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7 September 1st, 2010 ATWT Commemorative Issue: SOD & SOW Editors share their thoughts with On-Air On-Soaps!

Any fan of soap opera needs to go out and get this week the As the World Turns Commemorative Issue on newstands now from the publishers and editors  of Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly.  This collectors issue really gives you something historic! And, now you  can take a piece of Oakdale with you, forever.  We think it also helps us prepare to say goodbye on September 17th to the 54-year-old legendary soap!

On-Air On-Soaps caught up today with the key editors of this issue;  Lynn Leahey, Maja Bhattacharjee, and Danielle McClure, and asked them their thoughts on ATWT favorite moments, characters, and to share their feelings at losing another one of the classic soaps of the genre, and the importance of this one of a kind issue.

First, Lynn Leahey, Editorial Director, Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly: “I’ve been watching As the World Turns since my childhood, so the photos and stories in this special issue brought back so many memories for me!  One scene I remember vividly was small, but rich with symbolism. Kim, struggling with the fact that Bob had had an affair with Susan, was inconsolable after she dropped her wedding ring down the sink. Her grief mixed with despair, then hope when Bob retrieved it for her. It was an ordinary situation, but so packed with emotion.”

Then, Mala Bhattacharjee, News Editor, Soap Opera Weekly shared with us her sentiments: “Of course the loss of another soap is absolutely devastating to me — not just as someone in the industry, but as a lifelong soap viewer. I feel like we just said goodbye to Guiding Light, and it’s far, far too soon to have to endure this process again. I’m basically gearing up to go through several boxes of tissues these next few weeks.  Over the years, it was pairs like Carly and Jack, Dusty and Lucy and Simon and Katie that really drew me in, and then I grew to love all of Oakdale’s residents. I’m not remotely exaggerating when I say that Don Hastings’ Dr. Bob is one of my favorite characters on daytime. To me, Bob and Kim are the kind of duo that you want your favorite fledgling pairings to aspire to be.  In terms of storylines, Luke’s coming out story will always be memorable and significant. I think many of us have gone with him on this journey, walked in his shoes, and shared his joys and his sorrows. I’m going to miss seeing the rest of his milestones! I absolutely loved the entire arc of Simon and Katie’s relationship. Don’t get me started, because I could regale you with dozens of favorite moments! Being able to look back at stories like Lily’s parentage reveal and Margo’s rape has also been an incredible experience. Soaps have this amazing ability to balance darkness and light, education and entertainment, and I love that visits to Oakdale can give you whacky things like the aging spa…and then also handle serious stories like Barbara’s battle with oral cancer. At the end of the day, at the end of the World, I’m really just in it to watch all of these wonderful characters live their lives.”

Danielle McClure, Associate Editor,  Soap Opera Digest offered up the following: “After saying good-bye to Guiding Light last year, having to go through another daytime loss is surreal! To say that it’s the end of an era sounds so cliché but there’s truly no other way to describe it. It’s sad and I hope that our special tribute issue will give fans at least a little solace. It really is the ultimate keepsake and as I’m sure has been said, a true labor of love. What I think is so great is that it’s full of incredible golden nuggets of ATWT history.  It’s everything we love about Oakdale.  Trust me when I say that you will both laugh and cry when you read it. My favorite moments from the covering the show and putting together the  tribute issue was talking to the veterans— Don Hastings, Colleen Zenk and Marie Masters— about the very early years, crazy location shoots,  filming the show live and all the insanity that goes along with that! I thought I’d already heard all the stories about Irna Phillips but I was so wrong! Being there for the last cast photo shoot was also bittersweet and so emotional!   These truly are interviews and stories you won’t find anywhere else.  Henry’s one of favorite characters because he’s so unconventional and I love that ATWT doesn’t shy away from playing up the comedic talents of the cast. And Bob and Kim, my favorite Oakdale couple,  will definitely be missed. How can you not love those two? I’m so thrilled that the show is giving them the attention they deserve as the show goes out.”

So what are you favorite moments, storyline, and actors from the history of ATWT?  How are you getting ready to deal with the final farewell? Let us know.

  1. Helen Zeller says:

    I am so upset with CBS not wanting us 2 million plus viewers. I keep hopes that someone will realize this was wrong and give it a home on another network.. instant 2 million viewers.. surely a good start…or if not a soap., maybe a weekly show and bring the charcters through that … We lost GL and now ATWT… I dont watch the game show that replaced GL and not interested in the “talk” show replacing ATWT. CBS you lost ONE viewer, we’ll see if that matters. … Jay Leno got to come back to his normal time slot… maybe CBS will figure it out too. NY is a great place and so many of the actors and staff already there… but if cost too much for NY, I wish they would have tried to relocate everyone. It started in Chicago… was that even considered? I’m going to just keep watching for “breaking news”… Soap brought back by popular demand.


  2. Martha Magoon says:

    I am unable to find the As The World Turns Tribute issue on any bookstand, drug store, book store. No one has heard about it in any place I’ve looked. I had a tip that Walmart might carry it, but they did not have it either.

    I would really like to have a copy of the tribute. I live in Vermont and I am wondering if perhaps the magazine was not delivered to this area.

    Heartbroken in Vermont. I have watched the show since Day 1. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can buy a copy?

    Thank you.


  3. Mary Warren says:

    My mother and I cannot find this tribute issue anywhere !!! Is it available all around the country or just in certain locations? My mother lives in Missouri and I live in TX.

    Thank you


  4. Terri Koppern says:

    I would like to find a copy of the ATWT Tribute as well, but have the same issue. There are no stores including Barnes and Noble here that have the magazine. I have found it on one location online but in auction and I would like to get it at a news stand. I live in Arizona and I don’t know where to go to get it if it has been published. I have also tried searching for it to order it directly from the publisher, but no luck finding it there either. The show really had no reason in my opinion to be canceled and I believe it should be resurrected and put back where it belongs. Why would you cancel a show just to replace it with something that already has a time slot? The game show is now doubled up for one day and it makes no sense! BRING BACK ATWT!!!!!!


    Britt replied

    Were did you find it online? I live in The Netherlands and unfortunately it was never for sale on stores here. And I can’t even find it online in an auction either. please if you read this, would you help me?


  5. kim says:

    Does anyone know where I can find this tribute issue?


  6. Maja Testani says:

    I was so disappointed that they were cancelling ATWT….I remember all the episodes, well not the early ones in the 50′s but remember when Betsy was there Franny etc.etc. the Andropolous story line, Grimaldi, Stenbecks (Gunner)….if the story was ending they should have incorporated everyone to comeback….an Oakdale reunion….I know there is tribute magazine, but this soap definately deserves a Commemorative Book….as does GL… two favourite soaps…..all I have left is B&B…..hope that won’t be cancelled……i watched all these soaps when I was little…along with Dark Shadows (original)….I’m 45 years old, so you know how long I’ve watched these soaps…..I too had hoped that there would be a change of mind and the show wouldn’t be cancelled… would have been nice to see Jack/Carly’s baby……so please make your fans happy and print a commemorative book…..thanks for the great episodes….Maja


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