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1 December 15th, 2010 B&B lands on Best Alternative Television Programs of 2010 list!

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Ed Martin, the television critic over at, has a list today at the  Huffington Post of the Best Alternative Television Programs of 2010.  Martin, reveals that the shows in this his third year of annual alternative picks, feature noteworthy shows that likely won’t land on many such year end lists but still deserve special recognition.

The Bold and the Beautiful made this alternative list! Martin states about this gem of the CBS Daytime line-up, “The Bold and the Beautiful did something hugely hopeful and impressive: It took on the challenges faced by the homeless and the disenfranchised and worked them into the very fabric of its canvas, not as a soapbox sermon but as an informative story that also entertains as it goes. Several soaps, including this one, have in the past featured brief stories about homeless people, but that isn’t the case here. B&B is reportedly going to keep this issue in play for a long time to come. Meantime it is still delivering all the sex, romance and overdone relationship drama that soap fans crave. This is how it’s done!”

We couldn’t agree more!

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  1. kay killgore says:

    This soap is a joke! The overdone with the getting long in the tooth brooke logan and now this kiddie triangle! I have now quit watching this soap!


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