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4 February 26th, 2011 Austin Peck and Jessie Godderz new DVD “The Mr. PEC-Tacular Workout” now available!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Remember back during our October edition of the On-Air On-Soaps Podcast, co-hosts Carolyn Hennesy and Eric Martsolf, and Michael Fairman let you know that former star of DAYS and ATWT, (and soon to be seen on One Life to Live),  Austin Peck was putting together a brand new workout DVD with none other than Jessie Godderz of Big Brother fame?  Well, the first DVD title, The Mr. PEC-Tacular Arms and Chest Workout had been released, and it seems like Peck and Godderz have a series of these fitness videos yet to come!

Austin Peck sent on this note to us for you, the fans, “Want to own THEEE BEST Workout DVD on the market today? Well, have no fear…I just came out with a PEC-Tacular Workout DVD that will give you my exclusive secrets on staying healthy and in-shape year-round!  My co-star on the DVD is none other than Mr. PEC-Tacular himself, Jessie Godderz, fom CBS’ Big Brother and MTV! This incredible DVD was Executive Produced by Sonia Blangiardo and Rob “Bucky” Buchalter from the prestigious If The World Spins Productions.  So please get your intense, hard-hitting, muscle-pumping Arm, Chest & Bootcamp-Style Endurance Workout DVD right now at: You’ll  be VERY glad you did!”

Watch a preview clip of Jessie showing a thing or two to Austin, and then Austin showing some of his  pointers to Mr. PEC-Tacular, plus plenty of pumping iron!

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  1. Tashie says:

    I heart Austin. I wish he come out with is own work out dvd. It would be awesome to have him as my personal trainner! Lol I have to confess I don’t exercise, at all! This is such a guys dvd.


  2. Brian Greene says:

    Yay, Austin! :-)


  3. Tashie says:

    Mr fairman I didn’t know you let celebrities post on your site! Wink wink.


  4. Rob "Bucky" Buchalter says:

    Hi Michael,

    My name is Rob “Bucky” Buchalter and I am a huge fan of your site. I visit it for the latest soap news at least once a week.

    The reason that I am contacting you at this time is because I know that you’ve done past stories on both Austin Peck and on Jessie Godderz (Mr. PEC-Tacular from CBS’ Big Brother) and I just wanted to thank you for the past promotion.

    In addition, I just wanted to give you an update that their Workout DVD that was released earlier this year has been a huge success.

    We tremendously appreciate you mentioning the DVD on your site in the past…and we were hoping that you would tell your fans that for this next week only, we’ve lowered the price to $9.99 for everyone searching for a last-minute inexpensive, fun and entertaining holiday gift.

    The DVD is available right here (and we still guarantee Christmas delivery):

    Here’s a clip from the DVD:

    Finally, here is Jessie’s personal website:

    If you could put a mention of the price change on your site, we’d feel greatly appreciative. By the way, I know that Jessie also goes to quite frequently every year when he’s not on Big Brother…and he’s a big fan of your site as well.

    Okay, thank you immensely for your consideration.

    Best Wishes,


    Rob “Bucky” Buchalter
    Show Creator & Executive Producer
    If The World Spins Productions
    (917) 771-6074


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