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5 April 27th, 2011 Are B&B’s Thomas & Brooke about to have Psychedelic-Fruit Sex?

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Leave it to The Bold and the Beautiful’s head honcho, Brad Bell to concoct a way to finally get Brooke and her stepson, Thomas to have sex! After the heat and all sexual tension these two have been seemingly dancing around for months, from the looks of it, it appears they are going to have sex on a deserted island while stranded, dehydrated, with nothing to eat but some very enticing berries! So what’s a stranded soap couple to do?Will the do the deed? Seems like it, but will they remember, and how will the consequences play out?  Bell spoke to TV Guide to give us a tease of this May Sweeps humdinger which uses high technology  CGI special effects! Here are a few excerpts below.

Bell on those trippy berries that seduce Brooke and Thomas into doing the deed: “Well, Brooke and Thomas wash ashore on a Fijian island but it’s no tropical paradise — it’s more like a sand dune with a few scrappy bushes and a cave. They’re near starvation, near dehydration, and they finally find nourishment in the form of these berries that turn out to have psychedelic and aphrodisiac properties. So let the games begin. We went out and got giant blackberries and added dots of white chocolate to make them look weird and exotic. We knew our actors had to devour a bunch, so we made them delicious.”

Bell on the CGI special effects that enhance the enhance the duo’s sexual experience! “I can tell you that it’s a very powerful drug that gives them this incredible high and then they black out. We’ve teamed with CBS Digital, the people who did our new CGI opening credits, to create some sensational, state-of-the-art imagery for the psychedelic sequences — rainbows, waterfalls, wild scenery. It’s a real Alice in Wonderland-style feast for the eyes. Nobody in soaps has done anything like it.”

Bell on if he concerned about viewer backlash for Brooke, after all she would have now slept with three generations of Forrester men! “We’re always cautious to keep Brooke redeemable but we push her as far as we can. I can easily see her going for the triple crown of Forrester men. [Brooke has also conquered Ridge's brother Thorne and their daddy Eric.] We’ll see with this story if the audience can forgive and embrace her. She could end up being hated. Those who consider her a role model would see [sex with Thomas] as so wrong.”

Now, no matter how wacky this is, we say this is must-see appointment soap viewing, just to see how this is handled and what goes down. Stay tuned for it.

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  1. Rob says:

    and this is the main reason I stopped watching this show. Bell better get his finger on the pulse of what his viewers want, the ratings are sliding and from the looks of the daytime landscape there is some pointless reality show waiting to take its place…


  2. sondra says:

    Don’t forget the accidental sex with Oliver. Nothing is accidental with Brooke. She’s just smart about cutting off Ridges balls. That’s only my opinion. I like Taylor but she deserves so much better than Ridge.


  3. bored says:

    When are you writers going to stop and think? I can’t speak for anyone else but the idea of Brooke sleeping with Thomas is just plain disgusting. It’s the same old boring writing, Brooke (the skanky slut) sleeping with every tom, dick and harry. Get some new material for a change, this crap sucks.


  4. Todd says:

    And this is a show that is considered more viable and gets to stay on the air. There are no soaps left worth watching after oltl goes
    off the air. I watched GL, ATWT, andOLTL. I have zero interest in the remaining shows. The above article offers little to draw me in. I hope some oltl actors go to days. I will give that a try again. It was great in the 90s.


  5. Irene says:

    This is the same old story line that has played out for many years. Viewers are sick and tired of the writers always playing Brooke as a tramp. She has the biggest heart of all the roles on this show. As usual, it will be her fault and Ridge will leave and go back to Taylor & the ‘brattiest’ adult children I have ever seen. If Bell don’t watch out, this show will be the next to be canned! After many years of ‘putting up’ with this story line, I’m calling it quits. I already know what’s going to happen before it even airs. So why bother?


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