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11 October 22nd, 2013 Another Legal Issue Involving the Sabatoging of Movie Deal For Ex-B&B’s Hunter Tylo Surfaces!

Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas

Two women familiar to soap audiences are at the epicenter of this lawsuit first reported by The Wrap! It involves former One Life to Live and Days of our Lives star, Holly Gagnier and former The Bold and the Beautiful star Hunter Tylo (who has seen her share of legal woes in the past).

According to The Wrap, “Gagnier has been slapped with a lawsuit by 80-year-old Patricia McCoy, who claims to have been the actress’ ballet teacher for 15 years, from the time Gagnier was six years old.  In her complaint, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, McCoy claims that Gagnier tried to sabotage a potential movie deal between McCoy and Hunter Tylo, based on McCoy’s 1999 book “The American Dream Has Put Our Souls to Sleep.”   The book, according to the complaint, chronicles McCoy’s professional relationship with Lorene Yarnell of Shields and Yarnell, who McCoy claims to have helped make the transition from mime to a ballerina.

McCoy claims that she struck up a deal with Tylo for a script based on the book, with Tylo starring in the potential movie. However, according to the suit, in September Gagner called Tylo’s manager and trash-talked McCoy in an effort to spoil the agreement.

According to the suit, also “Gagnier told Tylo’s manager that McCoy has a history of  ‘luring celebrities into contracts and setting them up with the intention of suing them for breach of contract,” and that McCoy was mentally and verbally abusive to Gagnier.   Gagnier also allegedly told Tylo’s manager that McCoy’s training creates a “cult” atmosphere that’s damaged many of her students.  And that McCoy “is promiscuous with men as well as a lesbian.”

So what do you think of this legal battle? Comment below!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Dont know anything much about it…who is right or wrong…but what does someone’s sex life got to do with it…and who cares!!!


  2. Johnny says:

    Who cares? Don’t Americans have anything better to do than sue each other?


  3. Erick says:

    Don’t know about the legal drama, but I remember Holly Gagnier’s Cassie. I prefer her to the Laura Bonarrigo-played Cassie, who’s remembered by most. She was a smokin’ firecracker, kind of a Blair precursor. Those Cramer women, lol.


  4. nick says:

    Hunter tylo looks like the joker. too much plastic surgery. hunter used to look beautiful. Now she looks like plastic. looks like an ugly tranny. i have tranny friends, and they look way better than hunter tylo.


    4everDAYS replied

    HT looks nothing like she did when she played Marina on DOOL. NOTHING!!!


  5. Rodd says:

    Ha! I can’t help but laugh at this kind of story! It’s batsh-t crazy! Who cares? It sounds like Gagnier is drinking the same Kool-Aid as Brenda Dickerson.


  6. Johnny says:

    See…no one cares!


  7. Matt says:

    Drama seems to follow Hunter Tylo. A lawsuit isn’t the solution to every problem!


  8. 4everDAYS says:

    I thought Holly Gagnier fell off the face of the earth. I remember her on DOOL as Ivy.


  9. Mokie says:

    Some old lady trying to sell a script and a washed up fired actress trying to get publicity for a movie project …Tylo and Macoy might have some luck with their script at the Comedy Store, but the court house, I don’t think so.


  10. jaybird369 says:

    Who cares. And, besides, Hunter Tylo has ALWAYS BEEN BAT-S@@T CRAZY…LOL!!!!! Just ask her ex-husband Michael Tylo. Furthermore, HT is currently married to some black dude who has very serious anger issues (aka just as C-R-A-Z-Y as her!!!!!). Yep.


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