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35 January 29th, 2015 Anthony Starke Fills-In For Jon Lindstrom On Yesterday’s Episode Of General Hospital!


If Laura Wright’s Carly talking to a strange man who all of a sudden was “Dr. Kevin Collins” was alarming, we can assure you Carly was not having a meltdown of her own and needed a therapist!

Instead, actor Anthony Starke filled-in for fan favorite Jon Lindstrom as the good doc, since Jon was busy filming his role in the new season of HBO’s hit series True Detective!

In story, Kevin revealed to Carly that he has never met with, or had a therapy session with “Jake” (Billy Miller), alarming Carly and Dr.  Collins!

What were your thoughts of seeing Tony Starke?  Do you want Jake’s head to clear up with some assistance from a mental health specialist?   Comment below!

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  1. Lovesam1122 says:

    It didn’t bother me they had a stand in, I just figured JL was busy. I think his presence was needed to progress the story so Carly would realize this man is not a saint and something is definitely wrong with him.


  2. Reagan says:

    I’m happy for Jon getting to work on True Detective but was always disappointed in how they used him on GH when they brought Kevin back. Or better said– how they didn’t use him when they brought him back. I’m torn between being happy that vets like Lucy, Bobby, & Scott are back and upset that we see them a couple episodes a month. I would MUCH rather see them than the continuing John… I mean Silas saga. And instead of recasting Kiki we could have used more screen/story time with the vets.


  3. Vicki Black says:

    Please fix Jason!


  4. Timmm says:

    Does it really mater. Kevin is one of the many favorites who is underutilized on the show. Enjoy “True Detective” Jon.


  5. AJQ says:

    My thoughts on seeing another actor in place of Jon Lindstrom is that it was totally ridiculous. It was a one day thing and therefore totally unnecessary.

    Carly could have easily found out that Jake never met with Kevin in a number of ways. She could have found out from someone else at the hospital, a colleague or secretary, that Kevin was out of town on that day. She could have spoken to Kevin on the phone and we heard her end of the conversation. There was absolutely not one reason to use another actor for the day to get that piece of information to move the story along, not one. It was too weird to see “Jimmy” from Seinfeld as Kevin and just totally ridiculous.

    Because Jon Lindstrom is such a well known/ veteran character, having another actor there undermined any impact or credibility that the scenes might have, and again, there was no information in those scenes that could not have been presented to the audience in a number of different ways.

    Given how much of GH is told offscreen and how many story details and beats are skipped, that they chose to do this is mindboggling.


    Rebecca1 replied

    Excellent points…totally agree.


    carolyn murphy replied

    I agree too…I had to google just to make sure John wasn’t replaced.

    Dan replied

    It’s not like Jon Lindstrom was replaced permanently. This guy filled in for a couple of scenes. If Lindstrom is replaced on the show permanently, then I can totally understand being upset. I’ll be upset too if that happens. But for a handful of scenes in one episode, I don’t see it being a big deal whatsoever.

    Kevin has been “out of town” on several occasions when his name has been brought up in recent months, so I do think it was necessary to see the character on screen this time.

    Personally, I’m happy for Jon that he is getting work on an awesome show like True Detective. That’s wonderful for him.


    Lew S replied

    I totally agree with you

    Shay replied

    Here here, AJQ! My first thought was, “What the….?” Then, “Give me a break!” Just…so….unnecessary.


    MICHAEL replied

    AJQ, I can understand why you think that the recast for just one day was totally unnecessary. I felt the same way back in the summer of 1980, when JAIME LYN BAUER was replaced for one episode as Lauralee “Lorie” Brooks on The Young and the Restless, by WESLEY PFENNING, due to illness. Jaime was replaced two other times as Lorie, the first time by LEZLIE DALTON in 1976, due to illness. This recast lasted about a month. The second time by VICTORIA THOMPSON, due to maternity leave, around 1977-1978. This recast lasted several months. My late mom and dad pointed out that even though a recast is just for one day, if a certain part of the storyline has to be shown at a particular time, and the regular actor/actress is not available, for whatever reason, then they have to recast, even if only for one day. I do like JON LINDSTROM as Dr. Kevin Collins, but I did also like ANTHONY STARKE as the fill-in actor for the one episode!


  6. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I just want Fluke exposed(Its LUKE!) and i want Jason Quartemaine finally remembering who he is before i need a shrink…well, im seeing one anyway…lol…just watch, as soon as Jake realizes he is Jason, Helene will do something to cause him to loose his mamory again…lol…then when GH celebrates its 60th anniversary all of PC and Jake will finally know he is Jason…lol


    Mary SF replied

    I’m with you on this– Fluke is really Luke. I think Bill was alive at some point and was the mob boss– and that is why Julian met him while in the witness protection program– but I think he died, so Helena brainwashed Luke into thinking he was Bill Ekert when he was kidnapped the first time and locked in Miscavage. The programming is causing Luke to have a mental breakdown, the real Luke is imprisoned in Fluke’s mind, causing him to project seeing his real self as a helpless victim, but when Dante wakes up he will find Luke is really decaying body of Bill E.

    And Jake will find out he is Jason during February sweeps


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Thats what another poster said too…fluke/luke has gone all norman bates and its Bills body in that chair…i love it but still cant wait for it to end!!!

  7. madluv4u says:

    I find myself really enjoying the pacing of the Jake/Jason sl, which is unusual for me because i am so over the whole Luke/Fluke thing. I dvr the show so when Luke comes on I ff through it. It bores me to no end. But I even enjoy the interaction between Jake and Helena, who I’ve never been a fan of. Maybe it’s just Billy that I’m diggin on.


  8. C says:

    I thought it was crappy. The show hasn’t used Kevin/Jon Lindstrom since last May. But all of a sudden, for a Carly/Jake plot point, it was VITAL that we see Kevin? Blech.


  9. davidevansmith says:

    In watching Carly with Kevin, I wished she had taken the opportunity to use Kevin’s expertise to get to the bottom of her own mental issues. I can’t imagine that Kevin wouldn’t love to get into Carly’s head after all the crap she’s pulled over the years and fix some of the broken gears in her head. Just recently she could use an objective opinion about her letting Franco into her life and why she can’t seem to get Sonny out of her system, and how her actions and choices have landed her on the outs with Michael. But from back in the day, from dumping AJ in an alley via laundry cart or pathologically lying about Michael’s paternity several times while she was pregnant, to shooting Tony Jones in open court, and plotting her revenge against Bobbie from day one, EVERYTHING Carly has done could use some analysis. Wish Carly would have recognized or acknowledged this when she started talking to Kevin about instincts.

    Oh well. If ANYONE needed therapy, it’s Carly. Jake/Jason will be fine, if Helena just loses his phone number.


  10. Rose says:

    I don’t mind Tony Stark filling in for Jon. BUT I am so sick of the fluke story. I know it’s mercifully coming to an end, and I know Tony Geary is working his hardest. Just don’t like the style he’s using to deliver his lines, and his scruffy, unkempt look. How can the good folk around him not think something is off by just looking at him. Looking forward to a more fun-loving, nonchalant Tony…please.


    Shay replied

    Very true about the Fluke stuff, Rose. The time is past overdue for this storyline to call it a day….no matter how much AG is enjoying the ride! You’re also right about the most disgusting aspects of Fluke/Luke’s physical appearance(s)…..they’re enough to make one retch watching these dueling dualities up close and personal. In addition to being subjected to Fluke’s surly comments about the basement’s stench over and over again, the sight of both of these motley men have about caused me to lose my lunch. Not to mention the fact that posters have been reduced to ruminating for weeks now upon what possible “facilities” are or are not available for the chair-imprisoned Luke, which just goes to show that this tale has gone on for far too long!


  11. Patrick says:

    I have been waiting the uber hottie talented sexy Jon Lindstrom to grace our screens again…. to be helping Jake along for this ride

    quality stuff to move this story


  12. brent says:

    Tony is very attractive, eye candy lol.


  13. KansasGuest says:

    It’s good to hear that Jon Lindstrom is busy with other acting jobs. If Anthony Starke can keep the character active, that’s fine with me, too. I enjoyed him on THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, and was sad when it was cancelled.


  14. Daisy says:

    If GH ever needed a psychiatrist it is now. Most of the chatacters are looney and could use sme mental help. The actor was ok…kind of a cutie!


  15. Jimmy says:

    You know, considering how few times we actually see Kevin, I’m surprised that Jon wasn’t available to film these scenes. But wow, this guy cannot act whatsoever. I really hope Jon can get back to taping episodes soon because this Starke guy is terrible, I didn’t like him at all.


  16. kmayne says:

    Tony Starke was no super hero er therapist. I hope that Jon Lindstrom can return soon to the role.


  17. MBmomof3 says:

    That was weird. Tony Starke seemed like he was an okay actor, but he’s no Jon Lindstrom. Please don’t do that again. It totally took me out of the scene. All I could think of the whole time was “Where is Kevin and who is this guy?” lol. I don’t even remember a word that was said in that scene.

    As far as “Jake” goes…love Billy Miller, but not digging this storyline at all. Sorry. JMO. (I blame the writers, not Billy Miller.) And it doesn’t have anything to do with seeing him as “Billy Abbott” I loved him as Richie on AMC too.


  18. Melinda says:

    I love Anthony Starke, he is a very good looking man. He is 51 years old and a wonderful actor. I hope he stays on General Hospital.


  19. Mika says:

    It was jarring and unexpected.


  20. Rebecca1 says:

    I like Jon Limdstrom as Doc. He has a comforting, steady presence. I love his friendship with Mac and how he handled yet loved Lucy. Was surprised to see this other actor and missed the first five minutes so I’m not sure if they mentioned he was playing the part of…Prefer Lindstom. Hope he comes back to Port Charles to shrink Jake thru hypnosis. He could probably undo Helena’s mind control…just don’t want Doc to fall victim…


  21. Smoochie says:

    Anthony Starke is a really good actor who has an interesting anddiverse resume; But in my opinion he was miscast as a fill in for Jon Linstrom because of the physical differences between the two actors specifically their stature. Jon is at least 6’1 and Anthony is around 5’9 or 5 ’10. It was a shock to see him standinding in the doorway of the office for his appointment withas Doc


  22. Smoochie says:

    The comment above was sent before i could edit it and make corrections. The ending sentence should have been: The difference was most obvious and disconcerting upon seeing Anthony for the first time as he stood in the doorway of the office,there for his appointment with Jake.


  23. su0000 says:

    the new guy is probably a stage hand..
    as for seeing the Doc. it will most likely be a couple of times..
    nothing to go ape over, its no big deal …


  24. Mary SF says:

    As long as they are not test driving this guy to see if he could replace JL I’m fine with a one day recast— but why couldn’t he just played a doctor who was taking over for Dr. Collins while he was away at some conference? That would have gotten the same point across and been less jarring for regular viewers to see another actor in the role.


    su0000 replied

    They need him to see Kevin because he will be a good part of the Jake finding himself story..
    It’s no big deal there was a stand-in..
    Jon is returning and when he does the story has to flow..
    the stand-in was needed to hold the story for Jon/Kevin .. :)


  25. Timmm says:

    They should have had Jon literately phone it in and Carly just talked to him over the phone or just go to Jake and have Carly say she talked to Dr. Collins and he never saw you in his office. It was just wasted screen time and thats nothing against the replacement actor.


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