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30 February 16th, 2012 ATI “Officially” Passes on Producing This Year’s Daytime Emmy Telecast!


We had already heard that Association Television International would more than likely bowing out of producing this year’s telecast and today it became official.  Jim Romanovich (ATI’s President) took to Twitter to tells fans and the daytime industry why the company decided its time to step away from producing the awards broadcast.

Romanovich tweeted,  “Regretfully, we have today officially passed on doing The Daytime Emmys for television this year. As fans of the soaps in particular, as well as being daytime producers ourselves, we have immensely enjoyed being a part of your celebration these past three years. In 2009, there was not going to be a Daytime Emmys for television, as you know. It was over. we felt it was important for it to continue on television for as long as possible to give actors, producers, writers and so forth the night of recognition they so deserve. It wasn’t always easy. In fact, it was quite challenging on many levels. Although it was never a money making project for us, it was prestigious, first and foremost, plus we wanted to do something important for the daytime community. I would like to think in some small way we have contributed in the interest of the daytime soap formula being created beyond television as we’re now seeing through various online ventures, such as what Prospect Park had tried to do, and series currently thriving on the web.

But now is the time for the next generation of Daytime Emmys that should be more practical in execution.  I would venture a guess that the very thing I had been discussing for several years, the internet, will play heavily into this year’s celebration. As the impact of technology accelerates exponentially year to year, watching a very intimate Daytime Emmys on the internet is where this was ultimately going to be.  With that being said, CBS did want it again as well as two cable networks for second runs.  Creatively this year, we were planning to do a more intimate Golden Globes style production to include a tribute to One Life To Live that really was going to be a souvenir to the daytime fans. Unfortunately, we are in production for two very big series for two different networks which will be announced in the next two weeks.  In addition to these shows, we have another fourteen on the schedule through 2012 that will be taking up much of our focus. But you are a part of what we do and although we are no longer part of the Daytime Emmys, we will always be a part of the soap world and will continue to develop projects that promotes the genre.

We want to thank NATAS and the entire daytime community for giving us this opportunity and we wish all of them the very best. I have no doubt the awards night will be most memorable, especially this year after losing two great shows. You the fans have a lot to look forward to and your shows need you now more than ever. The soap fans are the greatest and we’ll see you again soon.”

In addition,On-Air On-Soaps can tell you that we recently spoke with NATAS to find out the status of this year’s Daytime Emmy ceremonies and several ideas and configurations are being considered including cable outlets, the Internet, and even going back to having it non-televised in a dinner setting. We can tell you that NATAS is seriously looking into making this a proper presentation with a fresh perspective and feel for the daytime industry to celebrates its accomplishments from the past year.

Where and how would you like to see the Daytime Emmys presented this year?  Let us know and we will relate it back to NATAS!

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  1. Jan says:

    So what happens now?


    SiteAdvocate replied

    I second that comment. Will there even be a telecast now?


  2. kathy says:

    it would have been nice at radio city in ny but we all know that is not going to happen just wishful thinking my two favorite soaps gone this year rip


  3. Sparky says:

    A few overly long paragraphs….all for Jim aka Messiah Jim Who Will Save All Soaps to say, “We’ve milked this as much as we can, and now you’re toast.”


    Jenna replied

    Yeah it was long-winded. Cowards.


  4. JC says:

    ATI did a poor job producing these awards anyway. Last years salute to Vegas was a mockery and after seeing that I would rather the awards not be held at all if they were involved again. They should try the more intimate setting and just broadcast it online.


    Elhu replied

    I agree JC, last year’s broadcast was ridiculous. It seemed more like a long advertisement for Las Vegas (way too long at that), than a tribute to Daytime Television. That being said, I would still love to see it on primetime TV – somehow. Wouldn’t be a “small” step in the right direction if ABC would step up to the plate and take it on, I know that will not happen though. If it is not televised, than an online broadcast would be fine. Either way, I just hope we get to see it in some format!!!!


    gloria replied

    Last year’s was the worst I’ve ever seen, just a flat out insult to daytime dramas-so don’t have the Emmys anymore. Who the hell cares? I just want OLTL back yesterday!

  5. Sheryl says:

    I hope anything network will step up and let the fans get what they want to see their favorite soap operas wn the awards they deserve and see their favorite actors and actresses get their awards . It’s not fair to take this away from us.


  6. kari says:

    I would like to see them on tv..for the nielson ratings, however iwould watch them on the web or cable …


  7. Barbara says:

    While the company deserves credit for keeping the Daytime Emmys on television for the past two years, I don’t think they deserve any kudos for the quality of what they presented. The last two ceremonies, which were in Las Vegas and produced by this company, were nothing more than long infomercials for Sin City. We had to suffer through lengthy bits promoting Vegas shows while the actual honorees received little to no time on the air. The shows didn’t even show a clip from the nominated actors.

    Last year’s show was universally panned by critics. This site, in fact, even linked to a scathing review in the Los Angeles Times.

    If the choice is either (a) allowing this company to continue to produce a network televised Daytime Emmy ceremony, filled with long bits with the likes of Donny & Marie and Elvis impersonators while Erika Slezak is not even mentioned; or (b) a small ceremony that is not broadcast but dumps the shilling for irrelevant ventures and honors daytime, I’ll take option “b” everytime.

    I don’t want to sound ungrateful to this company for keeping the show on the air for the past two years or imply that it did not try. (I think they actually did). However, the quality of the show under their helm was so godawful, that I don’t view this news as bad!!!


  8. Sean says:

    I really haven’t been happy with the daytime emmy’s in a few years and now that One Life and AMC are gone, it’s not going to bother me not seeing it. I would have liked to see their One Life tribute but knowing them it would be a minor thing. I still think there should be some sort of an award cermony for the current daytime players because they all deserve emmy’s but i don’t need to sit through a three hour thing that combines daytime awards with junk just to fill time.


  9. toscanti says:

    I would like CBS to continue with the plan to televise, the last 3 years the emmys have been poorly produced at best. Someone should pick up the project and pay tribute to this genre in the respectable fashion it deserves. What else must we boycott to get the message accross to these idiots? just sayin!!!!!!


    Scott replied

    CBS hasn’t produced the last three, only the last two. They should go back to The CW or NBC.


    toscanti replied


  10. jw79bull says:

    I say Let BET produce the show!


    Scott replied

    Aha. That’d be horrific and rigged.


    toscanti replied

    It would certainly be more entertaining, because they know how to throw a party!!!!


    jw79bull replied

    Hey BET is better than not having a show at all..

  11. Scott says:

    Three paragraphs to basically say “Yeah. We didn’t wanna do it anymore. Bye.”

    I still want them televised. Only award show I watch. I want nomination clips back, though!!!


  12. david says:

    If the Daytime Emmys will not be broadcast either on television or the internet, then OLTL is sure to cleanup and none of us will get to enjoy it. Come on, it has to be broadcast by someone, even if it is only on the internet. ANYTHING can be broadcast or recorded for the internet these days. Everyone from OLTL and AMC deserves one last Emmy broadcast (then it won’t happen for sure). Besides, they have Emmys for talk shows and all of the other crap on daytime so networks will want publicity for their shows.

    I can’t believe OLTL has been gone for 5 weeks! I can’t believe I miss it so much. It’s so weird that life doesn’t seem right without it. Nothing else makes up for it. I can’t get into the other soaps, and I will not watch Revenge. Everything else seems so boring in comparison.


  13. ethel says:

    i seriously doubt if there will be a daytime emmy show this year…….


  14. Iakovos says:

    I appreciate that ATI saved the Daytime Emmys but the show itself was the result of a Faustian deal that gave us something no one wanted in the end, save the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau!

    There is a place for a quality awards ceremony and program. Daytime is important to the webs — even if ABC sees it from a different angle — and I would think some broadcast or cable entity would embrace this awards program. We just may have to enjoy them online.


  15. cathy trinque says:

    Frons must have had his hand in this. I used to think Frons was the fall guy.
    But I think he pitched the idea to TPTB to cancel anything soap related!!!!


    sonjawitthaus replied

    I would love it if CBS would air the show.


  16. barbara t says:

    last years emmys was a three ring circus ,it was the worst of all the daytime emmys that I watched ,also they spent to much time on b&b and Y&r,and the other soaps didnt matter,and being a abc soap fan I did not like what I saw ,I believe all the soaps should get equal time ,and not the 2 that are on that network CBS that was airing the show,and those las vegas numbers ,what an insult to the soap fans ,the whole thing was stupid,cheep,and who ever is in charge this year I hope they bring some class to the emmys ,thats if anyone will even take it for us to view,I know that if the soaps go ,theres no need to watch it anymore,but the rest of the show goes to thoses dumb talk shows ,and I cant put up with that ,who cares what host gets awarded with the ,who is the biggest blabber mouth of them all.If the soaps are gone ,you have to wonder who will tune in to see it,I wont.who wants to see katie couric get an undeserved emmy.they use to be fun to watch ,you kept your fingers crossed and hoped your soap would its two hours filled with crap.and another thing ,I didnt like the way the emmys ignored all my children and one life to live .they were least I think they were.and if one life to live doesnt win any awards for the writing, the cast ,the best soap ,maybe its fixed .or the people who vote dont really watch any of the soaps.It will be interesting to see what will happen ,if we get to see it.


  17. Mary H says:

    The actors and actress deserve to have this award show they work just as hard or if not harder than the actors that are in prime time. I hope we get to see the Daytime Emmy’s .


  18. Jennifer says:

    The past three years have gone from bad to worse so, no great loss in my opinion. I hope someone who will show the industry true respect will step up.


  19. kay killgore says:

    Soap Fans if you want to see want the Daytime Emmys use to be google Victoria Wyndham and watch her daytime tribute to the late Douglas Watson that is what the soaps use to be about and this Lady deserved an emmy!!!


  20. Charlie says:

    Given the demise of two, no three soaps, ATWT,AMC,OLTL, it is only smart to consider,whatever type of honoring program, to take a look at producing it in a new format. Daytime, or Soaps, as we know are dying, because they don’t make money anymore, and they cost too much, to produce, and the networks have run scared, a abandoned the talented actors in this profession. This is probably, perhaps the last opportunity to honor these shows, someone should be brave enough to put their money where their mouth is and pay for it The Golden Globes Dinner format sounds good, and it can be tape delayed, or shown only on the internet, or a cable, or even pay per view, I would shell out fifty bucks to watch the telecast live or tape delayed.


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