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2 July 13th, 2010 ATWT’s Marie Wilson joins the cast of The Bay!

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As the World Turn’s Marie Wilson (Meg Snyder) is on her way to the new web soap THE BAY. Wilson joins the cast of Gregori J. Martin’s series in the role of Isabella Ahmed, an Egyptian woman with a sordid past.

Isabella is the daughter of Captain Issa Ahmed, played by Charles Shaughnessy. Wilson begins taping her first scenes of THE BAY at the end of July/beginning of August. Welcome aboard Marie to the world of the next wave of soaps on the web.

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  1. Jennifer Nicole Kayla Sheaffer says:

    Much love to a wonderful actress and person we all love and remember from PC as Karen2 and ATWT as Meg2….This is her first time originating a roile and she will not have to commute and be away from her sweet daughter!YEA!

    I cried for her as she ended her time on ATWT for she played Meg often as a broken soul trying to fly with wounded wings….very true as Meg waved goodbye to Oakdale and to a role she played with all her heart! She will always be a PCer and a Snyder to me! On to The Bay!!!


    Tina replied

    Love Marie Wilson! So very excited to be able to enjoy her again as part of THE BAY! She is fantastic in anything she takes on! “Claire Andrews” sounds like a new character we will want more and more of. Just heard Joe Lando is joining THE BAY this winter. Would love to see Marie Wilson work with this old fave of mine.

    Missing her “Meg” and anticipating her role this Fall! And also ‘WORKSHOP” Season 2 that she’ll star in too.


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