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81 June 26th, 2014 Anthony Geary Talks Fluke, Almost Permanently Exiting General Hospital and More!


Anthony Geary (Luke/Fluke) is presently on a extended vacation from General Hospital at his home in Amsterdam.  As many know, Geary has had issues with his back and recently underwent two spinal surgeries thus the reason that this time he will be away from the ABC soap opera till October, but he still managed to film some scenes here and there that will keep him in the story as the evil Fluke!

In a new interview out today from TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan, Geary discusses how he loves playing the evil Fluke, how he almost quite General Hospital for good, and what he thought of Luke’s lurid come-on’s to the younger Kiki (Kristen Alderson) and more.  Here are a few excerpts below!

Geary on almost leaving GH:  “A year or more ago I went to them and said, ‘I’d like to exercise the out in my contract. I’m really not pleased with what’s going on with Luke. I feel like I’ve done it and done it and done it.  As you know, I have a wonderful life in Amsterdam and felt it was time for me to pack it in and go there permanently. And (executive producer) Frank Valentini and (head writer) Ron Carlivati were wonderful.  Frank said, ‘We don’t want you to go, but we understand.’ Then, when I had about four months left to go, I realized it was going to be hard to walk away — a lot harder than I expected. This show has been my life for so long and I felt I still had something more in me. They said, ‘Great! What do you want to do?’ I told them, ‘I’d like a story when Luke is proactive rather than reactive. I want him to cause problems for people, rather than helping them solve problems. I want to see a side of Luke we’ve never seen.’ When Ron came up with this Fluke idea he said, ‘Now, this is pretty far out. I don’t know if you’ll want to do it.’ And he got about three sentences into it and I said, ‘I’m in! Sign me up!’ This storyline has revived my whole interest in the game.

Geary on who Fluke really is and if he thinks it works well in the story:  “I know who he is and what his motivation is, and I think it will be highly believable when all is revealed — and that’s what was most pleasing to me when Ron pitched the idea.”

Geary on what he thought when he saw that Fluke would be smitten with Kiki: “Even I was shocked when he went after her! I thought, ‘God, I hope we’re not going into pedophilia territory. But, hell, we’re already on this ride, so let’s see where it goes.’ I love that Kiki found Fluke so creepy. I think even poor Kristen Alderson was grossed out. After a few scenes with me she said, ‘Eeeee-w, I don’t like this.” And I’m, like, ‘Thank you! (Laughs]) Because I live for this stuff!

So are you glad that Tony decided to stay on GH?  Do you think when we learn who Fluke is you will be excited for the pay-off?  What did you think about the Fluke and Kiki scenes?  Weigh-in below!

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  1. Tammy says:

    I love it!! Just fustrating trying to figure out who it is!!


    Justin replied

    My guess is Sean Donnely. Did he ever get his miracle cure? Did he ever really like Luke? It’s got to be someone least expected…so I guess we can add Laura and Leslie to the mix.


    Timmm replied

    Sean would be great but he has no history with Sonny.Remember, Fluke has to have an issue with Sonny. Laura and Leslie do not.

    rebecca1 replied

    No way it’s Sean! Sean was brilliant, witty, charming…one of Robert Scorpio’s best friends, great with Robin…and a spy. He wasn’t a sociopath killer.

    Patrick replied


    Days of OUR Lives

    wed. ep : Eve goes to dinner w/ Paige @ Jennifers

    Kassie DePaiva SMOTHERS Melissa Reeves talent


    I am through the roof… begone Jennifer

    Eve Donovan is to be reckoned

    Thank you emmy gods
    Thank you serial gods



    Elizabeth replied

    This is absurd. Neither actress in their first day of scenes together outshone the other one. And nothing is more ludicrous than looking at Cassie De Paiva (no disrespect intended) and remember that Patsy Pease is supposedly her mother.

  2. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    He should’ve used the OUT in his contract.


    Lew S. replied



  3. Debbie Harris says:

    Glad Tony Geary decided to stay on GH. Can’t wait to see who Fluke is!!


    Elizabeth replied

    So unfortunate that the man’s whims had to kill Genie Francis return. The man is a real gem.


  4. meg , says:

    nope .never been a geary fan ,but a wish him good health ,


    Patrick replied

    I never really watched GH regularly

    I gave up Y&R 2-3 years ago… and took up GH

    so, I never really got in to Luke that much… as we all know… he’s a veteran pull… but not an “everyday” player…

    so… I do not look for him

    I am enjoying the FLUKE story line.

    some parts gagged me… his come ons with Kiki, Britt, and Sam…. LOL
    all very well indeed

    he can have Kiki… and do what he can, for us to be rid of her

    his scenes with the real Luke… at the nut up shelter… floored me

    as we all know… this is emmy reel fodder

    I hope he doesn’t submit… as a veteran and much lauded trophy up the ying yang….

    omit your name next year… seems like it wouldn’t matter any way… GH has been for the last 2 years remiss

    I wish FLUKE would take up with Olivia… now that was stunning potential

    I dont know… does any one… feel : they’ve dumbed down Tracy and Luke at this point?

    if Tracy is featured with Luke… and deserves mor airtime… YES , YES, and more YES.

    bring back Joe scully Jr (Richard Steinmetz)… as a new character… woah… that was between the sheets yeehaw FUN with and for Ms. Quartermaine.

    Anthony Geary deserves to be with GH

    I wouldn’t be sad if he retired and the LOL weather is good all year round in Amsterdam (see Chantal)… damned lucky guy… i’d go their

    with his allotted budget : give us Bobbi, Johnny, and Jax…. WOW

    Thank you Anthony Geary

    I agree wholeheartedly after all this time… gone…. there’s no Luke and Laura time left


  5. su0000 says:

    I loved the Fluke and Kiki scenes!!
    they were out of box, shocking, and yet delivered with humor..

    I really laughed over the ”donuts” ahahaha! some of Tony’s lines were really humorous.
    It is FUN when everything is not a cookie cutter scene, that is what makes GH unique and it stands out from all the other soaps; it is not a cookie cutter soap….

    Anyways, I am not one of the serious, that dissect everything, take all as creed and make the soap my personal world type, I like the off the wall stuff and I do laugh..
    some scenes are really fun, those are the best.. :) ..

    I am happy TG is staying on!!! and I am happy he had a great time playing Fluke, it gave him new life ! He sounded so excited to be Fluke..!
    He has done an excellent job, a wild and crazy ride !!!
    Great acting, none better!!

    RC and FV do their best to take care of their peoples!!


  6. Nikki says:

    I LOVE the Fluke storyline. You can tell Anthony Geary is having a BLAST with it, which makes it all the more entertaining. Though I do hope his true identity is revealed soon.

    Also loved the antidote about him and Kristen Alderson, concerning “LiKi”. LOL.


  7. curacaoman says:

    We have to put up with this crap till at least october? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


    B.J. replied

    My feelings exactly. Guess my FF button will be getting a longer workout, or I may take a break. I’m ready for AG to enjoy the spoils of his hard work in Holland.


  8. mfarrs70 says:

    I’m loving the Fluke story for the same reason– Geary gets to use his talents to play something totally different! Bummed he’s been sidelined until October, wishing him a happy recovery and a quick return to Port Charles!


  9. Mary SF says:

    Well I don’t blame him, if he did want to quit– doing any job for that length of time would wear you down and make you wonder if there is any challenge left in it— yet I am glad he decided to stick around and that he got a story line that renew his passion for his work. The biggest downside to this story is it is taking forever to find out who Fluke really is– in some ways that is good because soap is all about anticipation — but when delayed too long it just becomes annoying — so fingers crossed the reveal is going to be worth waiting for


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I wish somehow fluke could turn out to be David Lockhart from NBCs Bright Promise as a tribute to Tony Geary and his first soap opera role…that would be awesome!!!


    Patrick replied

    I appreciate what you said… MarySF

    that RC/FV may have actually culled a decent story line….

    go with me…. outside of the bait hook and switch mode….

    since their tenure… OK this past years nurses ball… was very good

    I appreciate that AG has a storyline to prop his craft

    I just want to put out their… the patience of… fans alike… and the attention span… of hurry up and wait… as all the story lines play out

    I really really truly hope… that the Nina.. storyline.. meets all expectations… Michelle Stafford is worth the time money and reel spent.

    but.. I really can’t think of a story line.. in their tenure… that stands out… LOL

    they have done all that.. to keep GH in the fold… and demographic pull…


    just going with…

    I hope they don’t let Brit be the Britch… let Nina and Ava do that…

    I think Britt is a hoot at the hospital with Liz… the rivalry at the hospital is epic performance by two stalwarts : classic serial to me

    let’s see more Brad…. Lucas is in the hospital… wheres Brad

    i know… long winded

    but… if in fact Billy Miller premieres… it should be as Matt… Patricks brother


  10. Beth says:

    Although there will come a day where GH will not have Tony Geary around. THIS is not the day and I hope that day is years and years away. When speaking to someone the other day, although TG is in a league all his own, we now have several who are not far behind him at all. That being Jane Elliott, Maurice Bernard, Nancy Lee Grahn, and now Michelle Stafford and Bully Miller. GH has a quality of actors that is second to none; so excited to see what is coming. But would not be nearly as excitd if TG was gone for good.


    lll replied

    Don’t forget Maura West!


    lll replied

    I always felt general hospital is top-notch. They have quality actors that carry the silliest scenes to perfection. I feel they are better than OLTL and AMC at the time and still hold the same candle. Totally agree with everything you said.
    BTW: This is my first time hearing about the reasons why Tony Geary left. Hope he recovers.


  11. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    The Fluke and Kiki scenes were pretty creapy but not as gross as when K.A. was on OLTL where she was Starr and Mathew…played by her real life brother had a crush on her(Mathew and Starr werent related on the show but knowing the actors are real brother and sister made it the grossest subplot ever!)…I say keep Fluke and drop Luke…this is A.G. at his finest(i remember when he was on Bright Promise over 40 years ago!) Fluke could be GHs answer to Days Stephano Dimera?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    i know spelling: CREEPY…LOL


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I know how he must feel…ive been a back pain sufferer for decades!!!

  12. lisa says:

    As a long time Anthony Geary fan I’m thrilled he’s sticking around.
    I’m dying to know who this Fluke is…..
    As for him “grossing out” Kiki – yeah I’m a little grossed out too (he’s like 40+ years older than her.
    But no matter – glad he’s staying put.
    Hope his back gets better. :) <3


    Ces replied

    ditto. Love Tony Geary and hope he sticks around awhile longer!


  13. Stephanie says:

    I am very excited that he is staying!! I love Luke however I have to admit I am on the fence with this storyline. I hate the all the creepyness of him hitting on KiKi. I think they could have gone another way with that. I do like the fact that we don’t know who he is, although I have watched Luke for so long that I am having a hard dealing with this side of him. I hope that it is believable and worth my while and I hope that Anthony stays for a few more years!


  14. Lisa J. says:

    Loving this plot and of course, Tony is doing a wonderful job and relishing every creepy moment. Everyone is doing a good job and it’s been really fun. Not so fond of Ava’s character. Wish they would kill her off already. My guess as to who Fluke is: Luke’s cousin, Bill Eckert . Anybody remember him? He impersonated Luke once before so maybe he is at it again.


  15. Aria says:

    I have to admit when fluke first came on and was hitting on Kiki I was gross out I hated the storyline and was so done with it plus they were taking forever but what turned it around for me was that brilliant episode wish finally showed us real Luke . All of sudden everything just came together in that episode not just for Luke but every other storyline on the show it became must see tv again and I’m really enjoying Anthony s outstanding performance .


  16. Andy G. says:

    OK, so here comes a minority opinion: I despise the Fluke storyline. It’s one of the reasons (along with the Nina storyline, the Ava storyline, and the production team’s irrational infatuation with Kathleen Gati/Dr. Obrecht) that I’ve decided to stop watching GH for awhile until its general level of suckage decreases.

    We (current & former) GH viewers realize that Tony Geary is the show’s 800 pound gorilla, meaning he gets whatever he wants because he’s been with the show since the earth cooled and has won every award there is. However, that doesn’t mean that viewers should be made to suffer because GH management feels a need to kiss the actor’s septuagenarian ass.

    To put it another way: How much of the character’s integrity and the audience’s goodwill must be sacrificed upon the altar of “Giving Tony Geary Something Interesting To Play?” Does “General Hospital” exist for the benefit of its audience or its employees?


    su0000 replied

    Andy G.-
    ” However, that doesn’t mean that viewers should be made to suffer ”

    Andy, you do not need to suffer..
    You can tune-out or FF ..
    You are not forced to watch anything.
    Thats good news for you :) !


    Andy G. replied

    Indeed it is, Su, and I’m very much enjoying the free time that abandoning GH has opened up for me. Because I’ve been working more lately, it’s made my free time more precious, and GH is no longer sufficiently entertaining to justify spending 45 minutes a day on it. You’re more than entitled to disagree with my opinion and I sincerely hope you continue to enjoy the show.

    harry replied

    There she goes again. Su000. people have the right to complain about a storyline without you patronizing the hell out of them with the implied insult punctuated by one of those ridiculously insane smiley faces.
    Andy, you’re not in the minority at all. I think some of us are so disgruntled with Fluke storyline that we just bypassed this story.

    Dan replied

    @Andy G:

    I respect your opinion, even though I disagree with it. But the one thing is, how do you figure the show is kissing Tony Geary’s ass? Yes, he has his part-time schedule where he comes and goes, which he’s had for years, and I can understand some having a problem with that. Personally, I think he’s more than earned it, between his length of service to the show, and the 7 Emmy Awards that line his mantle.

    He hadn’t been given much of anything to do on screen in the past few years, which was fine for the character of Luke to fade to the background a bit, cause he certainly had his share of major storylines over the years. But when you have an actor that is widely recognized as one of the best in soap history, I don’t think it’s kissing anyone’s ass to give that actor a worthwhile storyline.

    I would call it taking advantage of the resources that are available, which any good producer and writer would do. To use a music analogy, having Tony Geary around and not using him would be like having Bob Dylan walk into your club, and not asking him to play a few songs.


    harry replied

    Oh come on, Dan. I have loved the work of Tony Geary for more than thirty five years but even I have to admit he is a prima donna with his 3 to 5 month sabbaticals. No other soap actor is afforded these long vacations. Moreover, despite being part time, Tony is paid more than any other actor in daytime. As people like to remind me, the 80s are over–Luke is just not that hot anymore.

    Chantal replied

    Couldn’t agree more. They let him do whatever he wants, ad libs lines, etc. He is killing his Luke character. He seemed very chauvinist in this interview, not sure I would like his personality in real life.

    He probably didn’t want to be reunited with Laura either…

    I hear Amsterdam is pretty nice all year long…


    Patrick replied

    if the GH production… is not adhering to the demographic…

    letting go of AG’ FLUKE

    would be desireable

    as this would or should give us more Bobbi, Johnny, and Jax…. return… full-time

    just stating the inevitable..

    perhaps this is his last harrah… and close up ala Gloria Swanson

    could this be where they are steering… ala Tracy finally having had it up to the gills….

    if she takes him back… even tho he’s the FLUKE… it’s relegating Tracy 2nd to none… is this the love of her life… if it takes the rest of her life and her last dying breath to find true love ???

    I appreciate that long time viewers long for veteran… but…

    AG’ Luke doesn’t really fit in to the whole canvas

    he can dote on Lulu… and theres not much chemistry
    and/or dumb down Tracy and drink all her booze
    keep Kiki imprisoned… yay for the audience

    or pull out all the stops GH production… and pair him with Olivia…

    and fire with this

    Elizabeth replied

    He totally didn’t want to be reunited with Laura. He made it clear, other cast members (e.g., NLG) made it clear that Geary did NOT want any more LNL. I don’t begrudge him that at all, but it is disheartening that Laura is shoved aside at Tony Geary’s whims. All he had to do is say no and Genie’s career gets thrown off a cliff. Why can’t she come back to GH without Luke, with a handsome French doctor?


    Double Z replied

    He must have forgotten that for years his character only worked with Laura. He was no good with others. Genie Francis graciously returned and returned to prop up the magic of Luke and Laura. By acting like a spoiled child and stamping his feet and whining “No more LnL”,Geary disrespects the fans and the super couple laegacy that made him what he is today.

    rebecca1 replied

    I think that the producers, writers, etc. do or don’t do anything unless it benefit the show. Period. It’s a numbers game…a money game…like any business. Employers pay what they can or want…employees ask for more and either get it or walk away if they can.

    I don’t think anyone’s kissing up to anyone. When Geary said he wanted to leave…they said sorry to see you go but okay. When he said he’d stay…they gave him a more challenging storyline. As with every storyline, some will love it, some will hate it.

    As for age. There are people in every demographic that watch soaps…and though the most coveted to advertisers and thus to the people in charge are the around the 18-49 year old age group…there are quite a chunk of longstanding fans who are older. Thus, we have newer, younger characters and the older, legacy, historical ones.

    I, for one, am glad he’s sticking around…as when I tune in to soaps it’s like visiting old friends. I like to know he or she is “there…”

    Elizabeth replied

    I agree with this. And frankly I am having trouble seeing what is so special about the acting job relative to any other actor or character. I just don’t see the choices as being that incredible for a completely different person,


  17. Allen Saint James says:

    The creepy interaction with Kiki waa definitely necessary. He isnt Luke he is supposed to be acting strange and his creepy equaled menancing in my book. When i was growing up watching soaps storylines were not wrapped up in three weeks. Suspense is fun instant gratification isnt always. Shame on any old school fans clamoring for a quick resolutiom to story or big identity reveal. SHAME


    rebecca1 replied

    I think that the writers are trying to wrap up individual stories sooner rather than later than they did before the fall. When AMC and OLTL were canceled…so many stories were left hanging. I think, because of the uncertainty of the future of soaps, all stories will begin and end quicker.

    As for fans, I think even if it’s subliminally, our attitudes have changed too. We don’t have the security of knowing these shows will always be there…so we want resolution. And…LOL…(there are more reasons in my mind as I think about this) there are so many different story lines going on at the same time that’s it’s nice to resolve one or two instead of everything being a mystery….


  18. Rachel says:

    I adore Anthony Geary and he’s been stellar in the roll of Fluke. There’s not a hint of the real Luke (…why his daughter and wife don’t see it is hard to fathom, but hey, it works for the storyline) . He is an incredible actor and I’m delighted that he stayed. No one likes Fluke and he’s so much fun to watch, but I do miss Luke.


  19. Rose says:

    Glad the writers have given Anthony a storyline that’s challenging for him. Hope when all is known there is some redeeming quality for his character. Don’t mind scoundrel, but don’t like sicko so much. Hoping the best for his back situation.


  20. DaveW says:

    Tony Geary is amazing. His scenes as Luke and Fluke met were so powerful. I’m thinking it has to be Damian Smith. Damian would have reason to want this revenge. If he hadn’t died in the fire, perhaps his face was so badly disfigured, why not plan revenge and get Luke’s face? This would tie into the early days of the Smith mob. When Fluke came out of his drugged state (faked) in Miscaivage, he mumbled about Sally and Max which were all parts of the Frank Smith storyline. That could be a coincidence but could have been a subtle hint. Can’t wait to see this storyline unfold – hopefully more happens before October!


  21. swag says:

    TG has next year’s lead actor Emmy locked up. The scene where Fluke and Luke came face to face at Miscavage was brilliant. It’s wonderful to see TG being challenged as an actor, and I agree that the only one to out Fluke can be Luke!


    Elizabeth replied

    Frankly I found it a bit cheesy myself.


    Double Z replied

    Me too..weak and whiny.

    Patrick replied

    I hope it’s not Tracy that finagles the truth . that would be too obvious to “save” this paring… just because ooh oh wow its them again

    I don’t find Luke and Tracy to be all that

    if these two stalwarts who are praised to the heavens and get their


    pair him with Olivia
    pair her with Joe Scully Jr.



    Patrick replied

    give them a steady storyline… and pull with the cast

    a steady gig to go with

    this bait hook and swtich times out… are not missed

    sure they vet

    it would be adveantagious for the production to put their talent to use on a regular basis or let them go or backburner till the stifle out and are left to their own devices and find fame and spotlight elsewhere

    it’d love for Bobbi, Jax, and Johnny and Kate to return

    swag replied

    It is TG himself that said in the article that LUKE has to take down FLUKE

  22. David says:

    Glad to hear Anthony Geary is sticking around. I had the feeling he wanted to play somethign different. The only downside is while he filmed scenes since he wont be back until October probably means we wont get the reveal of who Fluke is until November sweeps.


  23. Rodd says:

    I’m very intrigued by all this, but I hope they offer the reveal of who Fluke really is during the November sweeps. It’s getting a little long in the tooth. One-way phone conversations just aren’t cutting it for me, so I hope we see those extra scenes he shot very soon.

    I also hope Mr. Geary is healing well and fully recovers from his surgery.


  24. Frank Hill says:

    I think Anthony Geary is one of the best soap actors out there (and have thought so since I started watching in 1978)! I truly miss him and wish him well in his recovery. Hang in the Anthony! You’ve got Frank B. Hill rooting for you.


  25. dmr says:

    As much as I love Tony Geary, I am not a fan of “Fluke.” At this point, I really don’t care who is hiding being Luke’s face. I thought the scenes with Kristen Alderson were awful-as with most of her scenes, it reminded me that she needs acting lessons. It seems as though she is put in random scenes because the writers don’t know what to do with the Kiki character. Kristen can’t hold an exciting and enticing storyline herself, so she is added to random scenes, it seems. Just a waste of air-time.


    Patrick replied

    it’s really grating and irate at this point in time… for the GH canvas and production team to continually prop… the dullest couple… in GH history

    ta-da it’s just Michael and Kiki

    believe you me… I still think this of Daniel and Jennifer on DAYS of our Lives.

    I just finished wednesday’ ep of GH… when LOL… Michael walks in with briefcase … ELQ bland stud muffin… with Kiki… scent… smell of small… dull coupling

    wafted through

    and he chats it up with Sonny….

    I don’t get why these two pair are featured…

    Jane Elliott must be livid to keep mum about how dull most of the scenes are

    so she adhered to production that she should submit her work for this years emmy

    hope she doesn’t submit any thing with how lame Tracy is, in not figuring herself out or who FLUKE is


  26. Iakovos says:

    I would like Luke’s next storyline a reunion and restoration of the Spencer family. Bring them back, make them relevant again in a solid strong way. I miss the families and that interaction shared. too may are splintered and fractured. Had such hope with Genie Francis back on last year but… so brief. Hello Bobbie! More of her, please.


    Double Z replied

    I agree..there is no real legacy family. The Corinthos family is a mob family…ugh. And Luke has not only abandoned Laura, his scenes with his beloved sister are strained and cold. He’s Fluke onto his own….cold and no depth. He has chemistry with no one . He had a brief moment of passion and compassion when Laura left… We need and want that again. It works. It will work . They can be the Town hero of old and the Grande Dame. Bobbie as loving sister,fun aunt and cool mom to the hunk o’ burin’ love, Lucas. C’mon Tony, the lush,leach and loser days are over. Settle into the respected ex mayor of PC


  27. Patrick says:

    Kiki is soooo dull : she doesn’t deserve this much headline



  28. Andrew says:

    I love the Fluke storyline. It feels to me that he’s portraying him as who Luke would have turned out to be had he not met Laura, been close to his sister, had great kids, etc. That alone makes him fascinating.

    Having said that, omg we’ll have to watch the drug ring/Fluke story go on and not even really pick up again until at least October?

    I love the show these days but one of the things that GH has going against it is the stop/start nature of the stories… great momentum and then the story grinds to a halt (and sometimes doesn’t get picked up again). I realize that this is a product of having lots of great vets who the show can’t commit to (for financial reasons, or, in Geary’s case, for health reasons) but it’s a little maddening from a viewer’s point of view.


    Double Z replied

    Interesting take ,Andrew…hope he gets back to lovable Luke,with the love and soulmate of his life,Laura. We need that stability of family with the Spencer clan.


    rebecca1 replied

    I truly doubt they will reunite Luke and Laura. At this point it is obvious that LUKE, not Fluke…loves Tracy. They’ve been thru a lot together…she saved his life more than once…she’s a great stepmom to Lulu…and I believe they have a great bond. Though it’s nice to reminisce about the “old days”…those days are gone. Just as I’m hoping they DON’T reunite Sonny and Carly.

    I see no reason why Laura didn’t and can’t come back independent of Luke/Tony Geary. I seriously doubt that the reason she was let go was because he didn’t want to resurrect their love story. If the powers-that-be valued Genie Francis as an actor, they would have come up with another storyline for her (which I would love).

    Double Z replied

    And after thinking about the Fluke/ Tracy relationship…he is more her kind of guy. Ruthless in business,on a quest for power and money and rather personally cold.

    Double Z replied

    You may be right about LnL not coming back as a couple. Wishing and wanting that is bringing the greatest love story on any Soap to its rightful and satisfying end. We as fans deserve it!

    Luke and Tracy,at best, are a team trying to one up each other with smary put downs . Then Luke follows her around like a puppy in training.Their “love” scenes are forced and rather robotic. Cute for a scene or two,but quite tiresome as a storyline. It’s not love between them, it’s a convenient relationship,that takes no effort on the part of the actors. Maybe that’s what TG wants…a gig where he shows up and reads his lines.

    Fluke has been a treat to watch because the role has tested TG’s abilities,which are still there,but we haven’t seen them in years.

    It is the fans alone who bring success to a Soap…we deserve a satisfying ending to the epic, gothic(Mr. Geary’s word) tale of Luke and Laura.


  29. Kendall says:

    Wasn’t this the time there were hints at getting Luke and Laura back together? It’s really sad he is so against this. I know we all love Tracy, but some of us would still like to see Luke and Laura together one last time.


    Double Z replied



  30. Timmm says:

    Tong G is a living legend. It was a great interview. Very insightful. Its nice to see a guy who has been acting all these years still have the passion for his craft and care about his character. Glad to hear Laura wasnt mentioned. It was refreshing. That whimsical story was so 1980′s and there is nothing else to tell. FLUKE RULES!


  31. Timmm says:

    Man some people are tough on TG! Look, he has been there for a long time. He is the CEO of GH! He deserves big vacations and good stories. These are perks he has earned. Plus, be honest, the only time Kiki has been interesting and or tolerable on screen is those scenes with Fluke. It may be creepy but she is over 21 and old guys hit on younger women all the time.


  32. Charday says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Geary is the backbone of the show. I’d hate to see him leave, and just when I think I’m bored with Luke, there’s a new spin such as the Fluke storyline. If anyone should leave GH, it’s Sonny.


  33. janet says:

    The one thing I REALLY like about this is.Fluke is gone for a long while and personally I hope TG is gone for good.Stick a fork in him he is done. His character is so FF to me no matter what he does on screen. A drunken grandfather who broke his sons heart by killing his son and didn’t feel guilty,so evul he left his daughter in a brothel trying to help him.Yea TG stay gone.


  34. Michael (not Fairman) says:

    I think I would be less antagonistic toward the idea that they wrote a storyline to make him happy (i.e., kissed his *ss) if I didn’t suspect (strongly) that he’s the main reason we don’t have Laura back full time. He’s made it clear in interviews that he doesn’t want Luke and Laura to reunite and he feels “fans should move on”; I don’t think it’s such a big leap to conclude that that’s a factor in the decision not to make Laura a regular part of the canvas.

    I also recall that the Luke-is-the-hit-and-run-driver storyline was the last administration’s attempt to keep him happy; he wanted to do something darker, and that’s what TPTB at the time came up with. And that ruined Luke for me–not the fact that he was the driver but the whole way they wrote Luke as basically unrepentant. I don’t need him to be a superhero, but I do need him to be recognizably human.

    I don’t hate this Fluke story as much–I think it’s silly more than anything else, and I guess I’m just over lookalike storylines on this show, whether they involve masks or whatever.

    Can’t somebody find a storyline that challenges AG as an actor but is more organic to the show itself?


    Double Z replied

    Thank you.


  35. Loving GH says:

    Well I definitely didn’t know he had health issues, that was preventing him from working more normal hours like most. I am not happy the storyline must be put on hold because of him. But if it has to do with his health and not his selfish, spoiled nature, well nothing you can do about that but wait and wish him well/speedy recovery. I do hate that Genie Francis doesn’t get the respect and love she deserves from THTB at GH. Although, I am often annoyed to hear time and time again TG is off, while other actors must quit because the network with not work with them, especially actresses for additional time off for other projects. For me it would be difficult to see TG leave permanently because he is all that is really left of the vets on GH.


  36. Jimmy says:

    Personally, I really like Anthony Geary, and I’m glad he didn’t leave the show. Yes, Luke did fall into the background in 2013, but I don’t think this story is the one to bring him back to the forefront, because it’s not Luke, it’s Fluke, a guy that most of GH’s fanbase despises because of how sleazy and despicable he is. But, I guess that just goes to show how much of a powerhouse actor AG really is.

    I just hope there’s a logical explanation to this story, and it’s not another mask debacle, because it’s getting a bit ridiculous with these lookalike stories. My biggest problem is that now that AG is on vacation, it means we have to wait months until the reveal of who Fluke is, which also means we have to deal with this sleazeball Mickey Diamond until then!


  37. DonnyGH says:

    I love the story line and I’ve been trying to figure it out as well. I thought Bill Eckertt, then I thought that’d be too easy, but then they made poor Rafe so obviously the driver in the Patrick/Sabrina accident, so I thought maybe it’s not too obvious. Although, I never remember Bill being a coked up perv.

    My one complaint is about Tracy. Tracy has been blind to Luke’s less than altruistic motivations in the past, but this? This is too much. I don’t believe she would be this easily fooled.


  38. Geena says:

    TG is rocking this story. Even though its been a very long ride, I’m totally invested. Fluke is such a welcome change from regular Luke. TG has been in the game so long, he needed something new and different. Glad he stuck around for this.


  39. Elle says:

    Just go home to Amsterdam. There isn’t any justification for this story line. Just the dame old thing.


  40. lizzy says:

    Well I am shocked that so many people have nothing good to say about TG or Luke. I have been watching this show since day one (yes I’m 64) and TG is the best thing that ever happened to this show. He has saved Port Charles and GH more than once. Yes I love all the other cast members as well but who gets all the emmys and therefore the ratings. Just remember if TG hadn’t come to the show when he did and stayed with it there might not be a GH to watch right now.


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