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0 August 9th, 2009 “ATWT” awarded AFTRA award of excellence for the NUKE storyline!

jake-van.jpgAs the World Turns was awarded along with seven other receipients the AFTRA 2009 American Scene Award in Chicago on Friday at the union’s national convention.

The American Scene Awards are a national competition that recognize excellence in the employment and portrayl of women, ethnic minorities, seniors, people with disabilities, ad the LGBT community in a positive, balanced and realistic manner.

“ATWT” received the Daytime Drama Award for its depiction of many social and cultural issues throughout its 53 years on television.  In the face of potential cristicism, “ATWT” became the first daytime drama to include a gay couple as part of their ongoing storyline by exploring the growing relationship between gay Oakdale teenagers, Luke and Noah. Handling their love story like others in soap opera, the couple is open and proud of their relationship and speak up for gay rights and other issues.  Recording artist Cyndi Lauper was featured as part of daytime’s first Gay Pride celebration.

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