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32 June 29th, 2016 B&B Shocker: Say What? Quinn’s Been Getting Between The Sheets With Eric Forrester?


Leave it to The Bold and the Beautiful to keep another story bombshell well under wraps that no one saw it coming!

On Wednesday’s episode of the CBS Daytime series, after Quinn (Rena Sofer) heads to her place after a contentious conversation with her daughter-in-law Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), and her son Wyatt(Darin Brooks) about her past wrongdoings  and manipulations involving Liam (Scott Clifton), something shocking occurs.

Quinn gets back to her place closes the door, and then all of a sudden gets her sexy seductress smirk on!  She says to the person in her bed, “Oh, good.  You’re still here.  I can’t get enough of you!”  When the camera pans up on a naked male leg, we see it’s none other than Eric Forrester (John McCook) who Quinn is making out with.

But is it really Eric? Could it be a doppelganger? Or, is it possible that Eric and Quinn have been having a secret relationship for quite some time?  Just what on earth is Quinn up to now?  Could this all be a figment of her imagination?

Social media was abuzz following the east coast airing of B&B with John McCook taking to his Twitter account stating: “SO glad we were able to keep this a secret…Big smile on MY face today!! So much to come!!”

So, were you shocked to see Eric in bed waiting for Quinn? What do you think is going on?  Is it Eric? If so, how long has this liaison been going on?  Watch the big reveal after the jump.  Then, share your theories on the shocker in the comment section below!

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  1. soapqueenforever says:

    Well I said in an earlier post I was waiting for Quinn to crack. But I didn’t know she was going to take Eric along for the ride! Eric does like his women a little crazed, not to mention kinky in bed. Who cannot forget the famed honey excursion with Miss Donna Logan? Quinn I is a hit 8f a freak in bed. Not to mention the relationship he with the crazed Shelia Carter. I really didn’t see this coming. I just hope the writers aren’t going to pull an Eric look alike where we are left guessing forever who is who. I still say they whoi have Liam and Katie rwke Bill over the coals. Becuse you know damn right well that Bill and Brooke are far from over. But as far as Quinn and Eric are concerned, I have no idea where the writers are goiny with that. I just hope they don’t ruin what could turn out to be something interesting and exciting. Quinn could beome Steffie’s step-grandma. Then she can killcherclike she killed Ally, which by the way was swept nicely under the rug Not that I am taking sides, but who is she to say that Quinn is nuts after what she did to Ivy and Ally. Like I said, I hope they take this story someplace interesting. I wonder what she hid Deacon


    Joan replied

    When is Ivy coming back? She’s been gone a long time. Made a really quick appearance and then gone.


  2. elm1951 says:

    i could not believe what i was seeing – i must admit i was in total shock!!!!!


  3. knitter1 says:

    Wow! Never saw that coming! Hope its not just one of her fantasies.


  4. Tivette says:

    OMG…I was totally floored over that reveal! How and when could it have happened?! Maybe she’s gone off the deep end and this is all her fantasy…? She did flirt with him once back when she was first hired but it went nowhere. Can’t wait to see what this curveball really turns out to be…they really got my attention!


  5. Shirley Strickler says:

    Love this and what fun this will make the big Forester family gatherings at the “Big House”with everyone their :)


  6. Lew S. says:

    I hate to be negative, but once again it is for shock value and no real story. Eric has ALWAYS had bad taste in women, with the exception of Stephanie, who he didn’t appreciate until the end. Rena plays crazy extremely well, but this woman needs a real story.


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    Agree. 100%.


  7. Mark Y says:

    So hot! Hooray! A story for Eric/John. Love it.


  8. Antonio says:

    That’s what soaps should have more often: genuine surprises. With the Internet, the only thing we don’t have about the soaps are the scripts. We know everything else months before it happens. Learn from the British soaps. Hopefully it is the real Eric. Bravo, B&B!


  9. Joel says:

    Not a big shocker. Eric has a long history of sleeping around and getting involved with wackos. Sheila than, Quinn now.


  10. Mo says:

    Yes, I was shocked! What about her love for Liam? LOL But it’s a good plan for Quinn. If she’s with Eric, she’ll get to see her son and DIL. Love it! And they did have a flirtation when Quinn first arrived.


  11. Lexie says:

    When did Bradley Bell become Chuck Pratt by writing out of character shock moments? Y&R has certainly gone down the tubes under Pratt’s horrific writing-style. I guess B&B will follow the same path.


  12. Douglas says:

    Well they started to have Quinn go after Eric when she first got to Forrester and then suddenly dropped the story. I think it will be a fun ride and it will be nice to have McCook back on screen. But PLEASE do not make it a doppelgänger. I don’t think Bradley Bell will do that. It will be MUCH more interesting if it’s the real Eric.


  13. Iakovos says:

    Well, it is a surprise, but not a welcome one for me. I am tired of the endless carousel rides. The turn after Stephanie’s death should have been Eric and Brooke, especially after Brooke and Ridge was clearly not to be. I would have liked to have seen Eric have a front burner story line before now. This pairing with Quinn seems a shock for shock’s sake.


  14. Rose says:

    My jaw hit the floor during that reveal! I’m so excited to see Eric returning to the mix, he has been on the back burner for far too long.


  15. kevin says:

    It was a surprise to me and like other’s have mention, I hope Bradley Bell will write a good and interesting story for these two character’s. I am sorry to mention this again, I wish Bradley Bell would have hired Jaime Lyn Bauer to play opposite of John McCook. BTW, I wish they would make B&B an hour long.


  16. Mary SF says:

    Okay– this was unexpected- not sure if this is a good move or not. If she is supposed to be the new and improved Quinn reformed by Liam’s love then why would she forget Liam so quickly to hit the sheets with Eric? If this is the old Quinn, then she is using Eric for some reason and at his age he should know better than to fall for that– but how ever it happened it is not good news for Steffy– but you know if you go poking a lion with a stick you shouldn’t be surprise if it attacks you– and Quinn is about to unleash all kinds of nasty surprises on Steffy for not embracing her as mommy in law dearest– and keeping her away for her baby boy Wyatt


  17. Mister Media says:

    Absolutely tremendous! A real surprise and an intriguing one. Well done!!


  18. JK says:



  19. ccc says:

    Lame story. Eric would not settle for trash like Quinn. Eric should be with Brooke. Not the same repeated drawn out story of Brooke and Bill over and over. What happened to Quinn’s undying love for Liam? Dumb.


  20. k/kay says:

    I adore JM he has been around forever but this time s spout of the blue and please forgive me but three chums is so unattractive


  21. Sandy says:

    B&B are running out of ways to keep stuff going in a good way , they at B&B if they are not adding wacky crazy stuff to the show they are always using and writing old stuff by recycling it up and adding and inserting stuff into the scripts.
    Quinn is nothing but a modern day version of Shelia Carter. The Liam, Wyat, and Step and hope storylines are nothing but the way it was done with Brooke And Ridge Nick Marone Taylor.

    The days of good old fashion daytime soap writing is all but gone, soaps will not be on 20 years from now at the rate they are going with bad and awful writing.


    Letemeatc8ke replied

    20?!?! How about 5 years from now…


  22. jaybird369 says:

    W-e-l-l…I look at this one like this: Quinn is N-O-T the first crazy chick that Eric has ‘gotten with’. Remember Sheila Carter??? And, we all know how TOTALLY C-R-A-Z-Y Sheila was!!!!!

    Just saying……….


  23. k/kay says:

    But I do adore him I was watching at lunch with my girlfriend who is training me how to ride correctly this is the only soap she watches because of the time etc she and I both agree we live JM he deserves to be carrying major story and no way would he betray his grand daughter Steffy with this nut case Quinn who Bell wasted she is too gorgeous to be wasted like this! Oh well only a soap


  24. Patty Jones says:

    Quinn and Eric make no sense !!! So sick of the Brooke, Bill, and Katie story line. B & B had romantic gold in Katie and Ridge and blew it !! Hopefully, a Katie and Liam take down of Brooke , Bill , and Spencer Publications is in the offing !!! Loving Thomas, Caroline, and Douglas !! Liam being so indecisive with Hope and Steffy should end up with neither.


  25. Letemeatc8ke says:



    penny replied

    Hahaha! So true. ;)


  26. Hal says:

    Fantastic ! Who doesn’t love Quinn, sexy and lethal, perfect for Eric.


  27. Belle says:

    Bold and the Beautiful really has been offering the surprises these past months. I love this bold move with Eric and Quinn.


  28. nancy says:

    love it hope they eric and quinn go a long way and dont like a family telling eric what to do


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