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8 September 16th, 2014 Antonio Sabato Jr. Makes His DWTS Debut With A Cha Cha! Will This Be Dance Partner Cheryl Burke’s Final Season?

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Last night was the season 19 premiere of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and in the celebrity line-up is former General Hospital, and The Bold and the Beautiful star, Antonio Sabato Jr!  When the show began, it was none other than Antonio, and his dance partner two-time champ Cheryl Burke who had been given  the task of being first on the floor, and out of the gate of the competitors vying for this season’s Mirror Ball Trophy!

In their rehearsal segment package prior to their Cha Cha, Cheryl says she is happy to have “a “sexy” partner, (Sorry, Jack Osbourne)” this time around, and that an Antonio “wink” and working his good looks, along with using his feet to do the moves, can help him win this thing!

After hitting the dance floor on the live show, the judges were a tad harsh on Antonio, in our opinion, especially with him being first up.  After all was said and done the judges scored Antonio 25 out of 40 and he remains now towards the bottom of the leaderboard going into tonight’s live elimination Results Show!

The lowest score of the night was given to fashion designer Betsey Johnson and partner Tony Dovolani.  Betsey had a prop wardrobe malfunction with a boa, and then scored a 20.  Olympian Lolo Jones and partner Keo Motsepe scored a 22 for her Cha Cha, after  Lolo repeatedly told the audience and the judges  she could have done much her routine better …. blaming it on a text message mishap at the top of her number!  And NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip and his dance partner Emma Slater tie dwith Sabato Jr. and Burke with 25 points after their Cha Cha! The judges take the time to remind everyone that Emma was paired with Bill Engvall last year, and seemingly gets the older men, “daddy” types to dance with each season!

In additional news for Antonio and Cheryl, the two-time dance champ revealed all signs point to this season of DWTS being her last!  Cheryl had told ABC that:  “As of now, this is probably going to be my last season. After doing something for a decade, you know, I started when I was 20, I’m 30. I want to try new things, just see what’s out there.”

Watch Antonio and Cheryl’s first dance of the season after the jump!  Then weigh-in, who do you think should be sent home tonight on the Results Show?  How do you think Antonio and Cheryl did in their first dance?  Remember, every vote counts!  So if you want to keep this soap favorite in the game, you have to dial in and cast your vote each week!  And don’t miss Antonio on Thursday night’s Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman!

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  1. Mo says:

    I’ll miss Cheryl.

    I think Antonio did a good job.


  2. Jeff says:

    Michael Waltrip was awful. There’s no way he should be tied with Antonio.


  3. Elite Advisors says:

    I think they had a hard time casting this season…. they will need a ratings boost to compete against the Voice next week! I am a DWTS fan…and I couldn’t get into it at all.


  4. Mary SF says:

    Well it is a grueling show so I wouldn’t blame Cheryl if she had enough of it. As for the show itself, it seemed a tad disorganized — as if production team lost interest. Frankly I miss the old band and the old stage. It so flashy now, it doesn’t even look like a ballroom anymore. I thought Antonio had a good start– he should make it to at least the half way point.


    rebecca1 replied

    @Mary SF….totally agree! I absolutely love dance and I love to dance as well. When this show came on I absolutely reveled in it! To me, it was the epitome of joy and I just couldn’t get enough of it. Great music, comraderie, banter, costumes, choreography…not to mention beauty on every level. I also love music…and am a big fan of The Voice. Ultimately, I watched The Voice and caught DWTS either on a makeup show or OnDemand.

    But as to what you said I thought the same thing. Last night seemed completely disorganized….I, too, miss the old band and stage…and preferred when the regular dancers had group numbers rather than the filler dances they had before commercials last night. Not sure if I like Julianne in the judge role…was she in it last season? Didn’t watch.

    All in all…didn’t hold the same allure for me. However, I actually I loved Alfonso…he was amazing! Also thought Chong was great for his age…and the blogger girl. The blonde athlete…can’t think of her name (too lazy to look it up now) thought she’d jump in there was a cliff right then and there over her own performance. Had a look to kill the rest of the show. And Betsy Johnson? LOL…Creative woman with the energy of a woman half her age. Still love the spirit of the show…hope it improves. (And when oh when will Tony get a good partner!) ;)


    Mary SF replied

    Julianne was a guest judge a couple of times last year, but she hasn’t been a dancer for quite a while. I think they may be grooming her to take over Len’s spot, since he mentioned at the end of last season he might be quitting the show this year–
    I also think the reason the show might be off technically this year is because the person who used to produce the show left at the end of last year and whoever is doing it now obviously needs more experience with live television because it seems so rushed and mixed up at times.

    As for Tony the poor guy– he did win once, with Melissa Raycroft, in the All Star Season, so he at least had one moment in the sun.

    rebecca1 replied

    Well I have to say tonight’s show was excellent! I actually felt the old magic back! Loved Smokey Robinson’s number complete with Mark Ballas and the new dancer…(always loved those entertainment/dance numbers)…enjoyed watching “Carlton’s” dance again….and felt the whole show much more cohesive on this second night.

    Len leaving? If so…he’d be missed by me. I like the dynamic of the original three. As for Julianne, always loved her as a dancer. Adorable and incredibly talented! Both she and Derek are amazing! I also think the sports-like commentators with Jerry Rice, Kenny Mayne and Len are hilarious…hope they still continue that tradition.

    Finally, yes…I do remember Tony winning with Melissa…well deserved! It’s just that it took him soooo long to have a winning partner and then they went right back to pairing him up with people (in my recollection) that he couldn’t possibly win with.

    And I miss Max…

  5. Autumn says:

    I thought Antonio and Cheryl did an AMAZING JOB. OMG they were hot and have the chemistry.


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