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19 January 26th, 2011 Austin Peck lands role on One Life to Live!

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Soap Opera Digest is reporting this morning that Austin Peck formerly of As the World Turns and Days of our Lives, has been hired by One Life to Live for a new role!  According to SOD, Peck first reports to work on the east coast ABC Daytime series on January 31st.

Peck stated about his upcoming new alter-ego, “In a lot of ways, it’s a compliment that they feel I can play this character. I don’t know what kind of legs this character will have; hopefully, he’ll have strong ones. It all depends on how they write him and what I do with what they give me. No matter what, I am going to do my best to bring it alive and have fun.”

This also will reunite, in the work place,  Austin with his lady love, Terri Conn who now plays Aubrey in Llanview! On the possibility of working with Terri again on-screen, Peck responded by saying,  ”We’ve both lamented over the past year how much we miss working with each other. Who knows whether our characters will have any interaction, but the fact that we’ll be on the same set on some of the same days is quite a consolation.”

So who do you think Austin will play? And, what brings him to Llanview?

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  1. Rob says:

    Not a fan of Peck’s and Im not loving Teri Conn on here either. Im loving the cast otherwise, seeing my old favorites from Guiding Light has been great and this is the only soap left in the vein of GL and ATWT. I just hope they dont get too cast heavy like the Bold and the Beautiful.


    bottomchef replied

    B&B’s awful actors like Beemer, Battle, Lowder, Gregory, Clifton, LAD, Frantz, JMW, Moss, Jones, Diamont, Wagner and Harmon make the show so cast heavy. Tom is overrated. SJB is good, but the writing for her char is so terrible and boring that even she can’t sell the char. The writers don’t know what to do w/ majority of the cast. The storylines are really pathetic. They stretch such a stupid storyline like Amber’s pregnancy scheme, yet it takes a matter of episodes for Barber and Donna to reunite and get engaged?! Katie/Bill, Nick/Aggie, Jackie/HOwen are such boring couples bec they’re happy. If a soap couple is happy, they get no storylines. If B&B really wanted to weave the black chars as part of the show’s canvas, they should recast Marcus and give Spears more to do. He, Conroy, Matula are great w/ their characters, as are Flannery and Kay, that is whenever they actually write anything for Felicia. Marcus is a Barber, Logan and Forrester. This char could take off if he was portrayed by an excellent actor. Peck was terrible on Days and he seems kinda fake when someone interviews him. Soaps tend to not be successful when they pair a prior soap couple as new characters on a diff soap.


  2. teddymac says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Austin on OLTL. He’ll make a great addition to this cast!


  3. Kristy says:

    It looks like I will have to tune into OLTL for sure, now! Terri Conn and Austin Peck being together on the same show again makes me happy! Now, if we could only have Michael Park and Maura West reunited, I would be even more happier. ATWT may be off the air, but us fans will never stop supporting our favorite actors from the show!


  4. Aubery says:

    I have to agree I hate Terri Conn’s portrayal of Aubery Wentworth. She is an ok actress but, the writing for Aubery is horrible.

    As to his lady love, Micheal Fairman (i love your website but ) you got the wrong lady true story! hopeful his role will be different to Brad Snyder. I hope his mysterious and dark. And pleases writers do not pair him with Aubery she is such a ho!, maybe Kelley such a sweet heart I love Gina. Many blessings.


    Vincelle Caviness replied

    It’s NOT Aubery. It’s Aubrey. FYI


    Aubery replied

    Btw My mis spelling of Terri Conn, character name AUBREY is deliberate. FYI!!

  5. David says:

    Congrats to AP! He was surprisingly good as Brad on ATWT. Excited to see how his new character will develop on OLTL. Hopefully, existing actors will not be sacrificed as the show hires STAR POWER.


  6. mmc says:

    I’m an ATWT fan and really don’t watch OLTL but I did tune in a couple of times to see how different Teris’ character of ” Aubrey ” was from her ATWT character “Katie’….and it is very different but interesting.She’s a selfish nasty girl on this show and i think so far she’s dome a good job but who knows how this character will progress…..Michael Fairman , could you please remove the photo of Eric as Reid when he was bleeding and dying.i hate to look at it and I know so many people do.You should put a photo of Eric and Van smiling together and happy.I’m still missing those guys, especially Van.thanks for listening Michael !


    mmc replied

    I’m so glad to see that horrible photo of Eric gone Michael Fairman.i don’t think it’s gone because of me because I see all new photos but whatever the reason thanks so much.I’m loving you right now!!!!


  7. Brian T says:

    I think Austin has improved as an actor since he moved to NYC and started working on ATWT as Brad. I never watched the show when he and Terri were on there but they sure do look hot together in photos. I for one LOVE Terri as Aubrey and see nothing wrong with her acting or her character. She is playing a con artist and doing a darn good job IMO. Keep up the great casting over at OLTL. I am just now anxious to find out what character Austin will be playing. The fans are hoping it is Dr Danny Wolek (me too).


  8. Aubery says:

    If you fan of Terri good for you, but I just wish more for her. ( she would have made a wonderful re cast of Heather Stevens -Y&R big shot lawyer) Her character Aubery is a clone of Katie. I have to be honest, I was never a big fan of Bratie, from the start, so I hope the writers don’t pair Austin’s character with Terri’s character. I think they both deserve more then labels. From Austin’s interview I would say his just Happy, to be on a daytime soap. And working again His a wonderful actor, I personally wish they pair him up with gorgeous Rama ( beautiful indian actress its awesome that one life to live represent all races, as I never seen a south indian character on a soap before. ) a lot of story potential with inter racial dating, so on so, the story potential is huge.


  9. Aubery says:

    Brian T, since its a newly created role, I doubt ap will be playing Dr Danny Wolek. Its not Terri’s acting but the writing for Aubery is horrible. How many characters can she conn (lol) before she gets caught in her web of lies. And how dumb can Joey be. Joey, Cutter is Aubery lover/husband or boyfriend not her brother. She sleeps with Cutter and Joey, on the same day, and in the same bed….. Gross. She is like Katie in a lot ways. I may not be a fan of Terri’s, but she deserves more than that, her character doesn’t have much depth.


  10. todd says:

    He seems like he can be a recast for Ford. Ford had a fling with Aubrey. He is also expected to be the father of Jess’ baby. I think the show believes the audience will accept this better with an actor of Austin Peck’s caliber. They are getting too much flack about the Fords.


  11. Rob says:

    Personally, Peck is no better an actor than any of the Ford brothers. I didnt hate him on ATWT and he and Terri Conn have undeniable chemstry. They should re-cast Joey. The guy playing him now is just not good. He and Gina Tognoni have zero chemistry and I find it hard to believe she would be pining for him. Kelly and VCutter are pretty hot so far.


  12. Aubery says:

    I also have to say that Austin Peck would have been an excellent choice for the role of Joey B I agree. As a long-time fan of Austin’s I’m just glad his on something. His fans have missed his face on our screens. Btw Michael that picture doesn’t do Austin any justice. His too beautiful in real life.. Love your website.


  13. Aubery says:

    Vincelle Laugh out loud its a character get over it. I could care less!


  14. Clare says:

    I love Austin Peck. He is handsome, charming, funny, sexy and smart! Did you see hiim in the Off Broadway Hit play, ‘The Irish Curse’? He was incredible. It was about a support group of guys who had small penises. Austin’s character was a pissed off gay guy. The only one. He was so great! Of course, I am his Mom. I would think that. But I am RIGHT!!!! Thank you very much!


  15. Keira says:

    Austin Peck is hot. going to start watching OLTL because of him.


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