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20 June 23rd, 2010 ATWT films it’s final episode and its a sad day in Brooklyn :(

Today the “World” stop turning for the current cast of As the World Turns when it taped its 13,858th and final episode at its Brooklyn studios, ending its storied run on CBS. was issued a statement today from Brian T. Cahill, senior VP and managing director of TeleNext Media, Inc.  “We have aggressively pursued network and cable outlets as well as syndication options, and have explored many innovative formats and relationships that we hoped would ultimately enable the future success of As The World Turns.  Regrettably, we have not found an outlet or platform that will carry the show forward. This is an extremely disappointing outcome to what was a tireless and exhaustive pursuit.

While we are sad to see As The World Turns come to an end, we remain proud of the achievements the show has made over the last 54 years and are extremely grateful to the loyal fans who invited us into their homes every day.  There is still much in store for the show’s well-loved characters throughout the summer, and although the show will go off the air in September, the remaining stories will honor the remarkable history of As The World Turns.”

Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara) had been tweeting throughout the final days, and here were some of her thought which told the story for how her and many of her co-stars felt.  “Just read the last script. So beautiful. How can we get through it? A puddle of tears.”  “Here I go… One last day of love & angst in Oakdale, Illinois…my last day of Barbara…Barbara’s set is only a memory…Almost gone… Two more scenes as Babs… The walls are bare. The drawers are empty. It’s a wrap……ATWT…..xoxoxoxoxox”

Well soapers, can’t believe the final tape date has already happened.   I know many of you are very disheartened, as is On-Air On-Soaps.

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  1. SLN says:



  2. bottomchef says:

    Only Luke appears in the ATWT finale. There’s a list of all the actors that appear in the ATWT finale. Only van hansis is a part of the list, so the finale of ATWT will most likely not feature a “happy ending” for any coupling for Luke.


    thesaneone replied

    Where is can we see this list….


    bottomchef replied

    Lesli Kay’s Molly not being in ATWT’s finale is worse than any of the Luke pairings not being there.

    Here are all the characters in the finale:

    Bob Hughes, Kim Hughes, Chris Hughes, Margo Hughes, Tom Hughes, Casey Hughes, Katie Peretti, Lisa Grimaldi, John Dixon, Jack Snyder, Carly Tenney, Sage Snyder, Parker Snyder, Rosanna Cabot, Craig Montgomery, Paul Ryan, Emily Stewart, Eliza Ryan, Barbara Ryan, Henry Coleman, Susan Stewart, Alison Stewart, Holden Snyder, Lily Snyder, Natalie Snyder, Luke Snyder, Faith Snyder, Ethan Snyder, Lucinda Walsh, Johnny Donovan, Dusty Donovan, Janet Ciccone, and Lorenzo (Janet’s son)

    No happy ending for Luke.

  3. AMANDA says:

    I am very sad to see this soap end. I have been a faithful viewer since I was in college many years ago. I will miss the stories and characters of Oakdale immensely.

    I feel that CBS has made a mistake in canceling this soap. The decison in my opinion was done in haste, because of the economy, which does not justify canceling a soap of sixty (60) plus years on the air. The economy will improve in due time, but we will never retrieve the enjoyment this soap has given to many long-term viewers.

    Best wishes to all of the producers, writers and actors, who have entertained us for a tremendous amount of years.

    Thank you,


  4. Rob says:

    RIP ATWT!!

    So sad,. P&G killed another one!


  5. semaj says:

    im going to miss atwt so much the couple i want together in the end is dusty and janet because they have amazing chemistry and they belong together. dusty and janet endgame


  6. silvana says:

    I hope that Luke & Noah have a happy ending togheter.
    They deserve fair fans and we love and also deserve to NUKE.
    I sincerely hope the writers do not disappoint us.


  7. Cathy28 says:

    I hope we have a very good ending for all the couples.I for one wish luke and reid end up together they make such a wonderful couple.


  8. Michael Bird says:

    I’ve watched this show most of my life (36 years) … it’s like losing a member of the family, and I can’t really imagine how the veterans of the show must feel, losing the jobs they’ve held for so long.

    It’s the end of the Procter & Gamble, New-York-produced soap opera that has served as the template all through the years. We are down to one show with Irna Phillips’ influence …

    Somehow, I was hoping that ATWT could somehow tip their hat to those P&G shows that have gone before. Dr. Bob Hughes, as he retires from the hospital: “I’d like to recognize those of you who traveled long distances to Oakdale Memorial today … some from Henderson, or Monticello … many from Bay City and Springfield …”

    ATWT had a lot of living to do, and it’s a shame the show has been so interesting the past few months. The Reid/Luke/Noah story is interesting, and the complications of Craig/Carly/Jack/Janet/Dusty, etc. have been compelling. I think the story I am enjoying the most, however, has been Henry’s relationship with Barbara. We have never really seen her happy as herself … the disco dance contest episode was an all-time favorite and I will never forget the fun of seeing those two together, no matter how the endgame plays out!


  9. thesaneone says:

    I am holding out hope that Luke and Noah will end up together…NUKE to the End!


  10. Tanya says:

    I am really upset the show is ending,although their are many storylines on right now that i am not enjoying one of the shows popular pairing has blown new life in the show just as it is ending.I am talking about LUke and Reid one of the hottest new couples on the show in years,Van’s character has totally grown in this mature romantic pairing and Eric is one of the best new actors to join the show in years!! I have no doubt if the show was not ending that LUke and Reid would be the best couple on the show.I really hope they end up together in the end.I am not worried that Reid is not listed in the finale as long as they end up together.I personally think the finale show should be the cast members aka the families of Oakdale The Hughes,Stewarts,Snyders and Stewarts all thinking of the past 50 years in Oakdale that would be a great ending to this longtime soap.


  11. BrockLong says:

    The TeleNext executive mentions a “tireless and exhaustive pursuit” made by the company to find another broadcaster for the show. What exactly did the company do to try to find another outlet? I haven’t heard ANY rumor that TeleNext did ANYTHING to try to keep this show on the air. Am I right to question the genuineness of the statement or have I missed something????


  12. ROCKY says:

    TELENEXT didn’t do jack! It is the same spin they use for GL cancellation! Shame on CBS and Telenext!


  13. thesaneone says:

    To my NUKE friends, we will soon see what the writer did with Luke’s story line. The fact the Noah and Reid are not in the last episode, could leand to many possibilties. I for one am hoping the writers stayed true to their original vision and the hearts of true NUKE fans. The die is cast, we have fought a good fight, now it remains to be seen as we all watch the last episodes and say goodbye to Oakdale…NUKE forever!


  14. silvana says:

    I hope Luke & Noah have a happy ending together.
    Nuke deserve.
    We loyal fans deserve.
    We love our boys(Jake & Van).


  15. Michelle says:

    I hope Luke and Reid end up together. They are the best new pairing on the show. LuRe forever!


  16. silvana says:

    LUKE & NOAH FOREVER !!!!!!
    NUKE ALWAYS !!!!!!


  17. wendy says:

    I can’ believe cbs would cut As the world turns. I’ve watched this show with my grandma, and my mom all of my life (33 years) and still do. This is so sad, i do not watch any other soap, and dont plan to. As a matter of fact i am so angry i dont plan to watch cbs at all! I feel like im losing part of my family. good luck to the wonderful cast of As the world turns.


  18. Dee says:

    I have been a fan ATWT since 1958 when I had my first little girl. It was a topic of conversation in our neighborhood. Many sad things and good things to look forward to in our everday world. Very sad and I will miss all the people that were almost family. Good luck to the cast. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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