am really excited about the stuff that is happening on Y&R.  This is a big week story wise, and there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes.  I am just really excited for us in the coming months as we begin shifting story to really start having more well-rounded balance of family, relationship, humor, and shock and sadness. For awhile, I think we were just kind of telling the same level of a story. Now you’re going to see a lot more happening, and a lot of characters from other generations crossing with other characters, and really opening that show up.

Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante are the new co-head writer of The Young and the Restless.  What can you tell me about having these two ladies penning the future of Genoa City?

ANGELICA:  Jean Passanante has not actually started yet.  She starts next week. So it’s really exciting for her to come in and be part of the family and the nest with us.  Despite what people want to say, Jean and Jill Farren Phelps have not worked together.   They worked together once years ago where they sort of overlapped with each other while one was coming in and one was going out on a soap, so it really wasn’t working together. But people are wanting to say, “Jean is a friend of Jill Farren Phelps!”   And I want to say, even if Jean was a FOJ, because Shelly Altman was and is, the reason people are “friends of  …” is because these people are really good at their jobs.  I love to hire people I know sometimes. I have a couple of them who are working with CBS Daytime that I worked with before because they deliver, their excellent, and their team players, and so they are part of the team.

So CBS Daytime fans, what do you think of Angelica’s comments on the future of Y&R and the new head writing team of Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante? What did you think about the concept of CBS Daytime After Dark to benefit and raise awareness for the organization Stand Up To Cancer?  Did you enjoy the shocking secrets from the ladies of The Talk during its season four premiere week?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Dani says:

    Y&R suffered in a huge way. It hasn’t had a stable regime in eight years. Now you have someone in charge that made huge mistakes on other shows before. But somehow Jill Farren Phelps still managed to get employed.
    This is Bill Bell’s legacy we are talking about here. And while I was a fan of Angelica McDaniel in the beginning, it’s not the time to go completely silence while fans are concerned only to come out on protect Phelps in such an idiotic matter. Very disappointing and a sad day for all Y&R fans who thought that McDaniel was Y&R’s last hope.

    Last but not least, while Passanante and Phelps haven’t worked together on GH, they share a past. Jean was an associate head writer from 1997 to 1998 on OLTL, while Phelps held the EP position. Just sayin’.


  2. Jules says:

    I like how she completely avoided answering that last question. What was asked and what was answered were not 2 sides of the same coin.

    I like her. I think she’s a great visionary and leader, and representative of our genre. But I just get no enjoyment from her daytime lineup. Some days, yes. But generally speaking if I am home, my index finger does not click on her channel.


    toscanti replied

    Could not agree more! We are doomed! The things JP did while penning ATWT lead to it’s demise and now the hack is coming to Y&R. I still want Kay Alden back she knows the show and it’s history. Especially now that Jeanne Cooper has passed on!


  3. Loving says:

    Y&R has Cynthia Watros and she is not playing Phyluss?? Yup this soap has gone mad


  4. Heidi says:

    I hope that these new writers bring some balance to the storytelling on YR but I’m doubtful. The show seems all about one certain FOJ and that’s Steve Burton and his Dylan. I’d like to see tptb take an interest in telling the stories of all in GC. I think they should take a cur from the new GH about how to tell stories that include all characters.


  5. Mary SF says:

    I don’t know– it just seems sad to me that they are taking the lazy route to creating drama by killing off a child. Of course it will be heart wrenching how cannot not be— but that’s my point, in lapse of any real creativity– they go for some so base, so primal to our souls– that it almost smacks of manipulation as if daring the viewer not to cry over this one. It was a bad idea when they killed Cassie, and then Colleen– and I think in the long run this newest tragedy will be in the league as them. It is just so unimaginative — so unnecessary. And then using to that death to “cure” Connor blindness– even less inspired– I am sure many visually impaired viewers would have love a long term story on coping and living with blindness– that drama could have lasted years to come, but again pulling the same stunt they did with Colleen, using her death to save Victor– it’s been done— so I am not impressed or as optimistic as the head of Daytime on the team she’s got in place. Yet, I do applaud them using their time to worthy cause in real life—kudos for that.


  6. Michelle says:

    I dont take much stock in what she says. I dont care who they bring in as long as they do stories as long as they dont have to rewrite history for a story to work. Or even just to make sense. And if anybody can make sharon better I’m for it. And stop dumbing down characters.


  7. Christine says:

    I must admit that the past two months on Y&R have vastly improved, especially in pacing and storytelling. I’m glad to hear that the writing regime will continue to focus on real relationships and family rather than making everybody miserable.


  8. Rhonda says:

    Honestly, and with all due respect for her highly-touted passion for daytime, she seems like part of the problem where Y&R is concerned. She appears to love publicity from ALL the red carpets she’s on (with the same handful of actors) to the recent prominence of all CBS Daytime in social media, including her personal twitter account where I’ve seen her applaud the ratings when they’re good, admonish Canadien viewers for “spoiling” predictable storylines when actors and others often provide more than enough clues for smart viewers to figure it out weeks ahead of air date, and explain that “they” like to save the budget for cast rather than a special song for Nikki & Victor’s wedding or to even occasionally see the characters’ pets (never mind a new pet was just added ).

    But how much do all the new sets cost? Or all the new cast members? Was it necessary to replace the music and wardrobe people(guess “one big family” doesn’t apply to all). How about some real answers for once? Is she really proud of a show where rape is glossed over nearly once a week? Or one where women are minimized in their roles , both at home and in their careers? She’s the President of CBS Daytime, yet the show once known for its businesswomen is all about the boys. That isn’t ironic; it’s disgraceful, especially for someone who acknowledges that women make up their key demo.

    And as far as her defense of Jill Farren Phelps. Exactly what was her last success as an EP? I won’t comment on the new writers until I’ve seen their work, but Ms. Phelps? Oh, I’m familiar with her. Too bad she doesn’t seem too familiar with Y&R. Yes, I may be harsh on both women, but I hold them to no higher standard than I hold myself. I think neither has an easy job, but good things are never easy, and great things are a hell of a lot harder, as I’m sure Bill Bell could attest to.


  9. Jared says:

    This is just spin and b.s., as far as I am concerned. The fact is these people AREN’T that good. If they were, generally speaking, they wouldn’t be going from one failure to the next. Folks, that is corporate and government America: a revolving door of people who know each other rewarding each other and protecting each other from the fallout of failure. Y&R is a rich legacy that was built from the ground up by Bill Bell but has been systematically destroyed by the last three show runners with three names each, coincidentally. The destruction of daytime’s crowning jewel is unforgivable. We’re almost to the point of no return with this show, but it’s not too late to let someone who understands Bill Bell’s legacy soap, its history, its characters, and can navigate this show out of these dark years, rebuild that legacy.


  10. Chris says:

    I think Angelica is good in many ways for CBS and certainly has done a lot on social media to promote her line up. However, in regards to Y&R, my concern with her is that she doesn’t seem to see why JFP is polarizing with the soap fan base. JFP has more than earned her reputation and her commitment to repeating past mistakes on each show she helms reeks of arrogance and ego. It didn’t work before so why do it again? I agree with the poster who said Delia’s upcoming death is manipulative. They currently have little going on with the show that has me riveted and this story ploy is exactly the kind of gimmicky crap JFP does to propel her stagnant shows. We just lost a 40 year veteran whose real life death should have propelled the show into a creative zenith. Instead in the weeks following this loss we’re saddled with a crappy murder mystery and child dying. Forgive my bluntness here but JFP knows crap about producing long term compelling character driven drama. Then implying Passanante and Altman were hired because they are “really good”, in spite of the fact that they both were head writers who saw their shows to cancellation, is absurd. I found her last answer dismissive to the fan base. In case she’s wondering, yes, we’re tired of mediocre talent ruining our soaps and killing them off. There are only 4 soaps left and seeing the same garage sale talent hired and promoted is baffling. We have our legitimate reasons for disliking those people who’ve had a hand in destroying the once mighty soap opera dynasty.


  11. Laurel Twist says:

    Elephant in the room? Angelica McDaniel should not be helming YR. She & JFP let Josh Griffith be the fall guy for their mess. The content, of the show, has suffered horribly under her care. I seem to remember her making similar statements about Josh not so long ago. So, who is lying here? CBS needs to leave her overseeing The Talk, & TPIR, these shows are her forté, but she is NOT a storyteller, & she needs to be relieved of her duties at YR.


  12. Johnny says:

    When this story was first done on daytime in 1994 with Maxie and BJ, it worked on evey level for many reasons. First…it was written by the magnificent supremely talented Claire Labine. Second, it was something daring, shocking and new. involved beloved characters in whom the audience was deeply emotionally invested. Fourth it was written with heart and humanity. Since then, every soap has told some variation on this story. All My Children did it twice with Gillian/Laura and Kendall/Josh. Guiding Light did it twice as well. GH tried to replicate it only a few years ago withawful results. Every show has been so desperate to recapture the brilliance and he magic of that story and it cannot be done. It was lightning in a bottle. Now every subsequent child who gets killed just seems more gratuitous, violent, and unnecessary. These characters are not beloved long time good guys like Bobbie, Tony, Felicia, etc were on GH. Chelsea has not even ben on for 2 years and she has been shown as a liar and a con artist. Chloe is an impulsive ninny who gives horrible advice in the name of friendship and parenting. Billy and Victoria are the emotional anchor here…and this storyline darn well better have her get pregnant and let them have their own child. The show is featuring an awful lot of death all at once…Mrs. C, Carmine, Delia. I am sure this story will result in stellar acting, a boatload of Emmys, and get a lot of people talking. But I question the wisdom of this. Delia is a legacy character. They already needlessly killed an Abbott daughter in Colleen. When will soaps learn that viewers do NOT want constant misery and angst all the time? We have enough of that in our own lives.


  13. harlee says:

    It stinks! Jean has worked on CBS for years so I can see that, knowing what CBS’s soaps are about, but Shelly & Tracy is from ABC and YR is looking more like an ABC soap not the opulent CBS stunner it once carried. I’m sorry and no disrespect but Ms. McDaniel hasn’t a clue what YR viewers want to see having no background prior with YR, but I guess viewers need to just shut up because evidently they could care less about us. They had recycled stories from GH, Delia dying, Bill didn’t kill off children for sweeps. His was natural & organic with beats being played for sweeps, is why our eyes from the viewers was glued to the TV. JFP, Tracy, Shelly, Josh have been more plot driven the last 4 months. My heart aches.


  14. Tom says:

    “…the reason people are “friends of …” is because these people are really good at their jobs.”

    Hogwash. What a load of self-serving crap. It’s exactly this kind of attitude that has brought ruin to corporations, governments, and yes, television shows as a whole and soaps in particular.


  15. PatF says:

    I have praised her in the past. But to hear the manner in which she defends Phelps and the writing makes me question if she really knows anything about the legacy of the show and what’s best for it.

    The new writers, even if they do have good intentions, will be thwarted by Phelps and what her incorrect vision of the show should be.

    Phelps needs to go six months ago.


    Jessica replied

    Could not agree more.


  16. Jessica says:

    It amazes me how many people defend JFP. Never liked her when she was EP on GH. Then when I recently found out that she fired Anna Lee (Lila, GH) a week before she died. If I had any respect for her, I certainly lost it after finding that out. YR needs to do something and fast. Because if they keep her, well, things are going to get worse. She should never be an EP of soaps because all she does is destroy them.


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