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29 August 13th, 2016 Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful August 31st!


Ashleigh Brewer fans have been all over social media for months clamoring and asking for their favorite gal to return to her role as Ivy Forrester on the CBS Daytime drama series, The Bold and the Beautiful!

Well, they have finally gotten their wish with news on Saturday via Soap Opera Digest, who reports that the Aussie-favorrite will be back on-screen on the Wednesday August 31st episode of the sudser.

With Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Liam (Scott Clifton) inching their way back together, even as Wyatt (Darin Brooks) tries to hold on to his wife, it looks like the perfect timing to throw Ivy back in the mix. After all, she loved Liam and also had spent some time with Wyatt and they had a relationship, and is not the biggest fan of Steffy’s to boot!

What will Ivy’s return do to shake-up the dynamics?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below and if you are glad to hear Ashleigh Brewer is heading back to B&B?

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  1. randy says:

    bold n beautiful is on fire right now,,eric and quinn was just total clever writing,,,,,bringing ash back is great i liked the actress a lot,,though i thought the character was written very weak…hopefully ivy will have more of a back bone this time,,,why does no one say if this is an ar or is she back on contract.???+but in my opinion right now all i can anticipate is what quinn and eric do next…hope they keep that story going ,,be fun to have them marry


  2. soapqueenforever says:

    I wm glad she is coming back. I always enjoyed Ivy. I just hope they don’t intend to start her back up with Thomas. I know that technically Thomas and Ivy are not related by blood, but for all intent and purposes they were raised as, and are still considered cousins, and I thought it was kind of gross the way Thomas was sniffing around her last year. It conjured up thoughts of Ridge and Bridget, and Steffie and Rick. Double grossnese. I am hoping that something comes to a head soon with the Wyatt, Steffie, Liam situation. I am sick of the two of them taking their turns whining and bitching to Steffie about who the better man is. In my opinion, Steffie should turn tail and run from the both of them. They wre two little boys who need to grow up. Steffie is a strong powerful woman like her grandmother, and she needs a strong powerful man. I say let her get her meat hooks into Bill. I know he’s a smug , self centred , egotistical bastard, but I think they would make a strong fit. That would prove to be interesting. Steffie and her ex stepmother fighting over the same man. And having Katie throwing her comments into the mix? I think it would bring an interesting twist to things.


  3. Jimmy says:

    I might be in the minority here, but I can’t stand Ivy anymore. When she first debuted on the show, she was a breath of fresh air. I had really high hopes for the character, but she essentially dwindled into a surrogate for Hope when Kim Matula left the show.

    Then she started making unabashedly stupid decisions, like cheating on Wyatt with Thomas for no reason, and filming Aly’s murder instead of stopping the fight between her and Steffy – again, for no reason. Literally, her explanation for both of those acts was “I don’t know,” “It felt right in the moment,” and “Something made me do it.” Was that all supposed to be a joke?!

    I’m really not looking forward to her return because that will undoubtedly make Steffy jealous if Ivy goes after Liam again, which means more angst between those two. I almost wish Ivy had died when she was accidentally electrocuted.


    Sj replied

    Its a writing issue. Ashleigh has always done the best she can with the writing and I’ll be very disappointed if she returns just to prop Steam


  4. Aaliyah says:

    Happy Ivy is returning. Missed her a lot when she was gone. Excited for her return.


  5. Elaine Oxford says:

    I like Ivy and glad she is coming back, she is a good actress and they need someon eligible to stop this nonsense with Liam and Wyatt continually scrapping over Steffie.
    The story has gone on far to long l am soo bored with it.


    soapqueenforever replied

    I agree. I only hope they don’t drag it out forever and have the foursome fighting and trading beds for the better part of a year. I say let Ivy bond with Quinn, go back with Wyatt, and they can start their own jewelry franchise. This way Liam can stop whining Or if you read what I wrote above he can fight his father for Steffie. Or better yet, he join forces with Katie and take Bill for every dime he has after Bill takes Steffie from him


  6. Sj says:

    Its about time… I’ve missed Ashleigh Brewer & I’m hoping the writers do her justice this time around ….I’ve had to watch Wyatt turn into character to prop up Steam I really don’t need to see Ivy return to just join that club. Wyatt & Ivy need to be freed & need to be together Darin Brooks & Ashleigh Brewer have amazing chemistry


  7. Sofia says:

    I for one am excited for her return. She is most definitely needed as there has been a void of her presence. My desire is for better s/ls for her and for her character to return to her original edgy state and not be used as a prop for STEAM. Nor to be thrown under the bus to whitewash other characters as they have done in the past.
    She needs her own s/l and not always entangled with STEAM’s drama. I desire for a WIVY reunion as they are a fan favorite and it would end the tireless s/l of the STATT vs STEAM that fans have grown over tired with that saga.
    Excited, excited, excited for her to return to our screens again.


    soapqueenforever replied

    I agree. She needs to kind of disconnect herself from the possibility of a year long scenario of m musical beds. Let her give Quinn the benefit of the doubt that Quinn is changing for the better, and they can open their own jewelry franchise together. I am sick of Liam whining to Steffie about her so called stress. Enough is enough


    jaybird369 replied

    soapqueenforever…A-M-E-N!!!!! Also, a friend of mine and her husband have 10-year-old twin sons who are WAY MORE MATURE than Liam…PERIOD!!!!!

    Have a good one.

  8. Mark Y says:

    Whatever happened to the killer cop from Y and R who was supposed to join B and B?


  9. gill says:

    Ashleigh has been removed from the closing credits, so she is no longer a permanent cast member. Her upcoming return storyline could be her exit storyline. Ashleigh would do much better returning to Australian soap Neighbours. A lot of fans want her back on Neighbours. Hopefully Neighbours producer Jason Herbison will listen to the fans and bring Ashleigh back. At least she would get decent storylines on Neighbours, instead of all the revolving reptitve love triangles she gets on B&B. She is far too good for B&B.


    John replied

    She is still on the opening credits.


    Glll replied

    opening not closing. She will probably be removed from the opening credits as well soon, since she is no longer a permament cast member. Only permanent cast members are in the closing credits.

    Soaplifer replied

    A lot don’t want her back, her storyline in neighbours ended when she was shot dead (before younharp on about the lack of blood, they rarely show it!) I hope she’s enjoying her time on B&B and the fans are clearly embracing her character.


    anon replied

    Ashleigh is no longer a permament cast member on B&B, she is just a guest and could be possibly leaving the show for good.

    Ashleigh’s Neighbours character, Kate is still alive. It is a a soap. anything is possible. They can bring characters back from the dead. A lot of fans would like to see Ashleigh back on Neighbours. I relibale source told me this 2 weeks ago. They have told me other stuff that has also been confirmed. Other inside info they have told me, is that the Neighbours opening credits will have be updated & have a new look.

  10. romo says:

    OMG the Liam/Steffie/Wyatt circle will once again get larger only to get smaller once again when Ivy leaves once more. You did know that Liam is a god and every female introduced falls in love with him. Why can’t the females on the show fall for someone other than Liam and Wyatt? I hear of anyone (Steffie, Hope, Ivy) coming back, all I think of is ewwwwwwwwwww – they just all sleep with one another and do it all over again.


  11. Iakovos says:

    Wow. What a game changer of a story line. (Not!)

    Am so weary of this merry-go-round. Would not mind if there people were doing something in which they discovered passions, but they just talk talk talk and moon moon moon. And for all the talk of sanctity of marriage and commitment, these young people don’t get it. I have long given up on a couple to root for.


  12. Mo says:

    Glad to see her return, but I don’t want Liam and Steffy together.


  13. Gloria E says:

    I like Ivy…hate Steffy with anyone..she is such a stuck up weirdo…if only she and Liam could go off in the sunset..& never return I might enjoy this soap,…I love Quinn…she has some depth better than the other wishy washy females..except Katy of course..


    jaybird369 replied

    Gloria…I (also) love Quinn. To me, QUINN ROCKS!!!!! Oh…and BTW, ‘stuck-up weirdo’…LOVE IT…LOL!!!!! Also, as far as I’m concerned, Steffy is nothing but an annoying and whiny HYPOCRITE!!!!! I mean…if I remember correctly, Steffy didn’t have a problem with Quinn (or whatever) when Quinn was terrorizing and tormenting Hope. Bottom Line Here: In more ways than one, Steffy needs to PUT A SOCK IN IT!!!!!!!!!! Stupid woman.

    Have a good one, Gloria.


    Gloria E replied

    u 2 jaybird…I am glad I am not the only one..who thinks Steffy is mental & Quinn is great…!!!!especially telling her grandpa what to do…leave him alone all of u weirdos who make a bunch of mistakes..he is old enuff to make his..!!!

    jaybird369 replied

    Thank you, Gloria.

    Take care.


  14. Maryann says:

    I don’t care for this person at all and the storyline with these young people leaves much to be desired. It was bad enough losing Stephanie and then Ronn Moss, and the new Ridge leaves much to be desired, then we had to sit thru the Mya saga which I tolerated ok, but now her half sister mess is sickening and makes me want to turn offthe TV. Get back to the older actors/actresses like bring back Jackie and her son Jack and concentrate on the old actors which you let go and bring them back. I HAVE A NEW FLASH FOR CBS…your viewer are the older class of people. Young folks don’t watch, don’t want to watch soaps, we are what made soaps great and we are your viewing audience.


  15. aud says:

    I am happy she is returning but I am so tired of the 5 min I love you I love you not. There is not one couple to root for as soon as they marry or say they are in love they are looking like they think they have made a mistake.

    Every woman on this show is to stupid to be alive except Quinn. I wish there was just one constant strong woman it is like all these women are from the 50s they should just put an apron on them and rename the show “Leave it to beaver”,


  16. Brett says:

    Great, another Liam Spencer triangle, square, whatever, yawn..


  17. Dmitri says:

    I loved Ivy but they really dragged her through the mud by having her cheat on Wyatt with Thomas. If they bring back Ivy and put her in the love triangle (well in that case, it’d be a love square), she’d better get Liam for good! Or at least for a few years. Liam and Steffy are tired, whiny, and boring. Never works out! I love Steffy with Wyatt. So refreshing! Let her get pregnant and decide that her feelings for him are worth continuing the marriage for, no matter what Quinn does! Meanwhile Liam can finally move on and rediscover his love for Ivy.


  18. Carolyn says:

    Now that Ivy is back, Quinn may have a more fair fight against the Forrester clan (sans Eric) I like the storyline of Quinn and Eric, I think there’s a lot of potential for Ivy in that mix as support (maybe spy a bit) for Quinn vs Steffy. Hopefully, her coming back will help the Whining Spencer Boys to finally get on with Big Boy matters! Geez, not like anyone really works around that place besides Quinn..I like the adversarial side of the story, to give the spoiled brats (aka Steffy, Thomas and Ridge who aren’t really Forresters to begin with) a reality check..Wish Eric would’ve just fired Ridge & Steffy yesterday for all they were doing on the job.


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