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17 August 6th, 2015 Ashlyn Pearce Dishes On Her B&B Exit As Aly!

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Fans were shocked when The Bold and the Beautiful suddenly killed-off unstable Aly Forrester, but one thing was for sure, her portrayer Ashlyn Pearce, went out with a bang with many scenes that she could easily use to garner a Daytime Emmy nomination next year.

Now Pearce is talking to Soap Opera Digest in her first exit interview that will be on-sale tomorrow in the latest edition of the publication.

As a preview she shared with SOD that she received a call from Brad Bell (executive producer and head writer, B&B) on her imminent demise: “My first thought was, ‘Oh, no. This is the death of my character and I’m really sad about that.’”

Ashlyn went on to thank the fans for their outpouring of support when they learned of her on-screen departure: “Aly resonated with a lot of viewers, but the magnitude of people who were sad about losing this character … it touched me.  That’s when it hit me that, ‘Wow, this is really over.’”

Do you wish B&B hadn’t killed-off Aly?  Did you enjoy the performances of Ashlyn Pearce?  Comment below!

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  1. Joel says:

    Her story was the only one I was really enjoying. Such a dumb move to write off Aly just to prop up Steffy. Not too surprising though, Bell’s made many dumb moves over the years.


    Jeff replied

    They should have killed off steffy instead!


    diane replied

    Agree, get rid of steffy now.

  2. aberkeleygal says:

    Final scenes well played by Ashlyn, but wish character would’ve been redeemed. Aly deserved a happy ending.


  3. k/kay says:

    We could have done so much with this character oh well the show is not the same anymore one week later we are having a wedding.


  4. Darren says:

    I loved her as Aly, she grew on me. Terrific actress. Cast her as the new Daisy Carter on The Young and the Restless. Rumors online say Sheila Carter played by Kimberlin Brown will be back for 3 months this fall, on The Young and The Restless. I hope this is true.


    Susan replied

    God her as Daisy Carter would be brilliant!!!


    Chrystie Delancey replied

    Not to mention didn’t Daisy have Daniel’s child?

    Barbara from Atlanta replied

    I LOATHED Daisy.

    That being said, I might watch this actress as Daisy. That would be good casting.

    An alternative: I recast of Summer Newman. The actress currently playing her is beyond bland. I might be interesting to watch an unhinged Summer. This actress certainly could fill the bill.


  5. vinman says:

    I liked the Aly character; she played it so naturally and had a sense of “realism” in her acting.I believe Ashlyn, will go far in TV and in film.☺


    Justin replied

    I agree. I only saw her on the show for a day or so, but my first thought was how great it was to see someone on daytime that good. I am a GH viewer, so it was an accident I saw her at all as I was flipping channels. I didn’t follow the show except to watch her on screen for a couple of days. She reminded me of why I started watching As The World Turns many years ago when Julianne Moore was working with the guy who played Doug Cummings. She will be a star.


  6. richard says:

    I am still in shock they killed another Forrester. Did they learn nothing from the senseless killing of Pheobe Forrester?? Then they kill Thorne’s ONLY child?? Taylor killed his wife, now her daughter kills his!!! I wish Aly couldve gotten a glamourpuss makeover bc the actress is gorgeous and her wholle storyline couldve been better!! She should’ve come on as a savvy shoe designer who had an axe to grind at Forrester bc of the way Thorrne has been treated, then been a direct rival of Steffy’s and a friend to Hope!!! I hope Thorne has some illegitimate kids out there!!!


  7. Adam says:

    Her acting was great, but I was not a fan of the character nor the actress at all. Was glad they got rid of her, maybe it was the material they gave her, but every time it was the same old lines about hope for the future and what the Foster company stood for and all that over and over.

    Just glad they killed it all.


  8. Chrystie Delancey says:

    She is a great little actress and I respect the fact that she is going to acting school to improve upon her craft. That being said, I would LOVE it if Y&R desorased Abby and replaced Melissa Ordway with Ashyln Pearce. I know she could make Abby recognizable and conscionable the way Emme Rylan portrayed her.


  9. JustSaying says:

    I liked the way that they killed her off. They performed the worst CPR on her and I do mean THE WORST CPR. So I wouldn’t be surprise that the police pronounced her dead, when in reality she was just unconscious.

    If it turns out she’s really alive and being held by Eric or even Sheila in a secluded place, I’d burst out laughing. I would probably die of laughter if it was a fake death.

    Here’s hoping for November sweeps.


  10. Aden says:

    They just never learn to stop killing legacy characters and promoting their pets


  11. Grace says:

    I really like Ali, she’s smart, bright and shows lots of maturity for her age. I know she has issues that she needs help with, but to kill her off is just sad.. I really would like to see her shoe line take off; hopefully she is not dead, but unconscious. Let Ali live.. what will Oliver do without her!!


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