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48 October 20th, 2017 Arianne Zucker On Her Exit Episode Of DAYS: “Today We Say Goodbye To Ms. Nicole Walker. Thank You For Taking The Journey With Me!”

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Daytime fans know Arianne Zucker gave 110% to all of her performances as Nicole Walker for over 18 years on NBC’s Days of our Lives.

The Daytime Emmy-nominated actress made the  decision to not renew her contract with the series, and since DAYS tapes six months in advance, today on the October 20th episode, viewers will see Zucker’s final scenes.

In story, Brady (Eric Martsolf) has blackmailed Nicole into leaving Salem with her daughter, Holly, or he will turn her into the police for murdering Deimos Kiriakis.  In heartbreaking scenes earlier in the week, Nicole was forced to break-up, and break the heart of her true love, Eric (Greg Vaughan), or Brady will cause havoc for her life.

Zucker took to her Twitter account today for a tune-in alert and a special thank you to the legions of DAYS fans who have loved and supported over the years.  She also mentions she intended on live-tweeting her final performance when it airs today, but she is currently filming a movie with her real-life sweetheart, Shawn Christian (Ex-Daniel, DAYS).

The actress related: “My Friends-2day we say goodbye 2 #MsNicoleWalker. TY 4 taking the journey w/me! I was going 2 try&live tweet, but I’m filming. #Raincheck ?”

So, are you ready to say goodbye to Nicole?  Let us know and share your favorite Arianne Zucker performances on DAYS throughout the years in the comment section below!

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  1. James R. Poissant says:

    I don’t want to think Nicole will be off the canvas forever but even if she isn’t, it’ll still be tough not seeing her. The character had so many layers so that gave Arianne the chance to play the gamut of emotions which has to be a treasure trove for an actress. We got to see the character’s good side and bad side. I do have to thank Arianne for all the years of playing Nicole and making me root for the character but also making me want to smack the character upside the head sometimes. I’ll miss you, Arianne (and Nicole).


    Jovin replied

    I agree that she won’t be gone forever, But I need to discuss the exit we got, because our gal deserv d a whole lot better! It was like he dusted off his scripts from GH where Robin left Patrick, and was typical Carlivati plot driven, out of character nonsense!! If there was one thing Nicole always was, it was a fighter!! She was not a broken, spineless woman. With a martini in hand and a scheme up her sleeve, she could do anything! The last few writing regimes have certainly done her no favours, especially saddling her with the life sucking Dr. Dan!!

    This current DAYS confuses me! This is a show that has had some of the greatest supercouples of ALL time, many of which are still on the air! The chemistry between Nicole and Eric was off the charts, always has been, and the show knew that despite the 6 month advanced taping schedule! They never fully capitalized on that, Eric became a drunk murderer, and that was seemingly that! But then he returned and the show had nearly 2 years to write for these two. Instead they saddled her with yet another older man Deimos, in a story that went nowhere.

    In what appeared to be an afterthought, they were reunited for about 6 seconds, Brady turned vengeful, and Nicole was forced to break Eric’s heart. Sigh. Our gal should have gone out triumphant! Her and Eric should have gone out happy!! Yes that would mean Greg Vaughan would be written out, but really, sometimes a characters value is more important when part of a popular couple!

    I would like to present a scenario that would have offered hope for the future, and worked to restore Brady and Eric’s relationship. Both Brady and Eric are fighting over Nicole. In a drug or drunken rage, Brady did something to really hurt Eric physically in a fight or altar action. Realizing that she couldn’t be responsible for that kind of violence, she told both men that she is not a prize or something for either one of them to “win” or own. She tells them she is leaving town with Holly to focus on her and her daughter. Her and Eric could have had one of those breathtaking romantic scenes where they promise to meet at a certain date in the future and if the timing is right, then they would be together. It’s been done in the movies, and Josh and Reva did it on Guiding Light. It can be corny, but with good writing and the tantalizing chemistry between these two, it would have worked!

    While of course my ending is wishful thinking, it would have allowed Nicole to be empowered! It would have her making the choice to look after her long awaited child on her terms. It would have let the boys know that she could be strong on her own. It would have allowed Nicole to leave town WITHOUT the whole town thinking she is just a worthless slut, as many always thought. As entertaining as Victor can be when he is doling out insults, hearing an 85 year old man using graphic explicit language to demean a woman that he was married to and raped repeatedly is disgusting and unnecessary. This ending just gives all the Nicole’s haters more ammo for when she returns. Ron C. clearly stacked the deck against Nicole, having her be Deimos’ killer (an obvious rewrite which he admitted to), and having Brady turn on her.

    When the writing and Ari’s talent matched up, it was brilliant! More often than not, though, she was forced to rise above subpar material with her talent. And she did!!! This does set up a lot of Juicy family drama, and it has already been hinted, in typically heavy handed Carlivati way, that the Brady/Eric brouhaha will have repurcussions for John and Marlen’s relationship, among others. One thing I love is that when Brady falls off the wagon, no matter how hard (locking Vivian in the Crypt? Lol), it makes for wildly entertaining drama! And Brady is just so likeable and loveable as a screw up, people always forgive him because once he is sober again, he is SO sincerely sorry!!! I hope Carlivati doesn’t mess with that formula, because that is Brady’s ONLY saving grace!

    Slightly on another topic, I find the decision to make Stefano alive for the 147th time not only repetitive and redundant, I find it disrespectful. Joe Mascolo was Stefano, and he passed away, and the character was given a very explosive send off. This was an old withered man, consumed by a lifetime of evil, and he should be finished. He had his reign. There is no reason why, in death, the character couldn’t cause trouble from beyond the grave in all sorts of ways…through his children, through his colleagues and cronies, through things he left behind, or things he did when he was alive that no one knows about yet! We don’t need a cheapened version of the man, showing only a Phoenix ring and a finger. It is lazy, unimaginative writing that does disservice to an actor and a character!

    If the writer wants to majorly redeem himself, it wouldn’t even bother me if he dusted off some GH scripts he wrote when he brought Jake back to life. One of the most unnecessary soap deaths of all time happened on DAYS when Zack was killed. That child was majorly important in story for all his life, then was unceremoniously killed off for no reason! It should be revealed that Stefano, or even Andre, has been raising Zack all this time, and keeping him for an ultimate form of leverage if Hope ever could arrest either of them. Bo could have been trying to find out for sure if Zack was alive, and that’s why he was gone for so long! Zack would be a young leading man, a legacy character, and what wonderful story it would give Kristian Alfonso to play! I still contend she was robbed of Ann Emmy for the scene where she broke down upon learning of Zack’s death. I have seen it a few times on YouTube, and it still gives me shiver!

    Sorry for the long lost! Had lots to say I guess! Please respond, I love responses!


    James R. Poissant replied

    I agree with you on Zack. never understood why they did that. As for Deimos, that bastard is still very much alive. He was too evil to die just by a knife to the heart. I’m just holding out hope that Arianne just wants to take some time off then go back to DAYS. Guess tile will tell.

    Rachelle replied

    I read all you wrote, and it was just as if I wrote this. I totally agree with all you wrote I feel they did Nicole a disservice, letting her leave the way she did. I really believed Eric would leave with her. She deserved that ending. Sorry to the actor who plays Eric, but they both deserved happiness finally.
    When it comes to Stefano, let him rest in piece already. The Phoenix does not have to rise again. It’s getting a little cheesy. On the same note, I’m not happy with bringing characters back from death. I honestly find it so silly, that I won’t watch for a little while. Also, enough with the Adrienne storyline. I know there is soaps getting away with anything, but do some serious storylines.
    I’ve been watching for about 45 years, and will continue to do so, but cmon writers get down to some great storylines.

    nancy dillingham replied

    TPTB have messed up the show royally. I no longer watch–it’s too crazy.
    And I’m sad not to watch Mary Beth and Stephen who are my favorites.

    Jamesj75 replied

    Very nice tribute, James! I agree wholeheartedly!


    Sarah Scott replied

    So sorry to see you go, you were my favorite! Hope to see you come back as Nikki again in the future. #youplayedyourrolewell!


    Debbie Sanmartin replied

    We will miss you! You are one of the best criers on the show. The way you left I know you will be back, because they left the story line where it makes it easy for you to return. I know we will see you again. Best luck to you and Daniel (that’s the only way I know him). I also miss Daniel!


    Andrew Hass replied

    I have a feeling we might see Nicole onscreen soon because i read somewhere that Nicole will be back for the Christmas episodes.So maybe this exit will set the stage for when Nicole returns and she and Eric reunite for good once they deal with Brady’s blackmail and leave town together.


  2. Marsha Hubel says:

    I am very sorry to see Arianne leave DOOL. She gave her all in every performance. She will be missed.


  3. Celia says:

    I wish you the best of the best. You have become analogous to a ‘real’ friend.
    You will be missed, and I will always hold that little light of hope you will be back, wishing for the light to get bigger and bigger every day.
    If we are to place any verity to Nicole’s last words, as she stoically and sadly exits the stage, then, you will be back.
    This is not good-bye, but arrivederci.


  4. Jimh says:

    So will Chloe and Brady become a couple…i mean who is actually left for him???


    mrsnoahdrake replied

    Kristen (Eileen Davidson) is returning to #DAYS. She has already begun taping so she will cross paths with Brady again.
    I think she may be the key to finding Will.
    Not sure how long she is staying this time.


  5. Ursula Le roy says:

    Enjoyed watching youfor years,,been mad at some scenes but you are a very good actress. Best of luck in what ever you chose to do. Tell Daniel hello enjoyed watching him to.


  6. Ursula Le roy says:

    enjoyed watching you for years. You are a very good actress Best of luck in what ever you chose to do. Tell Daniel hello and enjoyed watching him also


  7. damien says:

    Nicoles final scenes nevermind the last month were raw and heartbreaking
    Eric and Nicoles goodbye were gutwrenching…especially the moment when Eric was screaming out for her. Their chemistry is so hot that i hope Nicole doesnt stay away for long so ERICOLE can be reunited.Bradys threat was haunting and vengeful. All three actors in this triangle need to be nominated for emmys


  8. Mo says:

    She can always return! Good luck Ari.


  9. Dinah Anderson says:

    Love all her work with Greg this week.


  10. Shirley says:

    I am not ready to say good bye. I will miss you so much being on the show. I think you made the show. Hope you will be back soon.


  11. Denise Boncaro says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching her play Nicole and will miss her


  12. Toni carriero says:

    Beautiful great actress. She will be missed.


  13. gail baltzer says:

    I really like Arianne a great actress and will be missed.sincerely gail baltzer, Ontario, Canada. a loyal fan all the years


  14. Carolyn F Bortz says:

    She put on a phenomonal act when Daniel died, couldn’t of done it any better. And there were several scence in the past that she played out just as well. I will miss her on the show. Hope she returns to Salem someday. In the mean time i wish her well in her future endeavers.
    God bless you Arianne Zucker!


  15. Tabitha Dozier says:

    You’ll be sadly missed. I hope one day you decide to come back. I’ve enjoyed every moment.


  16. Terri says:

    I will not watch DOOL’S until you return,if ever. You are one hell of an actress. You give your all. I hope you make it to the big times. Please keep us in touch when your movies will be aired. The best to you and Shawn


  17. Barbara Hyatt says:

    I will miss Arianne on are my favior Actress on days.hope to see you nicole back on days to see nicole and eric back toghter.with eric. Jr. Miss nicole already.hope to see Arianne soon.please come back to. Days soon


  18. Eileen Bush says:

    I love her character & her great job of acting. I will miss her & hope someday she & Holly will return


  19. Donna baldwin says:

    I hate to see her go. An in hopes she willreturn. I really was hoping for a happy departure.


  20. Eileen Bush says:

    I think she is a great actress. Hope someday She & Holly will return. Good luck on your new movie


  21. Rose says:

    I so enjoyed you on days and will miss you. I look forward to seeing you in your new movies and wish you even greater success.


  22. Brenda Capps says:

    I think she is one of the best actresses on Days and she will be missed by many fans..Hope she comes back some day as she makes the show what it is today…love her character and she must somehow get back with Eric in the future…Good Luck on your movie


  23. Lew S says:

    I wish her all the best. But, the ending seemed similar to Theresa’s exit.


    Jim Larson replied

    Oh you are right Lew S – Theresa’s exit was very close in that she left under the threat of blackmail.
    Can I ask a ridiculous question? Why couldn’t Nicole just say “I’m taking a break from men – the heck with Brady and with Eric – I want some time with my baby and I’m moving to another State to start fresh”. Also, when Nicole left Eric, and he screamed “NICOLE!” why didn’t he run after her rather than just stay in the cabin – I mean, isn’t that what most people would do?


  24. Kathy Fleck says:

    I will miss Nicole a lot. She made you, love her, hate her, hurt with her, laugh with her, want to get revenge on those who hurt or wronged her. She was uncomplicated, confusing and misunderstood at times. She was raw, funny, loving, direct, feisty, rambunctious, beautiful, witty, irresistible, sexy, vivacous, impossible, loving, unique,all in all simply amazing! It has been wonderful and a breath of fresh air to get to watch her, get to know her, understand her, grieve with her, get angry with her, and see her become a very strong woman who can handle pretty much all that life throws at her. Yes, I will miss Nicole and to you Arianne Zuker thank you so much for your wonderful portrayal of Nicole! Many blessings sent your way and best wishes for your future endeavors,


    Susan replied

    Yes! I share the same sentiments as this viewer, Kathy Fleck! She said it all! I am 65 year old woman and I have been a fan of Nicole/Arianne Zuckers’ since she first showed up on Days! I first began watching the show in 1975 while on maternity leave from work. Back then there was nothing on daytime tv but soaps! So, I decided to watch Days and would tape each day’s episode after VCRs became popular! I would call home from work if my husband was home to make certain no one changed the channel when Days was on! Smile! In summary Days became my “family”! (Oh! and BTW, I’m African-American). When Nicole had scenes, those were always my best episodes to watch! I will really miss seeing her brilliant acting! I sincerely wish she and her handsome boyfriend, Shawn C., the best ever in whatever endeavors they choose!


  25. Sheila fridley massie says:

    I have loved watching Days, and Arianne. She made that character! No one else could play her. Hope one day she’ll come back to Salem before Eric finds a new love. I am going to miss watching her. Good bye for now Arianne (Nicole to Good luck with whatever you do .


  26. Bev Cunningham says:

    Arianne, of course we (I) will miss you. I wish you’re story line had ended better. I’m sad for Nicole. You have had our hearts and minds flipping and flopping from the first. Never evil just bad mostly for the right reasons , when Nicole would run out of options. I think you will do well at whatever you do. You are a tremendous talent. I hope only the best for you and Shawn and may your career flourish. Love ya!!


  27. Sal McGal says:

    That was sincerely the WORST exit show ever. The character of Nicole deserved to leave Happy and should have taken moody, brewing Eric with her, he’s a terrible actor but I always enjoyed Nicole. I have officially given up on watching Days, just so sick of the poor writing and everyone coming back from the dead. Good luck to you Arianne, you are much too good for this past it’s prime soap.


  28. Janet Glover says:

    I can’t believe Nicole is leaving Days! I absolutely love her! Awesome actress! Powerful! She have Days and fans her all! Hopefully we’ll have the pleasure of seeing her character in future episodes! Good luck! You will be missed!! Luv ya!


    Patrick replied

    hopefully, if I read it correctly, in SOD… we can expect to see Nicole and Holly around the holidays… for a visit


  29. Janet Glover says:

    I can’t believe Nicole is leaving Days! I’ve watched Days since high school! I absolutely love her character! She gave Days and fans her all! Powerful and awesome actress! She will be greatly missed! Hopefully we’ll have the pleas

    ure of seeing her character in future episodes! Good luck and much love! Say hi to Shawn for me!


  30. Billy Fisher says:

    OMG…I love her!
    Please come back after your movie!


  31. cindy says:

    Days won’t be Days without Nicole


  32. Mary says:

    I wish the best for Ari . I hope that one day she will decide to come back to DOOL if only for a few weeks.


  33. Iakovos says:

    I have only followed DAYS for the last 7-8 years but I liked Ms. Zucker and her character. DAYS is ever a confusion to me. A solid show with strong family and community setting, yet so off the rails with some of its plots and drama. I worry it will become like GH with the diMeras becoming like Cassadines with story twists at expenses of characte and history.


  34. Jim Larson says:

    I sort of tired of her (meaning Nicole) incessant whining and indecisive nature. She goes through men like I go through a bag of M&M’s ~ I’m not knocking the actress, just the character.
    I wish her (Ari) the best though in her future endeavors ~ I am sure she will continue to work and prosper.


  35. xmascarol says:

    She will be missed. good luck in whatever you choose to do.


  36. Patrick says:

    APB : Kassie DePaiva’ Eve Donovan , October 27th

    two days till STAR


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