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8 September 18th, 2010 ATWT Scenes that never made it into the finale!- Watch the Video

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Yesterday, the final episode of As the World Turns aired, and apparently some of the footage shot for the finale, ended up on the cutting room floor!  So put together a little ditty of those scenes involving;  Craig and Rosanna ( We were wondering if they were going to get back together lickety-split at the end, like so many other couples), plus some moments between Parker and Faith. And one scene that did particularly make sense, where Carly and Jack realize Parker is falling for Faith, and can’t help himself much like Jack did with Carly!  Plus, some more Lily and Holden moments are in the ATWT Finale Extras.

Check the video out after the jump! 

Should these scenes have made into the finale?  Or, did the show make the right decision?

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  1. B.J. Reese says:

    I would love to have seen the Craig scenes with Rosanna and Lily in the finale, so I could have saved them.


  2. Michela says:

    First right decision in a series of abysmally wrong ones!


  3. semaj says:

    they should have added more dusty and janet scenes with baby lorenzo


  4. Rodd says:

    I would have liked to have seen Craig, Rosanna, Parker and Faith in the final show so I knew what happened to them. Parker & Faith’s story was not furthered (thought it was cute to have Jack & Carly see themselves in them), but Craig & Rosanna’s story add a whole new layer in these scenes. Maybe they could have shortened them to fit them in. The network should have given the show more time and less commercials one its final broadcast. The last two weeks were way too rushed. Thanks for sharing these scenes! Loved seeing them.


    krktoday replied

    I like this ending much better. I felt Parker should have been on the last show. They could have skipped the Reid death scenes and done more with the cast. I didn’t feel there was any positive reason for Reid to die.


  5. Marloes says:

    No way!! I can’t watc this in my ‘georaphic region’
    Does anyone know if I can see this somewhere else?


    rebecca replied

    You can watch on


  6. Ben says:

    Yes, Craig and Rosanna’s scenes should have been included in the series finale. They reunited, and Ro becomes Johnny’s surrogate mother. Many of their fans–including me—got what they were hoping for these two–even if it happened in the deleted scenes.


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