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30 May 12th, 2014 Barry Sloane Says Farewell To REVENGE! Showrunner Sunil Nayar Weighs-In On Decision To Kill-Off Aiden!

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If you watched last night’s season three finale of Revenge,  it was Aiden who was one of the characters killed-off in a heart-stopping murder plot via Victoria (Madeleine Stowe)!

That also meant the end of the line for the talented Barry Sloane in the role of Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) lover and co-revenge conspirator! But Sloane will be back on ABC next season in a starring role in the new dramatic series, The Whisperers!

Sloane tweeted last night after the outpouring of fan support following the broadcasts on all coasts:  “What an incredible 2 seasons I had playing Mr. Mathis.  An incredible cast who I am lucky enough to call my friends. #RIPAiden  Today, Sloane responded to a tweet from co-star Emily VanCamp who said “You were so fantastic in tonights ep! Truly remarkable work as always!!!”  To which Barry responded: “Thank you so much Em. Every scene with you was an absolute pleasure. Your performance, as always was stunning. Much love.”

Revenge Showrunner Sunil Nayar told The Hollywood Reporter why Aiden had to meet his maker via Victoria to further the story:   “As we told the story, and also realized the idea of David Clarke taking down Conrad, we wanted to have a significant victory at the end of the season and some audience satisfaction. Clearing her father’s name ends a bit of Emily’s revenge strategy, but killing Aiden renews her quest] for revenge in a very present sense. She was a girl when her father was taken away, but this gives us a fresh sense of revenge, and the audience gets to feel it in the moment. When you watch what happens (to Aiden), it’s horrifying and devastating and allows the audience into the mindset of someone who wants revenge. She can’t believe Victoria killed Aiden, and she wants her to die and suffer. The conflict with Victoria is the same thing: Emily took someone away from her. Season four will feel more in the present, and you’ll feel these emotions along with the characters and know what drives them. Sadly, Aiden was a casualty of the storytelling; we had a wonderful opportunity to flesh out his story … and viewers got to understand him as a human being beyond the elegance and the James Bond kind of guy we’ve seen.”

Now below watch the moment where Victoria snuffs out Aiden! Are you sad to see Barry Sloane exit the series?  Let us know!

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  1. andrew hass says:

    I’m not surprised that Aiden because Barry Sloane landed a pilot.However i can’t wait to see Victoria’s reaction when she finds out it wasn’t Emily who killed Pascal and she killed Aiden for no reason.So next season could be about Emily trying to get more revenge on Victoria for her killing Aiden and Victoria trying to get revenge on Conrad if he lives for his killing Pascal.


    Jenn replied

    She still thought/knows that Conrad killed Pascal. She killed Emily because her revenge plot eventually caused the death of Pascal. Once she realized that she was Amanda Clarke, she put all of the puzzle pieces together. She’s failing to blame herself.


  2. Rob says:

    BOOOO. Loved him.


  3. Kat says:

    Sad that Aiden is gone but Emily/Amanda and Jack are the end game.


  4. Nk3play2 says:

    Though Victoria scares me….. I don’t think I’ve ever loved her more!!!! THANK GOD AIDEN IS DEAD!!!! I can finally stop doing my special ritual dance to cleanse The Hamptons of that parasite!!!


    Lacey replied

    What???? Aiden is freakin’ AWESOME


  5. Liz says:

    I was heartbroken to see Aiden die, and so violently too. I screamed at the tv so loud, my daughter came running into my room!!! I wish Barry all the best on his new show and I will definitely tune in! Aiden.. we will miss you, but NOT miss even more Revenge against the Graysons. Daniel is next, I hope, in Emily’s sights!


  6. mk says:

    Hated the way Aiden was killed! Love Barry Sloane, wish he was staying on.


    Elizabeth replied

    Sadly have to admit I knew what was coming when he was sipping tea when he was there to pressure the shrink…. it was just too strange that he would be sitting there sipping tea from a teacup.


  7. Omar says:

    He should be on People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”….And very talented actor too!..Will be missed..Hope his pilot gets pickup..I will surely be tuning in.


    Omar replied

    Actually his pilot is already in ABC fall lineup and it costars the extremely talented Lil Rabe…Will tune in!!


  8. JSFan says:

    Noooo. First Will Gardener and now Aiden. Aiden and Emily were perfect together. Jack is such a bore. I think I’m going to quit watching TV, all my favs are dying. hmmm


    Maritza replied

    I agree! I was happy when Jack hooked up with Amanda and then Margeaux…. I feel like Jack and Emily have no chemistry….its too brother/sister… Aiden was her HEA


  9. Rodd says:

    I was not surprised that Aiden was the one killed off since Barry has another show, but I was horrified by how graphic the murder was. Victoria proved she is a heartless bitch. Hope she wears those restraints well and rots in the loony bin.

    What a wild episode!


  10. su0000 says:

    what an unexpected death/way to die!!
    An unforgetable moment ..

    I will him next season, but wish him all the best..
    I am sure Aidan/Barry Sloane will be watching every sunday along with us !!


  11. mgb357 says:

    Loved the scene when he was dead AND watching TV.


  12. Ida Geppy says:

    I hope Emily finds she pregnant with Aiden’s baby in Season 4. Also since Barry Sloane can return in guest appearances maybe there will be flashbacks of him, and then we will discover that the poison put him in a death-like state and he’s somewhere recovering. If they can bring back David Clark why not Aiden. Then for the last few episodes of season 4 Emily and Aiden can be married! They belong together and he’s her only true love!


    andrew hass replied

    Plus maybe Victoria faked Aiden’s death.That way she can watch Emily grieve for Aiden knowing he’s still alive.I think that is something Victoria would do to get revenge.However i think Aiden will stay dead but the show could do some new flashbacks of Emily and Aiden’s relationship or Emily could see his ghost or him as a figment of her imagination.Barry ‘s first priority right now is probably his new show but if Revenge needed him back for an episode or 2 for some reason he might be willing to do it if his schedule permits.


    Maritza replied

    I hope his death was faked!

    Kt replied

    That is what I am wishing for, the return of Aiden!!! I loved Aimily!!! They were the best!


  13. Geri says:

    I really miss Aiden/Barry Sloan. I wish he was coming to CBS Young and Restless playing someone in Cane’s family. They are Australian and with Barry’s hotness, talent and accent he’d be perfect. But I’ll watch him wherever he goes


  14. Ajla says:

    Recently in all series really doing stupid things and killing most beloved characters has become a trend:Greys anatomy(Mark Sloan and Lexie Gray),Desperate housewives(Mike),Homeland(Brody),Dexter(Debra),and others.What is wrong with these people,writers, producers,they are completely out of ideas and can not think of anything better, more creative, more interesting…this was extra, extra, extra predictable.They were getting so close and in love and things seemed too perfect. I was so upset about seeing Aiden killed. Plus, the way it happened was so drawn out & when he was sitting on the sofa at the end, it was downright creepy. Who will protect Emily now. Jack is completely lame, and Nolan isn’t capable. David Clarke, since the very beginning of the series, was to be a good man, kind and of exceptional character. So now he’s suddenly “risen from the dead” and is a murderer? Disappointing. Seems like the writers and producers were so busy on shocking the viewers during the finale that they lost sight of the whole point of Emily’s fight and the theme of good vs. evil. And why not leave Conrad in jail, where they could have had his character scheming against Emily or plotting other “dastardly” deeds instead of having him sneak out of jail, only to end up stabbed to death? Emily had achieved victory when he finally admitted what he’d done and was arrested. It sort of cheapens all her efforts and looks lame when all of a sudden her dad appears and murders him. I think this decision by the writers and producers was a big mistake.


  15. Frida says:

    I was totally devastated with the killing of Aiden. He was my favourite
    character with a wonderful screen presence. It will be hard to watch the series now that he has gone.


  16. Dayna says:

    I never liked this actor; he mumbled and with his accent I would have to go back and replay his scenes to figure it out. We need someone really handsome on the show, although Jack and Daniel are mighty fine. Nolan is my favorite; he is so eccentric.

    It is the best show on TV; great actors. Why did Grayson get killed off, didn’t want to renew his contract?


  17. cathy williams says:

    Afternoon! I cried when Aiden died! I could not believe both Aiden and Conrad, two great actors wrre snuffed out of this show! I was hoping it was a fake death for Aiden but i guess not. Emily (Amanda) deserved Aiden..and i lost a bit

    of interest in watching the show when Emily lost the love of her life. I hope so much that somehow someway you find a way to bring back

    bring Aiden back and Conrad. Bringing back Conrad could be an easy one. I can’t see how Aiden could be with Vicky suffocating .him


  18. Geri Lopez says:

    I love you Aiden!!! With Justin Hartley on YR as Adam Newman, I’m hoping to get the attention of JFP and Brad Bell Jr. who I’m mad at because of losing Michael Muhney. I accept Justin as Adam. I believe he’ll do great. Now, we have one more HUGE opportunity.

    Barry’s Australian accent and impeccable acting skills would be an awesome fit on The Bold and The Beautiful as someone from Ivy Forresters past!! A handsome, talented, shrewd business man known for taking pennies and turning them into millions! He also has some ties to LA and some interesting connections with several BB characters.


    YR can fit him into Cains life somehow.

    Barry could also be a shrewd business man with an agenda. Perhaps when Cain and his Father were running their business in Australia, Barry was left financially devastated and thought to be dead. There is so much that can be accomplished with this phenomenal actor. The soaps of BB need help. He’s your man


  19. Rachel says:

    I just keep hoping some how he comes back to life on revenge. But I will check out his new tv show but regardless I wish he wasn’t killed off, he was my favorite for Emily!


  20. Tasha says:

    Yes very upsetting Aiden next to Emily was the happy moment of the show yes there is the life struggles that they both go through but the two of them made a great team together and apart I feel somehow at some point he needs to be brought back!!!


  21. Cyn m says:

    Please bring Aiden back!!!! Emily deserve to be happy they the best couple of the show. ..


  22. Lacey says:

    I am very depressed that Aiden has left. Emily and him made such a great couple. I was so sad that when he died I was like “I’m not even gonna route for a fifth season” because it’s just not the same without Aiden…but I eventually came to my senses and accepted that he is gone…but it would be great if he actually didn’t die. I seriously pray to God every night that Aiden willl somehow back onto the show.


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