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7 September 4th, 2010 ATWT’s Reid’s “Black Friday” brings another $3,000 to charity!

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In an unprecedented show of support, love, and grief, fans of As the World Turns, Eric Sheffer-Stevens (Dr. Reid Oliver),  donated another $3,000 to the efforts of the fan base for the non-profit organization, Doctors without Borders. DWB is a charity that delivers aid to people affected by armed combat, epidemics and natural disasters, internationally.

As legions of Sheffer-Stevens fans watched as Reid was going to be crushed by an oncoming train, (while his car was stalled on a railroad track, and unable to free himself when his seat belts apparently malfunctioned)  the giving to the charity was overwhelming.  

The group is now at $11,500, and they are very close to their goal of $15,000.  Now that’s a way to honor your favorite actor and soap character! More on this Tuesday, when the fallout of Reid’s catastrophic accident plays out.

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  1. Michael says:

    This is really cool that people are donating money to DWB. What a great testament to Eric Sheffer-Stevens’ work as the lovable curmudgeon Dr. Reid Oliver.


  2. Teri says:

    All the anger, frustration and sadness is tempered by watching that number continue to climb.


  3. Karen (limeybird2) says:

    The worse it has been for our lovable Dr. the higher the numbers have climbed. As of Sunday Sept. 5th we’ve raised $11,790.
    thank you all who’ve contributed to this worthy cause.


  4. Vicky says:

    Through his role as Dr. Oliver, Eric has touched countless lives in a positive way. It is so awesome that fans are choosing to honor him and show their appreciation in such a meaningful way. Bravo to all for getting behind such a worthwhile effort!


  5. mmc says:

    I am so saddened and disgusted by the writers killing off one of the best characters they have had in years.I have been a fan of this show since 1956 when i was 13 years old.To see it end is sad but to see Reids life end when he and Luke each became better for loving each other is tragic.Luke became stronger and Reid became tender and also showed gay men in such a good light and it’s about time! The writers are making everyone live happily ever after except Reid and Luke .Stupid, stupid, stupid!! And do you really think Katie will ever be really happy when Chris holds her and she hears her friend Reids heart beating in chris’ chest??my 9 year old Granddaughter coul d have written a better ending.i’m so sick of crying and i haven’t even seen Reid die.I only hope Eric and Van win an award….they are wonderful and I’m sad and so angry!!!!


  6. Rob says:

    This is a prime reason the show got the ax!!

    Like Guiding Light, TPTB are not listening to what the fans want. We want the veterans but we have to watch characters that mean nothing to us for weeks up to the conclusion.

    They should have wrapped up Janets story by now as well as a few others. The last few weeks should be about the core characters and families.

    Its a shame, they had the chance to go out in style yet they chose to kill off the most popular character they have had in years.

    Like Guiding Light, ATWT is going out with a wimper.


  7. Nicky says:

    Eric is a great actor and an amazing human being to take advantage of his popularity for such a great cause. Eric and Van, both great actors ,were terrific together in ATWT and it’s a shame to have such a bad ending to such a beautiful, amazing and tender love story. The writers of the show left us with sadness and a bittersweet taste our mouth. Yes, Reid became a real hero to everyone, but we lost him. Reid was the best charachter in the show, and killing him at the end was cruel to Luke and to all of us.Many of us fell in love with Luke and Reid. In my mind Reid would have become the real love of Luke’s life, and Luke for sure would have become Reid’s love of his life. They had all the ingredients for very long lasting, loving relationship. although, it’s wonderful for Reid to donate his heart to Chris, It would have been a better ending if Chris would have got another heart without killing Reid. I wish Luke and Reid had a happy ending just like all the heterosexual couples in the show. It’s not a great message CBS is leaving us with: bad ending for a gay couple.There is a lot of heartbreak in this world, so why the writers coudn’t give us a great ending with Luke and Reid, to give hope to straight and gay people that love wins inspite of everything. I wish all the best success for Eric and Van and wish that in the future they’ll play together in a movie to light up the screen again with their amazing chemistry.


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