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13 August 10th, 2015 Are Historic Soap Wedding Bells Going To Ring For B&B’s Rick & Maya?


This  week on CBS The Bold and the Beautiful, Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) and Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) get ready to say their “I do’s”, but will one of these two lovebirds instead say, “I don’t?”

As the wedding episodes kick-off on Monday’s August 10th episode, it is historic in that this will be the first time in daytime history that a transgender character (Maya) walks down the aisle to get hitched!

But there are some major stumbling blocks including Maya’s father, Julius (Obba Babatunde’)!  The man, who at first seem to want to put the past behind him and support his daughter (who used to be his son), has seemingly not been on the up-and-up about his feelings and his true intentions.   This sets the stage for the bride to have a showdown with dear old dad.

B&B’s executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell told on Maya’s journey: “It’s been an honor to tell this positive story of love and acceptance and now we will see the drama peak as we reach Rick and Maya’s wedding day, which will not be an easy walk down the aisle.  I’m told we’re the first show in television history to include a story with a transgender character getting married and my hope is that in the future there will be many more.”

After the jump, watch a clip from Maya’s big wedding day.  Then weigh-in! Will Maya be Mrs. Forrester when all is said and done?

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  1. denisefan says:

    Bell wants to create another “first” on daytime. His hard sell of the transgender story is obvious and tacky. Bell cannot write a compelling romance.


    JUDY replied



  2. Rocky says:

    I’m afraid that you have been misinformed, Mr. Bell. B&B is most definitely NOT “the first show in television history to include a story with a transgender character getting married.” British soap, Coronation Street, married its beloved transgender character, Hayley, to cafe owner Roy Cropper many years ago.


  3. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    On American soaps this might be a first but Ive already seen a transgender marriage back in the 1990s on Britains Coronation Street and that storyline was better well done!!! Maya isnt the first transgender character: the syndicated ‘All That Glitters’ back in the 1970s featured a transgender character played by pre-Dallas star Linda Grey!!!


  4. Shelly says:

    Sorry but I do Not want Rick and Maya happy! They don’t deserve it after everything they did and didn’t pay for it! The whole romance with them is so forced


  5. Mo says:

    I would have liked to have seen more–I don’t know the word, but more unhappiness with Maya and her lying and her behavior. It seems like everyone is like, oh, she’s transgender so she gets a pass on her bad behavior. Same with Rick. He did a lot of people wrong. Didn’t like Eric sticking up for him so much considering what Rick did (shooting a gun in the workplace, workplace harassment, hazing, etc.). And Brooke was so upset with Maya and now it’s like all is forgiven. There should at least be a little resentment or something between the Forresters and Maya. I know I wouldn’t be so Pollyanna with her!


    Rose replied

    I hear you, what Rick and Maya did during their power-rush days was despicable. But Caroline also got a huge pass on the crummy things she did to Maya in the beginning to discredit her. And then there’s Bill publishing the transgender expose’, amongst other things he’s done. No one has clean hands here. But as soap operas go, I’m going to give them all the benefit of seeing the errors of their ways…except Bill who never apologizes for anything.


    Lew S. replied

    I totally agree with you.


  6. k/kay says:

    Tell me anybody who is still watching did Bridget even mention her dead niece Ally who is not even cold yet.


    Ghlover replied

    Bridget is a joke! Why is she even here? She cares about Rick? Ugh, would have prefered Amber coming to wish Rick and Maya good luck… Of course she could have stayed and decided she wanted Rick back… I think Brooke vs Amber was one of the rare times i enjoyed KKL


    Aden replied

    And Rick would be able to get it in further to Amber than he will ever be able to with Myron!

  7. Nikki says:

    I think the acting is amazing but I just don’t like the story. After everything Rick did to Caroline & the way the two of them treated Ali. I would love to know what part of the country this is because those two would never be forgiven especially by Thorne. BTW Where was he during the wedding? And please enough of Brooke sticking her nose in Caroline & Ridge’s life. How does everyone feel about the new Thomas? I actually push mute when he’s on. I can’t stand the way he treats his father.He’s nothing but an ignorant showboy.


  8. sarah says:

    its the first transgender for a U.S television series which I think is amazing in its self but total kudos to coronation street for doing it first. I love Raya they have been amazing I love how this whole story has been told & whilst I do find it amusing that some people totally gave Caroline a pass for her part in rick going on his power trip & all the truly nasty things she did to Maya & thats not even bringing in what her uncle did, lets be real about us all being human beings and making mistakes. Anyway these Raya wedding episodes were powerful & so well written & the cast involved have been giving the performances of their lives. Its all just honestly damn good soap love it


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