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16 May 31st, 2013 Ashley Madekwe OUT at REVENGE!


Looks like there is just no story for Revenge’s Ashley Madekwe for the upcoming season three of the hit ABC primetime soap!

According to the character of Ashley Davenport (Madekwe) will  not return  next season. “Her option was not picked up due to what I hear were storyline reasons.”

Madekwe has been on Revenge since the pilot, but her character went through several metamorphoses. Ashley is one of two regulars to depart Revenge heading into Season 3, along with Connor Paolo, whose character Declan Porter died in the season finale. 

So what do you think of the decision to write-off Ashley Madekwe? Was Ashley Davenport a character that nobody quite knew what to do with?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Jena says:

    If they weren’t renewing her contract why kill off Declan and leave Jack with no family. They should have killed her off instead.


    Conspiracy Theorist replied

    The show’s called “Revenge,” what do you think a man with no family is liable to want?


    Hillary replied

    I hope they killed Declan for a good reason at least! If Charlotte learns the truth and joins Emily in her pursuit of revenge… That could be good,


    tru replied

    I agree! Maybe get rid of her and bring Declan back, who saw his dead body? Victoria wanted him to stay away from Charlotte. we all know when the Grayson want something they will do what ever it takes to make it happen


  2. rebecca says:

    I always hate to see characters go once I get in to a show…not that she was pivotal but she was always around. LOL… And, she was becoming more likeable.

    Hated that they killed off Declan.


  3. toscanti says:



  4. brian says:

    I think she jumped from “side to side” and basically, nobody trusts or likes her. (I am speaking of her character, not the actress herself)


  5. Alan says:

    She was a character without any real direction so it won’t impact story much.

    Now they need to write out the equally pointless Aidan character and get back to the Daniel/Emily/Jack triangle.


  6. Iakovos says:

    Surprised and not surprised. I thought Ashley would eventually be revealed as a daughter of someone lost on the doomed airliner. I did like the use of the character and the performance by the actress.

    I sense the Initiative storyline is done, and the ALIAS-like plotting finished. With the change in showrunner, I am guessing a turn more toward traditional serial drama and the Hamptons setting.

    Not a bad thing, IMHO.


  7. su0000 says:

    She mostly irritated me, so I’m ok with it..


  8. bc says:

    revenge’s ratings are going to dip even more if they don’t hire more racial minority actors as cast members. It was really pathetic when revenge had a majority white cast w/ only 1 woman of color as a cast member portraying an underling to the rich family that is white. It would be even more pathetic if revenge has an all white cast. All of the day soaps are abt core families that are rich and of course white. Majority of the night soaps are abt core families that are rich and of course white. Can’t these writers and showrunners create more racially diverse dramas?


    Erick replied

    Point taken, but clearly you’re forgetting one of the supposed “white” “day soaps,” top-rated The Young and the Restless, and their core Winters family….


    bc replied

    The winters family? malcolm and dru have exited. Doesn’t olivia only do guest appearances? The winters family is definitely not a core family on the level of the newmans. Is 1 family made up of chars of color the best that day soaps can do? While how many white families are on all the day and night soaps? Soap writers can only write for majority white chars. Heck gh and ron carlivati are getting a ton of backlash for their simultaneous storylines abt rape from tv criticism not devoted only to soaps. Day soap gh and rc already have a reputation for rape storylines that rc has already been coined online to stand for rape culture. How abt stopping the rape storylines especially bec day soaps are geared towards a mostly female audience? There’s already speculation online that ashley madekwe’s char ashley isn’t even going to get an exit storyline bec madekwe’s option was not picked up. Is revenge going to have a char mention how ashley left? Is that how the 1 char of color’s exit is going to be handled by revenge? That’s the problem w/ day and night soaps. White chars get majority of the storylines while chars of color are seldom the priority.

  9. Leah says:

    Never watched this show but read the article out of interest. No daytime or primetime is especially diverse – Y&R is insulting in its attempt.

    Wish this young actor all the best in the future.


  10. leeburgh says:

    Oh well I guess I’m done with that show, so sad the writers could only come up with juicy story lines for the white characters. But I guess they have to please their predominitely white fan base…Can’t wait until Scandal is back!


  11. Jerrica says:

    how did this become a race issue?…her character clearly was backed into a corner. This now puts her in a position to get a leading role in a new show. Good luck Ash!!♥


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