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3 July 21st, 2010 Another man for Brenda: Brad Rowe cast on GH!

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When Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo returns to General Hospital next month, it looks like not only is former sitcom star, Adrienne Barbeau coming to the soap in tow with Brenda’s return, but announced by Soap Opera Digest this afternoon is the fact that actor, Brad Rowe, has been cast in the new role of Murphy Sinclair, an internationally known movie star who is involved with and romantically linked with supermodel, Brenda Barrett.

So we are seeing here a Brangelina comparison in the works, right? Rowe first hits your television and/or computer screens on August 13th!

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  1. Use2luvgh says:

    Brenda is going to be a welcomed addition to the GH family. Vanessa, along with Laura Wright Becky Herbst, Nancy, Carolyn (actress who plays Helena) now these are some awesome actresses who constantly bring their “A” game to the canvas.

    The “What If” with SBu and R. Budwig were awesome. Rebecca Budwid is just Fantastic, love her, love her. Again the What If with Jason Morgan meeting Greenlee Smyth was AWESOME, just refreshing. I loved it.


  2. bottomchef says:

    SJB must be pissed w/ herself. She left GH at the wrong time. W/ Jonathan Jackson’s return, and now w/ Vanessa Marcil, James Franco, Brad Rowe, etc. joining GH, that must annoy SJB that she can’t benefit from all this media attention that GH is getting even outside of Daytime. To make matters worse, SJB’s stuck in such a boring, pathetic part on B&B as Aggie. How do the GH cast and Daytime actors and actresses feel abt all this attention and promotional blitz to trumpet Vanessa Marcil’s return? Majority of them must be very jealous!


  3. Ina Kozler says:

    Do you know where I can find Cindi Rinehart previously Soap Queen at KOMO TV in Seattle, Wa.?

    She is missed.


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