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2 July 9th, 2010 ATWT Final Curtain in Time Magazine and photo gallery online!

Photo Credit: Michael Kirby Smith/TIME

In  the July 19, 2010 issue of TIME, the legendary magazine publication has a feature story on the end of As the World Turns and it’s final tape day. It is n newsstands now. TIME also posted a spectacular photo gallery online from their visit to Brooklyn a few weeks ago, as the cast and crew got ready to somehow say goodbye to their beloved home.

On September 17th, 2010, the final episode of As the World Turns will air.  In the meantime soapers, make sure to check out these fantastic photos by Michael Kirby Smith,  which says it all.

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  1. semaj says:

    im going to miss atwt


  2. Val says:

    I’m going to miss Luke Snyder on my TV every day. Such a wonderful character portrayed by the most talented actor ever!


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