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13 May 13th, 2013 Barbara Walters Announces Her Retirement On THE VIEW!


After last night’s headlines news that ABC’s Barbara Walters was going to announce her retirement on this morning’s episode of The View, she did just that.

After 50 years in the business and at age 83,  Walters told the audience in attendance and the viewers at home the following:  “In the summer of 2014, a year from now, I plan to retire from appearing on television at all. It has been an absolutely joyful, rewarding, challenging, fascinating and occasionally bumpy ride. And I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m perfectly healthy. This is my decision. I’ve been thinking about it a long time. This is what I want to do.”

As for The View, she said she would continue as co-executive producer with Geddie “as long as the program is aired.” She said she’ll “come back” at times. “I’m not walking into the sunset.”   But, she clarified, “I don’t want to appear on another program. I don’t want to climb another mountain. I want instead to sit in a sunny field and admire the very gifted women — and ok, some men, too — who will be taking my place.”   She added, “I’ve had an amazing career — beyond anything I could have imagined.”

When Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked about making the decision, Walters said, “I know it’s time. I want to leave when people are still saying, ‘Why is she leaving?’ instead of ‘Why doesn’t she leave!?”

A clip package was shown of Barbara’s remarkable career including her famous and crossing of the Bay of Pigs to interview Fidel Castro and her 1999 interview with Monica Lewinsky.  Walters looked teary as the audience gave her a standing ovation.

What do you think of the new of Walters retiring? Will you continue to watch The View with all the turmoil of the changing of many of the hosts?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Ces says:

    It’s about time. who cares?


    clh replied

    I agree. She’s a pompous bore as far as I am concerned. Have never liked her and always thought she was over rated.


    Ces replied

    Ditto!! She seems like someone you’d really want to watch your back with because she’d stick a knife in it.. Retire already.

    Patrick replied

    there had to be many behind the scenes eschewing.. between all these ladies…

    Barbara seems SO well “rehearsed”… like she was preserving herself. LOL.

    go out before judgment day Babs… be real.


    Ces replied

    LOL! Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re right. Something never sat right with
    me & this woman. Don’t think she’s as nice as she may appear sometimes.

  2. Patrick says:

    Thank Goodness! Blah, Blah, Blah…

    overstaying your welcome.

    Babs… grab a tissue.


  3. Kathy says:

    I wish they would all retire.


  4. heidi says:

    I am so sorry… but who cares.


  5. Renee says:

    Wow, retire already we don’t need a year of goodbyes.


  6. Charday says:

    I’d like The View to totally clean house. And bring in some men while you’re at it, ABC.


  7. Jovin says:

    I say it‘s about time. This is a woman who slept her way to her position. She admits this in her book…her numerous affairs with men…married and otherwise. I am not sure the reason she felt compelled to include those lurid details in her book, but she did. I am not judging her, and she has worked very hard over the years, but I don‘t feel she is relevant anymore…and her line of questioning is invasive, abrasive, and often embarrassing. She had her day in the sun and it is time to pack it in. She is a mouthpiece for whichever President happens to be in power, and she attempts to appear impartial just fall flat. I wish her all the best but have been waiting for this announcement for YEARS!


  8. jeff says:

    Why are people so rude. barbara walters is a well known respected icon. people who are making negative comments just need to shut up and mind there own business. people are so cruel and jealous of barbara walters. have a good retirement barbara. you daserve it.


  9. Onlymy2cents says:

    I’m sorry to see her go myself. To me she represents the first top female in her field. She also represents journalism standards from years past to me. I remember a time when you were unbiased as a reporter or newsperson. Now a days the news is reported so biased in favor of the NETWORKS biases that its hard to get a bead on the truth no matter who says it on the news. So, I go digging for my news outside the U.S.


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