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25 May 24th, 2016 B&B Casting Young Ingénue Contract Role: Who Would You Suggest For The Part?


Another young female actress is going to be headed to The Bold and the Beautiful!  But who will it be?

Casting news out of Soap Opera Digest today has that the series is looking to cast the contract role of “Kat”.

The series is looking for a stunning 20-year-old brunette who is described as “creative, resilient and stylish”.   B&B wants the actress to be 5’5″ or above.   But is this a new character, or a recast?

Who would you suggest for the part from daytime or primetime television that fits the description?  Put on your casting director hats and let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Another contract role? Why not utilize more of the characters already on canvas, like Thorne, Donna, Carter, Deacon, etc. The last thing B&B needs is more new characters to chew up screen time. I’d much rather they bring characters like Bridget, Nick, Jackie, Amber, etc. back instead of bringing in more newbies.

    And I’m not sure if anyone else has this complaint, but the Avants are taking up way too much story right now. I understand the importance of showcasing different stories at the same time, and B&B is getting better with its balance. But quite frankly, I don’t care at all about Sasha, and she’s been one of the focal points of the Avant story for too long. Similarly, Zende and Nicole don’t have nearly as much of a spark as couple from the past did. And Julius and Vivienne are not an interesting couple either. It has nothing to do with their portrayers, I’m just not invested in this family.


    David Isner replied

    Kelly Kruger


  2. Michael Thomas says:

    Kelley Missal, Heidi Mueller


    Ricardo replied

    Kristen Alderson


    Shortcanuck replied

    Kristen isn’t 5’5

  3. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Part of me thinks this is a secret casting call to recast Hope, and to make her an edgier character, hence the brunette hair. I don’t know if there’s anyone I would imagine in this role. The Bold and the Beautiful is the best at casting unknowns, and making them household names. Would love that to happen again.

    Also, I’d like to know what happened to the proposed character of “Christian” and why he hasn’t made his debut, yet!


  4. damien says:

    adrienne leon!
    ex- colleen carlton from y n r!
    reunite her and her tv dad don diamont, ex- brad
    b n n can show its sis soap how dumb they were to kill off the carltons!


    Mark Y replied

    They were an excellent father daughter team. She was my Colleen when I started watching Y&R regularly.


  5. jaybird369 says:

    Oh, who cares about that ‘Young Ingenue Contract Role’ crap?!?!? B&B needs to forget about that and (instead) get rid of that icky, creepy and EVEN MORE ANNOYING Thomas!!!!! Oh…and bring back the following characters to the show: Amber, Donna, Jackie, Nick, Owen and Thorne.

    Enough said.


    Iakovos replied

    Thorne, for sure. I think the Ridge-Caroline coupling was a mistake. Character just is not acting with any qualities for which I can root. No one is. And the near incest is unsettling.


    k/kay replied

    Bell dropped all those characters they aren’t coming back we never even mention Taylor the mother of Steffy and Thomas. No offense to Thorsten Kaye but he is not Ridge and he looks bored!

    Claudio replied

    I agree jaybird, too many newbies. Yes bring back Amber Jackie, Donna, Sheila Carter and Thorne. Owen eye candy LOL.


    jaybird369 replied

    Claudio…I totally forgot about Sheila Carter. My bad. I think that Sheila should come back to BOTH Y&R and B&B. Oh…and BTW, you are SO RIGHT ON about Owen…Y-U-M!!!!! And, I (for one) think that Thorne is ULTIMATE EYE CANDY…ULTIMATE Y-U-M!!!!!

    Have a good one, Claudio.

    Mo replied

    I would love to see Donna back. Katie needs her with this Brooke crisis she is going through. And I’m sure Eric would like to see her. Pam too. :-)

    I would like Thorne back too. When Aly died I thought there would be much more story for Thorne. He in was in one or two episodes and that’s it.


  6. Mo says:

    Where’s Ivy????


    Jimmy replied

    Gone and hopefully she’ll stay gone. I liked her when she first debuted, but right before she left, she became totally insufferable and I lost all respect for her.


  7. MB says:

    I like the Avant family and I disagree with the first reply that they are taking up too much screen time.

    Since we can’t have Stephanie, I would bring back Jackie with a few people in tow.

    I have no suggestions for who to cast. I just hope it isn’t a recast.


    soapqueenforever replied

    I really hope they don’t intend to bring Hope back, whether recast or original actress. I am really not in the mood to see Steffie, Liam, Hope and Wyatt to start playing musical beds. I am really enjoying the storyline involving Maya’s family. It’s nice to see the other talented members of the cast be put to use. On a side note, if I see a clip of Steffie walking towards Liam at tbeir Aspen wedding one more time I will scream!! After today’s episode (5/26/16), I hope they don’t intend to have Liam and Quinn start in. If that happens, Liam will be his half brother’s step-father!! LOL


    Mo replied

    I too like the Avants. Wish we had seen when Maya was told of her new sis.


  8. kevin says:

    I still say Bradley Bell needs to hire Jaime Lyn Bauer to be a love interest for Eric (John McCook). Brad, if you ever sign in to look at this site…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider hiring JLB.


    Mark Y replied

    I so agree that Eric needs a story and to have JLB with her soap cred would be great casting!


    4ever DAYS replied

    JLB is returning to DAYS as Laura Horton, a role she excelled in, kevin.


    kevin replied

    4ever DAYS…I know that JLB is returning to DAYS as Laura Horton which is only at this time I believed was mentioned for only 3 episodes, possibly more. I bet DAYS does not keep her around and I no longer watch DAYS except from time to time. To me, DAYS is no longer the same show. As far as JLB, her role as Laurelee Brooks on Y&R surpassed her role on DAYS…also JLB as Laurelee was her own and Laurelee was such a classy character which only JLB could play.

  9. Letemeatc8ke says:

    What’s the age range for an ingenue? If she’s not to old I think Molly Burnette would make a great Hope replacement, if that’s what the role is for….


  10. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    Joan Collins!


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