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10 September 9th, 2010 ATWT Series Finale Promo! – Watch it below!

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Grab your hankies, or grab those bottles you want to throw at the T.V.  Whatever your thoughts are; sadness, frustration, love, many have the impossible task of saying goodbye next week to the beloved 54-year-old-soap, As the World Turns. CBS Daytime has released the final series promo.

You can watch it after the jump, and let us know what your thoughts are now after seeing this ATWT final week promo.  Who will you miss the most in Oakdale?

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  1. zoe says:

    I started watching ATWT a few years ago after learning that Julie Pinson had joined the show. In the meantime, I have fallen headfirst in love with every single character on ATWT, with Barbara, Paul and Carly among my personal favorites !! Although I dread the upcoming farewell next week, I find comfort in knowing that I have several decades of ATWT episodes to catch up on….


  2. s. bravin says:

    its been a little disappointing that they have focused on Chris and Katie so much this last month – they pushed the relationship on us so fast – wanted to see more of Jack, Carly, and the others.


  3. Phyllis says:

    Who will I miss the most in Oakdale? The three characters who’ve brought charm, beauty, humor and intelligence to World Turns: Barbara, Nancy and Kim. Their magnificence will be missed by millions.


  4. Brian says:

    I’ll miss the collective ensemble of the Hughes Family (including Eileen Fulton’s Lisa, of course)! From the beginning, the Hugheses were the premiere family of ATWT!


  5. amina says:

    I tell you, I had no idea the power of a 20 second clip until now….wow. I’ll definitely have to muster up some serious strength by the time the FINALE airs. The characters I will miss wholeheartedly are Barbara, Lucinda and Carly……oh, and of course, James!!!


  6. semaj says:

    going miss dusty and janet scenes love dusty and janet holding baby lorenzo in the promo


  7. mmc says:

    As a long time viewer oof ATWT( I was 13 in 1956)and I watched it whenever I could but of course life happens and i would always catch up.From day one there were so many good story lines, a few not so good, but the show sooner or later went back to it’s core values and decency.As the time is coming fot The World to Stop Turning i’m sad …it truly is like losing an old friend.To all the old veterans , I love each and every one of you and thank you for some of the greatest acting ever.The one good thing the writers and producer did was to bring back the incredible john dixon, if only for a little while.But i’m sad because TPTB shot one of the most wonderful love stories in the heart…that of Luke and Reid.So not only am i sad that ATWT will be no more, but they didn’t give Ruke and reid a Happily Ever After too!


    mmc replied

    I meant to write luke not Ruke but it’s hard to see through tears!


  8. Val says:

    The character I’ll miss the most is Luke. Luke has been a big part of my life during those five years Van Hansis played him.


  9. Meg says:

    Honestly the rush with Katie & Chris I get, they could have brought Chris bad sooner but than you have Katie there not ready to move on from Brad. And while Simon was kind of the rebound guy post her lost given the amount of time left with the shows ending coming they only had six months to work with were Katie & Chris’s romance storyline was concerned. And given the slight more than the last yr writers have given Katie, she as much as Jack & Carly deserves a happy ending. However that finale promo looking interesting. It seems to suggest that Chris is out of the hospital and back to work, post his heart transplant. Despite Reid death I think Luke & Noah could have been given a better finale scene together a better sense that in time they be a couple again that was left was to open to know what writers meant. While we see Luke tomorrow Noah’s finale scenes where today. Dusty & Janet honestly I could have done with out the two of them getting thrown in my face on screen most of this last week, and while we get an over load of Carly & Jack which I kind of get, wedding and all, the writer should have fit more characters into this finale week of the show Luke only on two days, Katie & Chris have been MIA till the finale episode period, and honestly this week its been basically the Carly/Jack Janet/Dusty show this finale week which isn’t to fair to viewer either…. ATWT has some many character and much more of a narrow focus in four out of the five finale episodes. At least with Chris’s heart transplant storyline that feed in huge numbers of cast, Katie, the hughes family , other members of the hospital staff return of former character John Dixon. They didn’t exclude 90% of the cast over four days of the episode like this week


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