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3 September 24th, 2010 Anthony Geary to return to GH next month!

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Six-time Daytime Emmy winner, Antony Geary (Luke Spencer) is on his way back to General Hospital and will first air again on Thursday, October 7th, according to the good folks at  Geary was off the show for his annual leave for the last several months.  Look for Luke to be involved with helping his son, Lucky, for starters.  And then who knows what other kinds of trouble and shennigans this one of a kind dude will find himself involved in.  And, what could be the state of his relationshp with his current lady love, Tracy Q (Jane Elliot)?  Stay tuned.

  1. C J Manning says:

    lt’s good to see my boy Luke coming back on GH.


  2. bp says:

    I’ve been watching tony with genie francis on you tube. So wish gh would bring Laura back. They were facinating to watch and never boring. Today’s Luke with Tracy seems like a bad, tired joke. Just can’t make myself tune in for that.

    It would be completely believable even now for Luke to have been “acting out” because of his need for Laura and his fear of losing her once again. It would be a triumph for the show and the writers to bring Laura back and show us the story of Lukes journey back from “lost” to the worman he has always needed and loved. There are legions of loyal fans still waiting and hoping for a miracle.


  3. ME says:

    Oh how I loved Luke returning and visiting Lucky in jail. They are so much fun to watch together. LOL at Luke playing Father ? and Lucky making him work for it.


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