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13 April 22nd, 2010 ATWT’s Van Hansis reveals he is cast in upcoming Horror Flick!

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Van Hansis caught up with We Love Soaps at the Nuke-a-Paloooza Event and revealed that he is working on a new project which is quite the departure from Oakdale’s, Luke Snyder.  Van is working on a horror film called, Occupant! The actor who has been one of As the World Turns most popular characters also chatted about life Post-Oakdale.

Hansis on his upcoming motion picture project: “It’s a horror film in the vein of [Roman] Polanski, that is, it’s a psychological thriller. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a big departure from Luke.  The character is nothing like Luke at all. I’m excited to try something new and I’ve never done a film before. We’re in pre-production now, and the whole process that comes into play is so excited.”

Hansis on life After the World stops turning: “I’m excited about the future.  Especially since they gave us six months notice. They gave us time to make peace with the ending.  I’m very much looking forward to what is next in my life.”

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Poor van hansis, he never won a Daytime Emmy despite all the media hype surrounding him. And now he’s not even pre nominated. Oh well, always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he ends up on B&B as a Thomas recast, especially after he double dissed either Ronn Moss or Kyle Lowder by saying he doesn’t know their names (diss number 1) but he’d like to meet one of them bec of their acting clips on the Soup (diss number 2)! Hansis has always come forth as a diva, especially when he’d always look glum and unhappy when he’d lose at the Emmys or when he’d announce that Tom Pelphrey was a nominee. Geez Hansis, can’t you act happy? You are after all an actor.


    mmc replied

    Are you looking at the same Van Hansis that i am?He is not only a terrific young man but he’s a lovely person in general.And yes, he deserved to win an emmy…his acting is so real you forget you’re watching a character on screen!As a longtime fan of Van and AtWt, i hope he submits a reel for his acting these last months.A diva?, no way.And FYI he’s always so nice to his fans.I think the little green monster is gnawing away at you.!!!! I love Van and apparently you don’t!!!!!


  2. Craig says:

    I haven’t called the number yet not sure what it is, but I’m calling in demanding a decent ending.

    Procter & Gamble Prod.
    1268 East 14 Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11203
    Ex Producer: Christopher Goutman
    718 780 6402


    mmc replied

    Isn’t it sad we never got a decent ending?I’ll mourn the story of Luke and Reid and the horrible ending for them for the rest of my life.I wrote TPTB many times .needless to say it did no good!


  3. jane says:

    stop trolling, bottomchef


  4. bottomchef says:

    Wow, that was a century ago, so thanks for obsessively referring to it. LOL!

    BTW I have written abt other soaps: B&B, Y&R, OLTL specifically.

    And I write abt primetime shows like DH, Modern Family and Project Runway.

    Everyone does say that the nuke fans are the most psychotic, rabid and delusional that they can’t take any criticism of either or both actors.

    Seriously, if you can’t take criticism of your fave actors, you need to thicken your skin.


  5. jane says:

    It was half a century ago, but you’re still using the same old tired argument?


  6. LI says:

    I’m so in love with VAN HANSIS. Van is a very talented actor and a sweet and generous person. Van is wonderful! I love his beautiful portrayal of Luke Snyder and I’m enjoying Luke’s current storyline. I am very happy that VAN is filming a movie and I can’t wait to watch it. Please, Michael Fairman, tell us more about VAN HANSIS in your great site! Thank you!


  7. VICTOIRE says:

    Van is the best actor ever! We deserve to watch him in movies!


  8. VICTOIRE says:

    Van is wonderful in the Luke’s storyline of ATWT! Van Hansis has to be seen in the bigger screen!


  9. TKfan says:

    Another truly HOT hunck of a man is rumored to be co-starring in this movie….THORSTEN KAYE…. (prev- Zach Slater of AMC) If this is correct. We are in for a double treat!!! OH Yeah!!



    All actors don’t receive Emmys or whatever. BUT KEEP IN MIND.. VAN WILL AND VAN DOES !


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