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40 November 24th, 2017 Annika Noelle Cast As The Bold and The Beautiful’s New Hope Logan!


The role of Hope Logan, last played by Kim Matula from 2010-2014,  has been recast by CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful.

According to Soap Opera Digest who broke the news, the part will now be played by Annika Noelle.

Venice the Series fans will remember Annika from her role as Sami Nelson in the digital drama series from 2011-2012. The actress took over that role previously played by Gina Tognoni (Phyllis, Y&R).

Look for Annika to debut on B&B sometime in early January.

In story, Hope left town after a fall down the stairs involving Quinn (Rena Sofer) and lost the baby she was carrying. What does her re-emergence on the canvas mean for Liam (Scott Clifton) who was Hope’s longtime love?

So, what do you think of a Hope Logan recast? Comment below!

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  1. James R. Poissant says:

    Glad to see the character back on the canvas but don’t want to see her eating up all the screen time. We still gotta see where the Sheila story is going to go.


    Jovin replied

    This girl and Tognoni played the same part?! 20 year age difference, at least?


    rebecca1 replied

    I think she’s 30. Gina’s 44.

  2. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Anikka is strikingly gorgeous, and I am sure she will do well in the role of Hope Logan. Though, I did poise Natalie Hall or Brooke Newton (both: ex-Colby, AMC) as nuHope, this is obviously the casting Brad Bell wanted. My question is: will they be dying her hair blonde or keeping it brunette, to represent an edgier and more adult-like Hope?


    Andrew Hass replied

    I think the actress won’t dye her hair and the show may just have Hope say she dyed her hair because she needed a change.Plus maybe the show casted this actress because they wanted the new Hope look different from the old Hope


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Her latest Instagram posts show that she’s lightening her hair; she won’t be brunette!

  3. Mo says:

    She’s looks brunette. Wonder if she’ll be blonde for Hope.

    I loved Kim as Hope and she did a great job, but I know she isn’t interested in coming back.

    Hopefully Brad has good story planned and Annika can act.


    Grant Putnam replied

    They made her colour her hair. Check her instagram.


  4. Jamesj75 says:

    I’m okay with the return of Hope Logan as long as they avoid the “overkill mode,” which permeated B&B with the Hope and Liam storyline the first go-round. Back then, it seemed the producers and writers forgot about the rest of the cast.


  5. Dani says:

    cant wait. tired of same old storylines.fresh


  6. Andrew Hass says:

    I keep thinking Bill will play a part in Hope’s return.Maybe he brings Hope back to LA because he may know she and Liam will eventually reunite and then the path will be clear for him to be with Steffy.That way in Bill’s mind everyone will be happy because he and Steffy will be together and Liam and Hope will be together.


    Mo replied

    Sally is already in town and there is a connection between her and Liam.


    Andrew Hass replied

    Yes Sally is in town but Bill may not see her as formidable competition against Steffy for Liam’s heart at least in the long term.Plus between Sally and Hope and which one is better for Liam i think Bill will always choose Hope.

    K/kay replied

    I bet 100.00 theaters Spectra gang is gone very soon!

    Mary SF replied

    That’s okay Brad loves triangles so there can be a Hope Sally Liam triangle to the already Sally Steffy Liam triangle and the Bill Steffy and Liam triangle– if it has three sides to it, Brad will write it-LOL

    Richard replied

    You hopefully arent thinking Sally can even hold a candle to Hope. Sally will more than likely be steered in another direction. I love the character and actress but as far as Liam goes, Sally is out, Hope is in. Bell ran with the triangle so hard the first time bc he was establishing a new Brooke/Ridge/Taylor like triangle for the next decade. Notice everyones reaction to her returning, trust me, the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle is about to fire back up. Love Kim, but i dont blame Bell, had he continued to wait on Kim, he wouldve been passing up numerous story plots and Hope needs to remain viable among the younger set….Kim can always return later, unless this newbie makes a serious dent, she is gorgeous.

    Dana Guenther replied

    So bummed. I soo want sally and Liam together. They have a great connection.

  7. Robin says:

    Not the best choice.


  8. SZima says:

    It’s about time Hope comes back!

    Liam and Steffy have NEVER made sense to me. She is too ‘plastic’ looking for the Vegan Liam!
    Hope was the more ‘wholesome’ of the two women, and she and Liam made much more sense.

    Steffy has always seemed rather ‘trampy’ to me, so she never fit with Liam. If she and $Bill get together, I have now problem with that! They’re two of a kind, in my book!


    SZima replied

    “I have NO problem…”


  9. Lew S says:

    Looks like Liam will have three women to contend with: Steffy, Sally and Hope, unless they place Hope in the Wyatt/Katie storyline.


    Dana Guenther replied

    I’m hoping for Hope and Wyatt to get together


  10. jaybird369 says:

    OK…you know what: Annika Noelle had better bring a WAY DIFFERENT spin to the character than that Kim Matula chick did.

    Hey…just saying……….



  11. stevie g says:

    Couldn’t they find a blond actress to play the part? There’ll be no contrast if they bring on an actress with the same hair colour as Steffy. They are step sisters not blood sisters.


    rebecca1 replied

    Hair is the easiest characteristic to change. Actors don’t lost out on parts because of hair color. There are actors who have played roles that look nothing alike…which has nothing to do with their hair color. AJ Quartermaine on GH went from a tall blond guy to a short dark-haired one. Carly on GH went from a tough big-boned woman to a slim, willowy model-type (Tamar Braun) and now is back to a fuller Carly. LOL! Look at all the different James Bonds!

    But from what other posters have said on this thread, seems like she might be have dyed her hair. See? Easy! ;)


  12. Daphne says:

    I am excited. I *hope* the new Hope has insanely great chemistry with Scott Clifton. I liked Lope 1.0 a lot and am hoping for a reunion of the characters if these 2 have that IT factor together the way Kimberly Matula and Scott did. I also hope Annika has gotten really good as an good actress. I remember her from Venice but she didn’t wow me then. However, I think she must have improved if Brad Bell hired her. Anyway, I am just so glad to see Hope again!


  13. john says:

    No to Liam. He has enough women chasing after him. YUCK!
    I think she will be used by Quinn to break up Wyatt and Katie.


  14. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    I’ve never heard of this actress but she is attractive in the photo.

    Does it seem strange to anyone else that this actress (who appears to be mid 20s in the photo) previously replaced Gina Tognoni (who, while attractive, appears to be in early 40s) in a role?? I could never see Tognoni being “age appropriate” to play Hope. So I’m wondering how this actress will be in the role.

    Maybe its me. I frequently think the actor taking over an established soap character’s role is the wrong age —- the character’s age and the actor’s age are not remotely a “fit.” For example, Maura West is a good actress but she was the completely wrong age (too young) to have been cast as Y&R’s Diana Jenkins.


  15. penny says:

    Not this again. It’s time to take another break from The Bold & The Beautiful. The storylines are very clear.


  16. susan says:

    new hope logan again rivaly with her step- sister steffy and her new rivaly sally too. hope back to wyatt or liam again. they bold and beautiful have new male characters for sally or new hope .


  17. Diane says:

    It will be a Hope/Sally go when Steffy finds out that she is pregnant via the appointment reminder today!


  18. kathleen Wheeler says:

    I have been watching B&B since it first started and I know characters have to be changed due to contracts and etc. But Hope was one of my favorites. I looked forward to seeing her become a more mature woman and watching her grow as an actress. W e were excited about the rumors that she was coming back for the last 2 years, but not as a new replacement. I hope the old Kim comes back like were expecting. So disappointed. Your loyal viewer, Kathleen


  19. kristy says:

    New hope definitely looked better with her natural hair me blonde doesn’t fit her..


  20. Elizabeth says:

    The new Hope is awful! She doesn’t seem to have any personality and her hairdo looks so outdated. If anything I think she should be in the Wyatt-Katie triangle. I think Katie seems too old and mature for Wyatt and he always loses the girl. Hope should come back for him and fiesta Sally would be a better match for Liam. Sally is spunky much like Stephen and it would bring life back to Liam’s unhappy character.


  21. Gina says:

    I don’t think I care for the new Hope. I’m trying to give her a chance, but it doesn’t look like she has any chemistry with anybody that she’s been in contact with — especially Liam. I don’t want to see a love triangle with her, Liam and Sally. But I REALLY don’t want to see her in a triangle with her, Katie and Wyatt. I love Katie and Wyatt the way they are!! And I think Sally is perfect for Liam. Hope can go back to Paris or wherever she came from. Or, I don’t know, give her someone new.


  22. Christine says:

    I’m struggling with the fact that I have trouble looking at the new Hope. Seeing her as a brunette makes it easier~this is not a good fit. She seems awkward. Hope has an pure characteristic to her and this actress looks awkward and as if she wants to be conniving but can’t sell it. Almost like a girl trying to play dress up. Uncomfortable to watch her on screen. They failed casting Thorn ~ I am done with the accent ~ it’s bad enough we have to listen to whispering Ridge every episode. Just may have to take a break from this show altogether.


    Rebecca1 replied

    So funny you mention the whispering; I find so many male actors do the “whisper”…it’s maddening! There’s Ridge as you mentioned (don’t remember him speaking like that on OLTL in his younger years though I had a mad crush oh him)…his voice is also very hoarse….then there’s JJ on DOOL. Love him…but he needs to SPEAK! and then there’s Harrison Wells on The Flash. I think they all need a box of lozenges!


    Candace replied

    I am definitely not a fan of the new Hope either. She does seem very awkward and has no charisma plus her character is not believable. In fact I wish they would have kept Hope in Paris. Storylines with her in it are incredibly boring and repetitive. They have done the Hope, Steffy, Liam storyline to death. I was really hoping Liam and Sally would end up together. Now that is one actress who is not only gorgeous but has such character and pizzazz.


  23. Jmtri5 says:

    The new Hope is horrible. So awkward, I can’t enjoy scenes with her. Not a fit for this role at all. Please make it stop!


  24. naturewoman says:

    I think the new Hope just has to be given more time. Hope fans are just so use to first Hope, KM. So, I think we are comparing them. New Hope, may just need time to grow into her new role. It must be hard, to fill the shoes of a star like, KM. Who knows maybe one day KM will come back. But, for now I’m enjoying this new Hope too.


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