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10 June 29th, 2012 Ann Curry’s Tearful And Emotional Farewell On The Today Show – Watch the Video!


Displaced co-anchor of the Daytime Emmy winning morning show, The Today Show, Ann Curry gave her emotional goodbye live on the air on yesterday morning’s episode.  Curry addressed the television cameras while her co-anchor Matt Lauer, and Al Roker looked on!

Curry fighting back the tears told the TV audience what it has meant to her to be in the homes of  millions of morning viewers for 15 years.   She  said, “For all of you who saw me as a groundbreaker, I’m sorry I couldn’t carry the ball to the finish line.  But, man, I did try.  After all of these years, I don’t even know if I can sleep in anymore. I’m not even sure that I can.  But I know that whatever time I wake up, I’ll be missing you.”

However reports have been surfacing that behind the scenes that it was, “Icy on the set. You could cut the tension with a knife.”  In particular, the dynamic between Curry and Lauer.  “When the cameras stopped rolling, Ann wouldn’t even look at Matt,” says a set source. (On Thursday’s show, Curry pointedly hugged each of her colleagues except for Lauer.)

However, the day before perhaps Today Show threw Ann a bone when it had a segment with Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello who promoted the movie, Magic Mike opening today, as she was given a little bump and grind action from Joe, and then Channing and a flash mob showed their moves to the departing co-host!

Watch both videos after the jump and let us know what you thought about Curry’s exit from Today?

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  1. barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1 says:

    What has happened to Anne is disgusting, and it should be Matt lauers ass out the door and not her, I don’t watch this garbage its no better then a hour long talk show it’s just longer and boring, but lets face it this girl got screwed and I feel bad for her, Good luck with the other gal, if she doesn’t have that magic (kissing Matts ass) she will be out the door to.


  2. ethel says:

    this is such a very sad situation – nbc used ann curry as a scape-goat because of the falling ratings of the today show – they just threw that woman under the bus & what kind of a send off was that??? i am in total disgust over this ugly asinine fiasco!


  3. Barb Harnedy says:

    I always loved Ann Curry. I sure don’t think her leaving will help the Today show. I stopped watching it when they added the additional hour with Hoda and Kathy Lee. In my opinion, Ann would have been a good replacement for Kathy Lee. KL is just so negative all the time. Although GMA isn’t much better. I’d actually prefer to watch local TV news in the morning. Everything else is just so darn depressing!!!


  4. lew says:

    It is a shame what they did to Ann Curry. She is a true professional and gave it her all. Maybe the problem isn’t her, but the changing format of the morning talk shows. Ann is a news journalist and shouldn’t have to compete with the foolishness that happens at GMA. Maybe the other problem is the cold personality of Matt Lauer. Maybe when the ratings continue to drop, they will take a look at old stone-face and realize that it is hard to place anyone with a co-host who doesn’t have a personality.


  5. david says:

    Ann has nothing to apologize for. She is a respected, professional journalist. Many attribute Today’s declining ratings to Matt Lauer and improvements with Good Morning America. Forcing out Ann is wrong and won’t solve Today’s problems. What a coincidence Ann is replaced by a woman 15 years younger. It’s an embarrassment for NBC, whether they understand it or not. It will likely result in a backlash and lower ratings, which they rightly deserve.


  6. Elhu says:

    Ann Curry is a class act, and a fine journalist, who did not deserve any of this. No one person can be the complete cause for a ratings drop in a program of this nature, poor Ann was simply the “fall gal” in this debacle at NBC. I also believe Matt was a catalyst in her dismissal from her co-anchor duties. I did not want to believe that, but after watching her tearful good bye speech on-air yesterday, there is no doubt in my mind that he was involved in this decision (just by watching the body language of all of them on the couch at the time Ann’s goodbye took place). I understand that the bottom line is that this is a business, but handling it in this fashion is so very unprofessionally poor. The Today Show thinks they have been losing viewers before this, I am sure now they will be losing many, many, many more over the way this all went down – shame on them, including Matt – who I used to enjoy. I have been a faithful Today Show viewer for many years, and have always felt it was the best of the three morning programs of this nature, but that has now changed. As I said earlier, Ann Curry is a class act, a fine journalist, and a wonderful woman who can walk with her head held up high, much more than I can say for so many others in the “power” positions at the Today Show. Something tells me that in the end, Ann will have the last laugh. Much Good Luck to you Ann Curry!!!!!


  7. aria says:

    Matt Laur looked so fake! sad indeed.


  8. Christine says:

    I watched the TODAY show up until they made the egregious mistake in airing the video from the killer in the Virginia Tech massacre. I lost all respect for that program.

    That being said, I always liked Ann Curry. I loved the way she spoke and carried herself as a journalist. She had that certain something about her that made me trust her and what she was telling me. I find that hard to come by these days. It seems the majority of them want to be cutesy, just check out FOX 11 out here in Los Angeles if you want to know what I mean.

    I do not care for ANY of these so-called morning or afternoon news/talk/variety programs. I think they are full of themselves. I can’t fast forward fast enough through the promos for Good Afternoon America, or whatever they are calling them, and not to mention Katie and her plastered on smile in her TV spots.

    Good luck to Ann Curry. You deserve better.


  9. dave says:

    Wow! The Today show will never be the same again, Ann got screwed. Matt Lauer you are such a self observed disgusting human being, why his wife decided to stay with him after his affair with Natalie Morales is a mystery to me, oh I know, the show paid her off because they wanted to save that narcissistic matt lauer’s job and the show’s reputation.


  10. ter says:

    To you Ann Curry , you were the readon I watched the Today’s show. I loved your professionalism as well as your personality. I cried, and just as fast as you were gone that was just as fast as I left the Today’s Show, as well, I refuse to give thaem any of my time. May Creator Bless You Ann Curry, Duam-nehi, in Tohono O’odham means “we well see you again” There is no word in any Native American language for good bye, .


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