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3 May 17th, 2010 B&B’s Alley Mills on Pam’s upcoming tryst with Stephen!

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Say it isn’t so!  We will learn shortly, on an upcoming episode of B&B that Pam Douglas played by Alley Mills,  has never had sex.  And, I mean ever!  And, who is the man that will deflower this middle-aged mess?  Well, Stephen Logan, played by Patrick Duffy.  Poor Pam won’t know what hit her, when Stephen gets Pam in the sack, and has, sort of…revenge sex.  Don’t miss the May 25th episode.  You see, it’s all part of Logan’s plan for payback to Stephanie for unfairly blaming her for his wife, Beth’s,  sudden death.  Mills spoke with TV Guide Magazine, about her lastest escapades and the real fallout that Pam will face:

Alley on what having sex with Stephen will do to her fragile mind: “Pam grew up seeing her father be so abusive to Stephanie, so the idea that men are bad was formed in her mind at a very early age. This could send her back to that really dark place. I can’t go into what happens, but it gets pretty gnarly. When she finds out she’s been tricked —that Stephen doesn’t really care for her—she’s going to be so hurt. But, hey, until then, she’s caught herself a hunk—on her first go-round!—and she’s having fun.  She’s having sex with the Man from Atlantis and Bobby Ewing all rolled into one!”

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  1. bottomchef says:

    I’m all for this storyline. Finally Alley Mills gets to do something other than pull pranks on Donna! Mills is 1 of the few good actors on B&B along w/ Flannery, Tylo, Spears and Kay (if she’s still on once ATWT ends). And at least they are not just dropping Beth’s death. I’d rather Brooke finally go bonkers and try to kill Steph like it was in Big Bear. But B&B writes her now as this boring trophy wife who never backs up her threats to Steffy. It also is completely logical for Pam to be a virgin since all her character has done is be w/ Ann. It’s insulting for Mills to be second fiddle to the likes B&B’s terrible ensemble cast consisting of Moss, Diamont, Beemer, Battle, Bell, Matula, Conroy, Jones, Lowder, Frantz and Downe. If this is how the Logan vs. forrester feud is being written, then all the better, since Mills needs to drive storylines.


  2. Rob says:

    After all the nasty things Pam has done to the Logans its just desserts!!


    bottomchef replied

    Rob: Donna and Brooke are often humiliated and slapped, while the manwhores of the show like Nick and HOwen get no humiliation or physical assaults. And Katie is just there as her boring self, so it’ll be interesting for a Douglas Forrester to be on the receiving end of some deception and humiliation.

    It was implied that all Pam did was take care of Ann, although it actually was the other way around, so I think it’s logical that the character is a virgin. Having sex for the first time can be emotional enough, but then you factor in Stephen’s scheme and Pam’s already unstable mind, and it could be good material for Mills.

    Did you read tvgc’s take on Pam’s virginity. How the hell did nelson Branco jump to the outlandish conclusion that based on Brad bell’s writing, he’d think bell was a virgin if he wasn’t married w/ children? Everything has to be abt sex on branco’s columns, from calling TPTB soap blockers (instead of cock blockers) to the spit and swallow “joke” w/ Stafford, etc.

    Have you read the rumors Rob that Brad bell will kill of 1 of Ridge and Tay’s children? I guess this will be the summer storyline. They really should kill off Rick instead of 1 of Ridge and Tay’s children. Amber doesn’t need a romantic angle. Just make everyone hate her and let Brooke battle w/ her. And Brooke has enough children: Bridget, Hope, Jack and Ridge Junior. They don’t need Rick and Kyle Lowder has destroyed the character with his bad acting!


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