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60 January 29th, 2013 Bad News In Southfork! DALLAS Season Two Premiere Hits Series Low Ratings!


After all the buzz and all the hype the season two premiere of Dallas turned in the worst ratings performance of the TNT reboot!  The two-hour premiere which included two separate episodes was down over 60% in terms of viewership from the reboot’s season one debut in June of 2012!

According to, “Starting at 9 PM, Dallas pulled in just 2.98 million viewers compared to the 6.9 million who welcomed the return of the Ewings in the less crowded summer.  That’s a series low for the new Dallas.  Last night’s premiere was also significantly down from the 4.3 million who watched the season one finale on August 8. Among Adults 18-49, the season two premiere brought in 1.02 million viewers, down 27% from its season one average. Dallas pulled in 1.22 million viewers in the Adults 25-54 demo on Monday. That was a big drop from the 2.5 million in the demographic who watched the series premiere on June 13, 2012.”

In addition, there was more bad news … the season two premiere episodes took a 32% dip from the season one average of all episodes.  For its first season, Dallas averaged 4.5 million viewers in live plus same day delivery, with 1.4 million adults 18-49 and 1.8 million adults 25-54.”

So soapers, did you watch the season two premiere last night? If so, what did you think of the double-crosses, the alliances and the debut of Judith Light to the cast?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. paula says:

    its probably bc everyone knows that larry hagman’s gone, and the legacy of the show wont be the same without him


    Alia replied

    That’s what I’ve been thinking, that people have already given up on the show since they know JR is gone (or soon will be).


    Patrick replied

    I agree Paula…. knowing beforehand… that Larry Hagman is gone… it’s foreseeable… that people probably thought it wouldn’t be the same….

    however, my thoughts were… and still are…. they really balanced out the show… of season one… when it wasn’t all about JR….

    I also thought… they really didn’t press and advertise as much as season one… and may have took it for granted? they should have waited for summer, for the return… or until spring… when so many new shows would be starting up…

    I’d hate to see this show…. tank… because of … R.I.P…. Mr Hagman… the show is well produced and had good stories…. and this is a compliment of the original.


    Ces replied

    I think the younger generation is awesome on this show and although I am beyond sad that Larry Hagman is no longer with us and won’t be on the show, I’m surprised last season’s viewers didn’t come to see how they would handle his absence.

    I also don’t think they advertised well AT ALL. In fact, I had to check online to see when Dallas would start the second season because I don’t normally watch TNT and I didn’t see any advertising anywhere else.

    Hopefully the low numbers are because people didn’t know when it was on.

    I think it’s a great show!

    Ces replied

    ** are* awesome!

  2. Sal Piscioneri says:

    I dd not know it was on until it was too late but they repeated the episodes and I got to watch both hours late last night. I knew several coworkers that did not know it had returned.


    Ces replied



    madison replied

    ditti did not know it began, love the show, sad about larry hagman noone else could play jr

  3. Brian Tripp says:

    This is the best show on TV right now IMO and I watched it and I will rewatch it later tonight. I do not know where all the viewers from last season are at. This show is on fire and it is going to get even better! I expected the ratings to go up but not down!


    Mary SF replied

    I agree- those were two of the finest hours of television I’ve seen this year. I think a lot of summer viewers must be watching other network shows that are first one right now, while in the summer it is all repeats, so Dallas was a nice change of pace. I believe TNT got greedy by moving it to Jan. They want to take advantage of Feb sweeps, thinking Dallas will pull in big numbers for them so they can cash in on the ad hike those ratings would bring them. It is a gamble moving it, but I hope it pays off because this show deserves to be seen- it was great, as good as the original.


    GertieGal replied

    This show is on fire! Everyone knows Dallas history BUT I didn’t even watch the original series and have really been impressed with this show, the writers, the actors, etc… John Ross and Christopher are perfectly cast and doing a terrific job! The stories are fast and intense and leave you just waiting for the next episode. I have to agree that Larry’s passing may have something to do with it BUT you would think people would tune in to see him a few more times!

  4. Sal Piscioneri says:

    it was great, GLAD Judith Light has joined Dallas.


  5. Sheryl Postin says:

    I watched both episodes and thought they were great,.I think the problem was there were too many good programs o the same time . Some of the shows started at 8 and they were on till 10.Some people probably taped Dallas did they count those people.I hope they don’t cancel the show it would be a real shame.. Thanks Michael for are article.


  6. Janice says:

    I watched and enjoyed it, but at the end of the 1st season, they said it would be back in the summer for the next season. I didn’t know it was on until the day before. I think people just didn’t know,


  7. Michael says:

    Last summer it wasn’t competing with a lot of other shows since most of them were on hiatus.


    Patrick replied

    agree…. lots of truth in what you’ve said…. plus… when the daytime soaps are featuring younger actors stories…. we all know this happens… so we kinda tune out some… till the fall…. this was the best time for Dallas to premiere….


    Michael replied

    The show should get bigger ratings when they have to kill off JR and everyone will be wondering how they will do that.

  8. Kelly says:

    I don’t know what the problem was, my best guess is ppl just didn’t know it was back now and Monday night might not be the best night for it ?!? I just hope it picks up, because it was a GREAT season premier and I can’t wait until next week! I am loving the show!


  9. Margot says:

    I totally agree with Janice that a lot of people either didn’t know it was on last night or there were too many other good shows on and had no dvr’s to record and look at it later. I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes and can’t wait for next week. Hopefully the ratings will improve.


  10. Chloe says:

    A few people told me that they didn’t know that it was coming back last night, either. As for me, I enjoyed it & think that Judith will be a great addition.


  11. Rob says:

    The real problem is that it needs to go back to Wednesdays ASAP!

    That’s where everybody remembers the show from last season and the competition on Wednesdays is nowhere near as strong as on Mondays…especially during the regular television season.

    In an ideal world, airing the series on Wednesday nights every summer would be the perfect scenario. It would then become appointment viewing like Big Brother (which is in 15th season).


  12. Patrick says:

    C’mon soap fans…. word of mouth…. to SOS a staple that belongs on the air….


  13. Brian Tripp says:

    We need to help spread the word about Dallas everyone! This show is too good to get canceled.


  14. Jo says:

    I’m guessing a lot of people didnt know it was on. Only I’ve been stalking the net waiting for the new season to start. I had to let a couple of people know who tuned in last season that it was on, they wouldn’t have known only I told them. Most people think new seasons start in September and not The end of January. Personally, I really enjoyed the show. If you loved J.R and Larry Hagman, you would watch out of respect because that would be the best way for fans to honor his memory.


  15. RealityCheck 33 says:

    I thought the show was terrific fun and well done. It was fast paced and very well acted. I hope the show contiues and TNT doesn’t pull the plug.


  16. su0000 says:

    I loved the season two premiere last night!!! As did everyone I know, they also loved it.
    I am sooooo waiting for next Mon evening to see what happens..

    I feel Dallas still has a future with out LH/JR.
    It is a very good soap, always has been and will continue to be :)


  17. TMJ says:

    I think it also suffered from being on Monday night, a traditionally strong night for the networks. Last year it was on Wednesdays in the summer when people were searching for something new. TNT might have overestimated it’s strength.

    As for the show, I like the rivalry with the male characters, but not so much with the females. There isn’t enough distinction between them.

    Mitch Pileggi makes a classic Dallas villain, but I’m concerned about these rumors of an incestuous relationship between him and his mother. It’s also weird that his mother is played by Judith Light, who is three years older than him, but looks younger.


  18. Christine says:

    I do not get TNT anymore so I have not watched the DALLAS reboot. I watched the original DALLAS for years with my parents on Friday nights when I was a teenager.

    It is too bad that there was so much WASTED time spent in Hollywood going back and forth about a DALLAS motion picture starring John Travota and Jennifer Lopez (give me a break!). Anyway, it is a shame that they could not have done this reboot YEARS ago when Larry Hagman was still healthy. I guess it is a blessing that they were able to have one great season with him. I have a feeling this will be the last season. I probably would not want to continue without Larry Hagman either. :-(


  19. mrsnoahdrake says:

    I agree that Dallas is the best show on tv these days! I thoroughly enjoyed each minute of the season premiere. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a 2 hour show. The fact that it had moved to Mondays was not well publicized. The show is very well written and there are surprises at every turn. It has a strong cast and I hope it regains its following! I liked Judith Light being on the show but she is too young to play Anne’s ex’s mother. Kept expecting Cliff Barnes to show up on the show last night; his presence was missed with all the Pam/Rebecca drama.


    su0000 replied

    It very well my pick up viewers.. after all it was only the first show, there are more to come and many more viewers may tune in.
    Perhaps they did not know when the second season was to start,,
    The ratings need to give it more than one show to know how it will actually go..

    I agree- Dallas was awesome and well done Monday night, loved it!


  20. Barbara J Marowski says:

    I wish they hadn’t changed the night it’s on. There’s so many other shows I DVR on Monday night, all night long, and I can’t watch it live. I’ve set my DVR for the next showing I could find which is on late Friday night into Saturday morning. Hope people catch up with it and keep watching!


  21. Lisa J. says:

    I watched it and it was explosive! Can’t wait for next week! I set my DVR so I wouldn’t miss it, but I don’t think it got enough publicity. They really need to pump that up. I think where they are taking the plot with the new characters added in is exciting. So I will have to spread the word.
    Everybody should be on their FB telling their friends about it to help boost the ratings. Would be a shame to lose such an excellent show!


  22. James McDonald says:

    I enjoyed the Dallas: Season Two, 2-hour Premiere. I am 49 years of age and I plan on watching all 15 episodes. We already know their is going to be a new “Who Shot JR” episode. I will not miss it and JR’s funeral with more returning original cast members I will not miss either.
    To heck with the ratings. Millions of people are watching.


  23. David H says:

    I too DVR’d DALLAS because Monday nights have waaaaay too many shows i like in competition from Dallas to Bunheads to RuPaul’s Drag Race to The Following, I watched the 2 DALLAS episodes today and they were great.I think DALLAS will rebound. I am going to alterrnate what shows I DVR or watch later ON DEMAND and watch DALLAS live as iften as possible


  24. samo says:

    Head writer Cynthia Cidre is planning a “who killed JR” storyline, she honestly believes it could compete the the “who shot JR” SL of 1980 (LOL)!

    JR will be kidnapped at the end of episode 5 and will turn up dead in ep 7 kicking off the SL. Episode 8 will be devoted to his funeral and will reading, which in itself is expected to kick off plenty of drama, including the SPOILER that for the past 25 years JR knew about the whereabouts of thr thought to be dead Pam Barnes Ewing Grayson Ewing!

    The murder mystery SL will go on until the end of the season and carry over to Season 3, which Cidre has said she’s already mapping out.


  25. Justin says:

    They changed the night and not that many people knew it was back on.


  26. Angela says:

    I agree I think 9:00 may be too eartly for viewers. Also, TNT did lousy job with the premotion. I didn’t know until Sunday night that it started Monday, and, the commercial didn’t give a time! So I had to find out the time on my own. I think that if Dallas had been premoted properly the ratings would have been much better. I would think the ratings would be higher bthis season just to see how they handle Larry Hagman’s passing. I too loved him as J.R. but I also think the reboot has a very strong cast and good writers. True it won’t be the same without J.R. but they still have Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy. I say don’t give up on it just yet.


    jp replied

    I agree. The first season of Dallas was on Wednesday nights, not Monday. Hopefully, the ratings will pick up next week. It looks to be a great second season.


  27. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    I’m disappointed that Dallas didn’t do better in the ratings but I agree that putting on on Mondays was probably a mistake. It’s a very crowded night of television with new shows on FOX, NBC and the Bachelor on ABC. If they were determined to bring it back in January, they should have kept it on Wednesdays. I’m loving the hate/lust relationship between John Ross and Pamela Rebecca, but Anne’s storyline is bugging me, particularly the fact that Judith Light does not look old enough to be Mitch Pileggi’s mother. His new wife or his sister yes, but not his mother, not unless she had him when she was twelve. I would much rather focus on the 2nd generation of Ewings. Doesn’t Lucy have children? Doesn’t JR have two other sons? Couldn’t they be involved in the fight for Ewing Energies or just to give us a taste of Dallas High Society. I suggest the writers start watching that Big Texas Rich show on the Style Network.


  28. Shelly says:

    I loved the premier! I’m very dissapointed at these numbers. I do not like this show on Monday nights! Hard to explain, but it’s just not a Monday night show! I would much rather see it on Wednesday or Thursday night. Or better yet, how about humoring us Dallas purists and put on Friday night?

    Judith Light is one of the best actresses on TV but she’s too young for that character.


  29. Mary Fergen says:

    I’m shocked about the ratings for Dallas’ premiere! I watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it, just like I did all last season. Hopefully it was just a matter of people not realizing it was back on, and next week’s numbers will be much improved!


  30. Heather says:

    I loved it but OMG up against The Following and the bachelor is not easy. I agree it needs to be on Wed and moved back to summer.


  31. gayleanne says:

    I watced the entire run of the first Dallas and was quite impressed with its first season. Purchased the DVD as soon as it came out so I could rewatch all before season 2 aired. The premeiere was great, not so sure about Judith Light but hey we’ll see. I also think it’s the change to Monday nights. This is a very well written show, although I have a large HD TV now and I have to say it makes it all look kind of chessey to me, but not sure why? The acting is first class and Josh Henderson is doing his best to be just like daddy. I just hope the ratings get better. It would be nice to keep this treasure around for a while.


  32. MK says:

    No One wants to see Dallas on a Monday Night! Wed was good because it was summer. It was must see TV on Friday night, so either wed, Thurs, or Fri would be better.

    Also for the Gay fans, it was competing against the premiere of Ru[aul’s Drag race. Hard Choice.


  33. Irene says:

    I watched it online last night. It was great. I switched to basic channels so I am doing more online watching. I don’t have much faith in ratings plus more people are watching online.


  34. brian says:

    Here in Canada, Our TV providers have “on demand” features that allow you to watch a program a day or two after the original broadcast. Then we also have the network websites that allow to watch the program on their site. Not too mention that people also use torrent sites of tv programming.

    My point being that the rating system doesn’t truly represent actuate viewers, and it is very sad that networks only use the Nelson system when it comes to renewing or canceling shows.


  35. jon says:

    they should have left it a summer show. But I I agree with the others that the show is still good and the younger actors are fantastic. JRs Sun is worthy of filling Hagman’s boots.


  36. Frankie Brasseaux says:

    I luved it I can’t wait for the next episode this season is gonna be awesome I hope they don’t cancel :( I really really luv this show


  37. Jared says:

    I watched on DVR Tuesday night, so I guess my view does not count. The show is very good. I actually did not see season 1. It has a similar vibe as the original yet updated at the same time. I like how the focus is balanced between the generations. Very well done!


  38. MBmomof3 says:

    I loved every minute of this 2 hour show! I hope anyone who missed it can see it when it’s rerun.

    I agree with the posters above that the problem isn’t so much that fan’s know Larry Hagman has passed (RIP) but that the show changed nights to Monday and I personally saw only 1 promo just a day or so before the premiere. I would have missed it too if I hadn’t stumbled on to a commercial. In fact, I actually had to rewind and play the commercial over to see what night and time it was airing.


  39. James says:

    I didn’t really enjoy the two episodes the other night. The second one was better than the first. The show just feels cold to me, now, like a family with no anchor. At least in the beginning we had a strong Ellie and Jock, and they could pretty much keep people in line. And the judge not thinking that there was something really really wrong with a “cousin” deceiving her adopted cousin and trying to marry him, knowing that her dad was Chris’s uncle. I would think any reasonable judge would have responded much differently. Not very realistic writing. Too outlandish. They made Anne too troubled and Bobby too weak, when they should have been the anchors of the show. Oh, and what was with that pool scene and the lights all over the roofline of Southfork. Who has ever seen a house where they had it lit up like a runway for Santa Claus.


  40. Marsola Esaw says:

    The show was GREAT!!! I agree with everyone. They did not advertise it well enough, and it’s on the wrong night. They should of kept it on Weds nights 9:00pm time slot. Personally, they should of been old school and put it on Friday night at 9:00pm hint! hint!!! lol!! This show is classic television. The actors are excellent. The ratings I believe will go up next week. I honestly believe that people really didnt know DALLAS SEASON 2 was back on. TNT!!! CHANGE THE TIME SLOT PLEASE !!!!!! If it aint broke don’t fix it….


  41. Rodd says:

    I just finished watching it on DVR and loved it! I know Mr. Hagman’s gone, but the rest of the cast is pretty darn good and so worth continuing to watch. I think the creative team has a lot up their sleeves and look forward to seeing it all unfold.


  42. Carly says:

    I didn’t realize that it was on Monday night..luckily it was still in my DVR from last season, so I watched tonight. Last season, it was on a different night??


  43. Kathy says:

    I loved it! I am going to miss Larry Hagman. It was inspirational watching him live his life to the very end. He was a wonderful actor and I am happy that he got to be J.R. again before passing away. I can’t believe the ratings were so low. I do think it would do better on a different night. I had several things that I was watching and taping. But of everything I was watching, it was by far the best.


  44. Michael says:

    The big problem was advertisement. I didn’t realize that it was on until the last minute. Commercials did not announce a start date until just before Monday. Also, I believe the show’s first season aired mid-week- I was surprised and not prepared to look for it so early in the week. The show looks just as good as last season- hopefully TNT will do a better job of spreading the word to attract new viewers.


  45. marfa says:

    Frankly I didn’t even know what day it was coming on, so I missed it. Had to watch it on my dvr.
    Not real enthused about the show this season. Dallas just isn’t Dallas without Larry, but I will watch for a while I guess.


  46. Tonya says:

    I loved the show, and I too was a Dallas fan back in the 80′s, and although Mr. Hagman passed on I will continue to be loyal to the show. I hope it stays on for a long time.


  47. Gus says:

    Just found this website today and I dig it really hard! Kudos, Mike!

    As far as the show goes, quality is probably rivaled only by Revenge, IMHO.
    It was a way too big of a gamble to leave a the show in hiatus for several months let alone go from a 10 episode season to a 20-something episode despite promoting the show almost 1 year before it actually launched. Unless they have HUGE cards up their sleeve, Dallas can very well be cancelled after season 3. Aside of that, the storylines are solid but a little predictable. What made Dallas 1.0 great was, in Larry’s words : Booze, Bucks and Broads. Incorporate celebrities, create over the top ostentatious scenarios parallel to the mundane storyline and clashes and once you get the press talking, the ratings will follow.


  48. Don Roseville says:

    The opening show for Season Two was teriffic. Apparently the advertising for the opener may not have reached everyone waiting for the start of Season Two. The inspiration and spark that this show adds to my week is hard to describe, but I get a feeling of excitement and nervous apprehention waiting for the twists and turns that each week brings. I can’t wait for Monday evening TV to see this show and I am praying and hoping this show will go on for many years.


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