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9 May 14th, 2010 ATWT’s Colleen Zenk Pinter & Mark Pinter call it “quits”!

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In today’s TV Guide Canada, Suds Report, Nelson Branco reports some sad news. Long time real-life hubby and wife, ATWT’s Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara) and soap vet, Mark Pinter are calling it quits.  Zenk Pinter  told Suds, “ I filed for dissolution of marriage of her husband for 23 years on the grounds of infidelity and abandonment.”

Geez!  Even the most long-running entertainment couples are now having trouble keeping their marriages from falling apart!

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  1. cheryl says:

    I am so saddened by the dissolution of Colleen & Mark’s marriage. Colleen has been through so much with her cancer ordeal and now this horrible shock. I love you Colleen… you are one brave lady and God be with you through the days ahead. I love ATWT and I am going to miss it terribly when it goes off the air. You are the most beautiful actress I have ever seen on any soap. I pray all good things for you. Cheryl


  2. Houston Gal says:

    I have enjoyed watching Colleen on ATWT for years. She is beautiful. I remember when Mark was on the show, I could tell when they fell in love then married. I am so sad to hear this news about the trouble. I pray that they can possibly work through, and if not hope that they have peace and happiness.


  3. DB says:

    “Long-running”?? Do you even know who the mother of Mark’s children is? It isn’t Colleen. This is not a “long-running” person.


  4. Darren Buskirk says:

    I miss ATWT verry much and I personally think that Collen Zenk Pinter was best! And I hope that she can get on another soap opera or t.v show!


  5. caryn says:

    I am shocked and saddened about the news of your break up. I have met both of you several times and never thought that I would read about the dissolution of your marriage. You are fortunate to have caught and treated your oral cancer. You are a very strong woman.


  6. janice says:

    Don’t feel sorry for Colleen. She will step on you to get to the top. Beware, she has ALMOST everyone fooled. Adulter and wicked person. Don’t be fooled. She is not a victim, just another role she has assumed.


    jen replied

    It really is not fair we are only hearing her side. Has he said anything about what happened?


  7. 422Petra says:

    There are 2 people in a relationship & i’m sure he is not all at fault.At least he is being a gentelman & not talking about it.Good luck to you Mr. Pinter.


  8. Jason M. says:

    As a BIG fan of theirs, I am shocked and saddened by their decision to end their marriage. I always thought that they had such a strong and happy marriage. With relationships these days, YA’ just never know!!!


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