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8 July 28th, 2011 Anna Holbrook and Agim Kaba guest star in new “Far From The Bay”!

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Two names and faces very recognizable to soap fans appear as special guest stars in the latest installment of Gregori J. Martin’s Far From The Bay which centers around series star, Kristos Andrews search as Peter for his adoptive mother, Claire.

Daytime Emmy winner Anna Holbrook, best known for her work Another World, and Agim Kaba formerly of As the World Turns, provide some information and some answers as to where Claire actually is!  And that is good news!  After all, for week’s now we have watched Peter cross paths with many indie soap crossovers in a unique marketing promotion, and now it looks like we may be propelling forward to get to the bottom of the mystery!

Watch the latest webisode of Far From The Bay after the jump!

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  1. LCS says:

    How great does Anna Holbrook look!!! Love seeing her again. Agim looks fabulous, as always! Loving Kristos. He’s got me fully invested in this character. Looking forward to things coming full circle.


  2. Melissa says:

    Very excited to get to the bottom of this.. the eagerness is absolutely killing me! Great, great performances from all of the actors.. and the show just looks beautiful :) can’t wait for next week!!


  3. Sarah.M says:

    YES!! YES !!YES!! This Is by FAR my favorite episode Yet!! thank you once again to Gregori and the whole The Bay team!!!! Keep these wonderful episodes comming


  4. Cathy says:

    Anna Holbrook looks great! So nice to see her again! I love how this show, in a very short amount of time, can tell such a riveting story! Can’t wait for more!


  5. esp says:

    Loved the latest installmant of Far from the Bay. It was great to see Anna Holbrook again. Pete’s journey has been very interesting and I look forward to more of it. Great job Gregori and the Bay gang.


  6. Tarheel Girl says:

    I just LOVE this soap! It’s soooo refreshing to see a soap that has so many iconic stars in its cast and has so many special guest appearances from a variety of soaps. This soap needs to be on TV!!!! Each episode leaves me wanting to see more. I can’t wait to find out the mystery behind Peter’s childhood.


  7. LidM says:

    This week’s installment of Far From the Bay was great! It’s so nice to see Anna Holbrook again, and Agim was a very nice addition too. All in all, Peter’s journey is turning out to be far more interesting that I’d expected — especially with the wonderful guest stars! That said, I can’t wait to get back to Bay City for Season 2. I missing Sara and want to see what’s up with her and Lee


  8. Brian T says:

    Love Anna Holbrook! She was so great on Another World. She was on when the show was it’s best.


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