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28 October 2nd, 2013 Ashlyn Pearce Cast as Alexandria Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful!


The search for the gal to play Thorne  (Winsor Harmon) and the late Darla’s (Schae Harrison) SORAS’d daughter has come to an end, according to CBS Soaps In Depth today.

Ashlyn Pearce has been cast in the role! of Alexandria Forrester on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful.

According to SID, “The actress is a relative newcomer, with only a few short films to her name, so naturally B&B will be her first foray into daytime.”

Pearce will make her on-screen debut in mid-November!  B&B had been looking to cast the character that is said to be “Beautiful. Well Bred. Very upscale and comes from money.”

So what do you think of the casting decision on initial picture impression?   Excited to see how Alexandra plays into the canvas and in story coming up on B&B?  Comment below!


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  1. michael says:

    i wish the actress well. lets see if she can act.


  2. SteamySteffyfan says:

    Congratulations to Ashlyn Pearce on being cast as Alexandra (Ally ) Forrestor I think she will blend in well with the Forrestor Family and the cast of the bold and beautiful.


  3. PatF says:

    Cute girl.

    I like that they are casting an “unknown” instead of stunt casting someone who’ll come in and try to duplicate their popularity from a previous show.

    I also hope this means we’ll see more of Thorne.


    Iakovos replied

    I agree totally, PatF. The lack of storyline for Thorne and use of sexy talented Winsor Harmon is criminal. I resent the loss of the original Forrester children: Ridge (recast already), Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia. The show is overstuffed with characters and some of the plots just do not work. Use what works. And that includes Thorne.


  4. Johnny says:

    Let’s hope we have another Jennifer Finnigan on our hands…someone who can rise above this show’s crappy sophomoric writing and bring intelligence and charisma to the show.


    k/kay replied

    Totally agree with you she looks a lot like Jennifer Finnigan and she turned out to be a great find. I would start watching again if she was brought on to show that worthless Hope the door you know the bastard child of Deacon that has and never had any business at Forrester.


  5. Lou Piikes says:

    Does this mean that Thorne Forrester will be resurrected from the basement???


    Mark Y replied

    We can only hope!


    Gloria replied

    Please don’t say the word “hope” (kidding!)

  6. Mo says:

    If it helps give Thorne some airtime, I’m all for it.


  7. Gloria says:

    I am glad to see this IF it gives Thorne a good storyline. If they try to set this girl up with Liam or something I will lose it. I am to the point if I NEVER saw Hope or Liam’s face or heard their name again I would be thrilled. I swear Hope has been front & center since her first day on the show-ENOUGH. IT IS BORING. AND NO MORE FLASHBACKS. This show is only around 18 minutes long & some days they spend 5 or 6 minutes “reminiscing” through flashbacks. It makes me crazy because there is so much potential in so many under used characters that we would love to see, right? Get some fresh new stories going over there!


  8. richard says:

    I am truly excited for this, as BB has an awesome track record in casting newcomers to daytime with awesome result….Jennifer Finnigan, Jacqui Woods, Kim Matula, and I expect the same with this newcomer. She looks very fresh and natural!! Can’t wait to see her and Thorne!!!


  9. G. N. Harve says:

    BAD casting!!! With both Thorne and the late Darla being blond, it would make more sense to have cast a natural towhead as their daughter. B & B already has a brunette (Steffy), light brown-dishwater blonds (Hope and Caroline), but there is no REAl blonde except for Brooke, who is in the “mature” grouping. (In retrospect, Caroline should have been a redhead, just to balance things out, but by now it’s too late–contracts have been signed, to be sure.) Nothing against this little gal who may be quite a good actress in the role of Alexandra–time will tell–but good casting should consider ALL aspects of a character, not just acting ability. In my mind, Alexandra should be petite, with fine, delicate features and definitely very blond. Heed your audience, casting directors!


    Liz Coulthard replied

    Have you never heard of the fact that two blonde or fair haired people will often have red-headed offspring, and that’s what Ally is !


    G. N. Harvey replied

    It took you nearly a year to reply and this is the best you could come up with?! A lesson in genetics? Really??? I was talking about CASTING appropriately and believably…and I stand by my original statement. Ally should have been a towhead blonde with delicate features and an air of refinement. I’ve noticed on this message board that several other people were of the same mindset. That said, I will say that I’ve grown to like the current Ally as a character because she has spunk and calls it like it is.

  10. Carina Tiotuico Ph.D says:

    I think this wonderful young lady is very sexy and hot!
    Ashlyn is a very good actress and I know she will play very well!
    She is the right person for character Alexandra Forester!
    Wow! I can’t wait to see her play!
    My son JB is 12 years old and loves to play piano, pipe organ and acting! He told me maybe I can meet her in life one time! He is interested to enter Juilliard NY


  11. Sally says:

    Can’t wait for Alexandria, mainly because Windsor Harmon will hopefully get a decent story-line. The writers have wasted his talent for many years. The flunky son banished to the basement….how stupid!


  12. Tonya says:

    It’s about time…sick to death of Hope, Hope, HOPE!!!! Not sure why she will be Hope’s PROTEGE, but ok will .


  13. Deb says:

    Saw the debut today. This young lady looks young. I really did not see her as being refined. Don’t like Caroline Spencer but she does looks rich and spoiled. I want Ally to get with Wyatt to break up that three-way affair with Hope, Liam, and Wyatt. I am getting sick of them. Let every man have his own woman (lol). Bring Steffy back as a temporary to spice up the storyline.


  14. Robbie saunders says:

    Omg…a clone of Chelsea Clinton …..nit up to Forrester image..try again!


    wendy replied

    EXACTLY! I think she is homely! But, I guess it is the quality of her acting that matters. I was just surprised by her (lack of good ) looks for a popular soap.


    j dandy replied

    Lack of good looks, you must be kidding ? She has gorgeous eyes.

    Wendy replied

    I never noticed her eyes. I will have to pay more attention next time she’s on. I still think she is ‘homely’ for soap standards. She reminds me of a young Chelsea Clinton. She is now looking better, since they have made her up, to look more sophisticated. But, still no beauty. She may have gorgeous eyes, as you say. Doesn’t make up for her face. I realize she was born with it, so it’s not fair I suppose I am criticizing her for it. I agree, with another viewer, that she isn’t even a very good actress. I DID say, initially that if she is a really good actress, that is all that we should be concerned with. Well, seems as if she can’t really act and lacks in the looks department as well. They could have casted better. She should go to acting class.

  15. WENDY says:

    I agree! A young Chelsea Clinton. She is homely for soap standards. I guess the important thing is her acting ability. Still surprised they chose her with her (lack of) good looks on a top soap!


  16. Laura Mulkey says:

    Please tell me that maybe you can get rid of Brooke, Hope, and Liam. Do you have any idea how boring these three are??? We need more of Thorne. Please, before you drive all of us away.


  17. Wendy says:

    I am sick of the Hope and Liam thing too. I like Brooke with Bill. Don Diamont is one sexy man. Speaking of good looking men, I love Thorsten Kaye as new Ridge. I never thought much of Ronn Moss’s acting abilities. I know he is completely different that the previous character, but a good replacement. I have not watched BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL for too many years, so I don’t miss the character of Thorne. One final comment on the show.. I think Wyatt’s Mother and Bill have lots of chemistry.. It would never be a love story, but the do sizzle on screen.


  18. Linda says:

    I, at first thought the new “Aly” was not as attractive as she should be but have changed my mind… Something about her…. And I do think she portrays the part well… And I like the Aly & Oliver story line…


  19. vbart says:

    not a good actress and not nearly cute enough for Oliver – glad to see him having more storyline – but they have no chemistry….


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