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3 May 14th, 2010 B&B confirms Adrienne Frantz is back as Amber!

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The Bold and the Beautiful is now confirming that Dayime Emmy winner Adrienne Frantz is re-joining the B&B cast as Amber Moore.  Her first tape date is May 18, but she does not hit the airwaves till July 1.  Let’s hope they have some great story in the works for one of daytime’s most original actresses!

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Bell had no guts to reject Frantz! lol!

    Great, so she’s back! Good luck to SJB and Heather Tom since they’re on their way to becoming the next Eileen Davidson and Lesli Kay of B&B, actresses who’ll be pushed to the background for the likes of scene chewing, one dimensional, annoying, terrible actress Frantz.

    Bell is going to write for Frantz. The sad part is Kyle Lowder is most likely going to get a storyline at this point. Great. Terrible Frantz and untalented Lowder. That’s a ratings disaster and Talk Soup fest waiting to happen.

    The cast is already so bloated. They don’t need Amber! They never even use SJB and Hearst much, thankfully they don’t really use Diamont and Wagner much, and thankfully they never use Lowder, Harmon, DTB.

    But awful, emotionless, pathetic “actors” Moss, Jones, Beemer and Downe are front and center. And Bell loves to write for the very uneven Gareis. Now you throw in Frantz there, and there’s no hope of the actors who can actually act like Lesli Kay to return or for Alley Mills’s Pam to do something other than pull pranks on Donna.

    The dumb part is they have sooooooooo many women on the show, and they don’t need Amber. They need Deacon! If the Forresters want to mess w/ the Logans, they should have Deacon back. Felicia/Deacon would be fantastic.

    This show is going to hell in a handbasket! I hope the ratings decline when Frantz returns. So will Little Eric/Deacon be in his late 20s since he’s older than Steffy and his half sibling/former aunt Hope?! Or will Bell ignore that since he doesn’t want Frantz to seem older?



  2. bottomchef says:

    The only way B&B can redeem this is if Andrea Evans returns as Tawney to B&B and she goes after Eric. How annoyed would that make Pam and Stephanie?! After getting rid of Donna, they now have to battle trailer trash Tawney for Eric. But that won’t happen since Bell likes the actors who cannot act to be front and center on B&B like Moss, Gareis, Beemer, Jones and Downe. And he’d let his vets KKL and Tylo have storylines that revolve around Matula, Conroy and Woods. LOL!


  3. Rob says:

    LOVE Adrienne but have to agree, the show is VERY cast heavy with a lot of talent being wasted, why add to the mix???


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