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1 June 19th, 2010 ATWT’s Evan Alex Cole auditions for role on One Life. Could it be…?

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The stars and fans are out tweeting away this weekend, and now word comes via As the World Turns, Hunter, Evan Alex Cole that he was at One Life to Live studios auditioning, yesterday,  for the role of a young man, male (18-24; Caucasian) – TJ.  The breakdown apparently was for this description: ” Sexy, handsome and edgy. TJ is silent, mysterious and brooding. He’s the kind of boy that all the girls want to “save” and their parents want to keep away,” and it is said to be a contract role.

Evan tweeted this bit of info: ”going in for a contract role on One Life to Live today. what we think? ” Last night On-Air On-Soaps also brought you the news that Brandon Buddy (Cole) tweeted the news that he decided to not resign with the show.   So, is this a case of a replacement casting for the role of Cole, Or someone else on the Llanview canvas? Or, is it truly a new character coming to town?

Many times in acting casting breakdown’s the soaps do not use the official name of the characters, as to not divulge, or to tip storyline or recasts.    Stay tuned.

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  1. Dean says:

    I hope he gets the role! He would be great on OLTL!


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