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25 November 5th, 2015 B&B Looking For Mature Australian Actress To Play Recurring Role!


The Bold and the Beautiful may just be bringing in the mother of Ivy Forrester (Ashleigh Brewer) to the canvas, if speculation is correct.

According to Soap Opera Digest, the CBS soap and international hit series, is looking to cast a woman 50-60 years old, who must be Australian.

The casting call is for the character known as “Claire”, and is expected to be filled shortly, and to tape within a few weeks.  Brewer herself mentioned in an interview with SOD, that Ivy’s mother had somewhat of a fear of flying, so if the character were ever to appear she would have to find another way to get to California!

So, who would you suggest for the role of “Claire”?  Put your casting director hats on and give us your best suggestion!

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  1. Scott Novick says:

    Ivy’s mom ***IS*** named Claire – or at least, John called her that in a conversation with Eric. Of course, B&B conveniently forgot that Taylor’s surname was originally Ashford when they decided to change it to Hamilton, and that Jessica Forrester’s mom was originally said to be Hannah until Barbara Crampton came on as Maggie. Maybe they are getting it right this time?


    Mark Y replied

    Jessica Forrester??


    James R. Poissant replied

    Yes—she was played by Maitland Ward and her love interest was Dylan played by Dylan Neal.

    Scott Novick replied

    Jessica is Ivy’s half sister, played by Maitland Ward on the show from 1994-1996. That was the first time John Forrester was ever mentioned. John and his wife were going through a rough patch in their marriage, so John sent his daughter, Jessica, to stay with her uncle Eric and aunt Stephanie in L.A. But they just sent her – they didn’t bother to call or anything. So Jessica showed up at the Forrester mansion and was shocked to find that Stephanie had no idea she was coming, or that Eric and Stephanie were divorced. (Eric was married to Sheila at the time.) Since Stephanie pretty much had the whole mansion to herself at the time, she allowed Jessica to stay with her rather than with Eric and Sheila.

    John eventually called Eric and admitted that he had sent Jessica to L.A. because he and his wife were getting a divorce. Eric and Stephanie broke the news to Jessica, who got involved with much older Forrester employee Dylan Shaw.

    After John and his wife divorced, his wife showed up in LA to reconnect with her daughter. The mother was originally referred to as Hannah in conversations between Eric and Stephanie, but when we met her, they said her name was Margaret, aka Maggie (played by Barbara Crampton).

    After two years of ups and downs with Dylan, including a rivalry with her mom over him, Jessica left town to join her dad (who was living in England at the time). Maggie stayed around and married James Warwick, and they were part of a triangle with Sheila.

    John eventually made his way to Australia after a couple of more marriages and met Ivy’s mom.

    We never saw John in the flesh until Fred Willard showed up last year. John mentioned Maggie once, but he has not mentioned Jessica at all. So Ivy has a half sister, even though it’s been just shy of two decades since we have seen her!

    May King replied

    Geraldine Turner, one of Australia’s premier actresses would be PERFECT!!!


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I know it says Australian but i believe Leslie Ann Downs could play the part…lol


    vinman replied

    Was thinking the same thought!


    Carolina replied

    Kylie Minogue!

    Half the women from the exceptional to this day “Prisoner: Cell Block H”

    Harry replied

    Rachel Ward would be perfect She’s beautiful, she’s the right age and she is an Aussie.

  3. Joel says:

    Kimberlin Brown. She can do accents.


  4. Sprite says:

    Emma Samms would be awesome. She’s so beautiful and well known around the world, which would only boost the show’s international popularity.


    Ollie replied

    I agree!


  5. John T says:

    Trishy Dishy was made for it


  6. Bonnie says:

    Olivia Newton John


  7. dimis says:

    What about Kim Zimmer?


    Mark Y replied

    Love that idea


    Harry replied

    Not that scene chewer.

  8. Noodle head says:

    crystal Chappell


  9. Michael (not Fairman) says:

    Carmen Duncan comes to mind immediately.


  10. KansasGuest says:

    Connie Nielsen is 50 & Danish. She had short run last year on THE GOOD WIFE as Peter Florrick’s mistress. Don’t know if she could do an Australian accent. But, she definitely has a cosmopolitan allure & can speak 8 languages.


  11. Shay says:

    Three fine actresses from the Australian primetime soap, “A Place To Call Home” come to mind. First, there is lead Marta Dusseldorp (Sarah Adams) who possesses that tall, cool blonde, regal vibe…she is quite reminiscent of OLTL’s Jessica Tuck….There is also a set of striking brunettes: the vivacious Sara Wiseman who plays (Aunt) Carolyn Bligh and Jenni Baird who portrays the icy villainess (Aunt) Regina Standish. If the show is looking for a real battleaxe, there is also Noni Hazelhurst, who fills a killer role far older than her years as matriarch Elizabeth Bligh, but is also absolutely superb. This is a wonderful show set in the postwar/early 1950′s…all sorts of yummy storylines! I would highly recommend the program. At any rate, depending upon the “type” B&B is seeking, any of these ladies would do a bang-up job, although they are of various ages. However, due to the period drama cosmetics and costumes in which they feature, each perhaps tends to look more mature than today’s modern counterparts.


  12. sharon white says:

    i think leslie anne down would be a good choice


  13. May King says:



  14. May King says:



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