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27 November 25th, 2014 B&B’s Ashleigh Brewer Interview: Could This Forrester Gal Turn Into “Poison Ivy” To Keep Liam?

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Australia’s Ashleigh Brewer became a soap success down under on the long running series Neighbours playing heroine Kate Ramsay for five years.  She left the show with this statement to her legions of fans: “I really feel like I’ve done my character justice and the time is right to close this chapter and open the next exciting one.”  And a new chapter certainly began for Brewer, as she next landed a primo role on the hit U.S and international smash soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful!

Nowadays, Ashleigh plays the role of the alluring Ivy Forrester, one of the newest members to the leading familial clans of the series on the CBS Daytime drama.  In story, Ivy seems to have her heart set on Liam Spencer played by Scott Clifton.  But, can Ivy truly steal Liam’s heart away from his long time love Hope (Kim Matula), even though Hope is now married and pregnant with child to Liam’s brother, Wyatt (Scott Clifton)?  Oh, the tangled web of relationships B&B executive producer and head writer Brad Bell weaves within his highly successful formula of young love triangles and quadrangles.

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with the Ashleigh to find out how she came to the attention of B&B, what she thinks of the recent Amsterdam and Paris remote storylines and the emotional fallout for the characters involved, the departure of Kim Matula, and if a dark turn may be in the works for Ivy!  One thing is for certain, the sky is the limit for this beautiful young star as Ivy becomes positioned to become a force to be reckoned with amidst the backdrop of the high fashion industry!

What did you think of the story in Amsterdam that had Wyatt (Darin Brooks) manipulating Liam (Scott Clifton) and Ivy together?


ASHLEIGH:  I thought it was a great way to show where everyone stood within the love square, as it is.  I always think it’s exciting to be a part of a story that is set in such a beautiful aesthetic setting that is so far away!

There was quite a little catty moment, or pseudo cat-fight, between Ivy and Hope (Kim Matula) during the Amsterdam episodes.  What did you think about it … and how it came about?

ASHLEIGH:  I think the storyline was good, because it forced people to sort of be in confined spaces. I It forced the four characters to be so close together in that amount of time, and so it was sort of interesting to watch play out.  As for the girls, it was about the competition. For Ivy, it was the alpha-male kind of thing where she was testing the waters to have a bit of fun between the two characters, but also to see who stood where.

Does Ivy see Hope as a nuisance now … and in her way of being with Liam?

ASHLEIGH:  I don’t think she has ever thought of her like, because Ivy has always been respectful of Liam’s feelings towards Hope, and vice-versa.  Ivy gets frustrated with it as she looks at the view, and that Liam is so tightly-wound around Hope’s finger. I think her feelings are deep enough for Liam to allow him time, and she is willing to wait.  Ivy has more patience than I ever would!


Do you see Ivy becoming in cahoots with Wyatt to keep Hope and Liam apart in the future?

ASHLEIGH:  Yeah, I think that would be awesome, and I could totally see that happening.  Down the road, I do hope Darin Brooks and I can work more together.

Does Ivy think after Amsterdam that she has her hooks into Liam now and things are going her way?

ASHLEIGH:  I think it’s kind of an unexplainable thing. When you have a history with someone for so long, I think understands that, and people can hold other people back.  Ultimately, she is working on trying to get Liam out of that situation.

In Amsterdam, I heard you got very sick.  I know you discussed it during your appearance on The Talk, and as well, Scott and Darin mentioned it when they were guests on our recent broadcast of Soap Nation Live!  What exactly happened?


ASHLEIGH:  I got an injury on my leg that got badly infected that was brought on by the plane ride to Amsterdam.  My leg swelled up and it cut open by a doctor. It just didn’t go away, and I couldn’t walk on it any more.  After the incision was made, it wasn’t really cared for properly, and so then I was taken to emergency, and the rest is history.  I was on some strong pain pills for the last 48 hours we were there, so that was a crazy way to work.  It was the best couple of hours of my life! (Laughs) But then I needed some more to get me through the afternoon, and then I started to get really sick.  I don’t even take an Advil if I have a bad headache, or something.  These strong painkillers reacted with my stomach while we were shooting on the boat.  I spent the whole afternoon so nauseous and it was horrendous!  I still look back on the whole thing though and think, “That was a great trip!” (Laughs)  However, I will have a scar on my leg for the rest of my life from that trip.

What was it like being in Amsterdam, where B&B has such a huge following?

ASHLEIGH:  In Europe, The Bold and the Beautiful has such a huge following.  What fascinated more so is that I am not even on air there for like another two years and they already know who I am!


Kim Matula decided to leave the show.  What are your thoughts on her departure and your time working with her?

ASHLEIGH:  Obviously, I have not been on the show for very long, but she is such a gem.  Kim really helped this show for so long, and did such an incredible job. Whoever steps into the role will have big shoes to fill.  I have such great respect for her. 

Scott and Darin mentioned on Soap Nation Live! that it was emotional last day for everyone when Kim wrapped at B&B. Were you there?

ASHLEIGH:  I was there, and with her in the last scene she taped.  It was extremely emotional as in anything that ends, but Kim is going to go on and do great things.

It seems like every actor or actress here in L.A from Australia has been on Aussie soaps, Home and Away or Neighbours!

ASHLEIGH:  Yes! (Laughs) Every other person I see here in Los Angeles has either done Home and Away or Neighbours, or either knows someone who once had a quick guest role on it.  So somehow, I do feel like everybody is connected to it!

Tell me about your journey on Neighbours and the part you played?

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ASHLEIGH:  I finished Neighbours in December of 2013, and I played Kate Ramsay and I was on the series from the beginning of 2009.  Kate was a good girl.  Sometimes she would get a little crazy, and it didn’t bother me to play the good girl, because Neighbours is a very wholesome show. 

Because you had been on Neighbours for five years as Kate Ramsay, did people stop you everywhere you went, like they often do to soap stars here in the U.S. when they are out and about?

ASHLEIGH:  It would depend on where you were. I lived in Melbourne, and if you go to a big shopping mall or something like that, people would come to meet and call me “Kate”.  Having played Kate for five years, I can’t imagine what it must be like for somebody like Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, B&B) who has played her role for 27 years!  Even now if I heard “Kate” I would turn around.  You get used to a director calling you “Kate” or “Ash”.  I have never been an “Ashleigh” … or called it as much as “Ash”.

So, how did this all end up happening that you landed the role of Ivy Forrester on B&B?  It was a brilliant move to cast an international-based actress on the international smash soap opera, and one that is hugely popular in Australia.

Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas Photography/CBS

ASHLEIGH:  It is cool! Brad Bell (executive producer and head writer, B&B) expressed an interest in me even before I left Neighbours.   I feel like maybe he had heard somewhere along the line that I was leaving, and I have a considerable fan following, and I think for someone young, he knew I had experience in this “soap” setting.  I think that did spark some interest and it kind of went from there. I ended up having a meeting with Brad, and B&B producer Ed Scott, and a few others from the show, and it went so well.  I also met Darin Brooks (Wyatt). When I met everyone I really thought it was just going to be a general meet and greet. Next, they wanted me to do a chemistry read with Darin!  I was so surprised, as I thought I was just going to shake some hands and then they would say, “Thanks. We’ll remember you.” (Laughs)   I ended up joining B&B in May of 2014.  They wrote the character of Ivy specifically for me.  How lucky am I?

What did you first think of Darin Brooks when you initially met him?

ASHLEIGH:  I thought he was so nice and cute, who wouldn’t?  So, we did that chemistry read, and apparently that didn’t go to well, because we are not love interests on the show right now! (Laughs)  Speaking of “love interests”, I am still trying to figure out how to make Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) not a blood relative of Ivy’s! (Laughs)

Guess what?  Actually, Ivy and Ridge are not blood relatives!  So, maybe there is a chance for a “love connection” down the road!   We are sure many gals in the B&B cast would like Thorsten as their love interest, too! (Laughs)

Photo Credit: Danya Morrison

ASHLEIGH:  Oh, that is good news.  You just made my day!  He is the hottie, I mean seriously!  I mean, Ridge was hanging all over Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) recently, and so maybe he is working his way down the age ladder! (Laughs)

What did you know of the character of Ivy when you first came on to B&B?

ASHLEIGH:  I did not know a single thing.  Originally, Ivy was supposed to be American, so I knew I would have to put on an accent.

Do you have an American accent that you can easily put on when doing a character?

ASHLEIGH:  It used to be so good, because I was working so hard on it, but now I am a little bit lazy. But since I don’t hear a lot of Australian accents any more, and if I have a long day, I will say words funny.

Funny man, Fred Willard was recently cast as your on-screen father John Forrester.  What did you think of Fred being cast as Ivy’s father … and how was it to work with such a talented man?


ASHLEIGH:  I loved it!  We worked very well together, in fact, our producer Ed Scott came up to us after we did about five or six scenes and said, “Are you two really related?” (Laughs)  The scenes were so seamless, and they just seemed so nice and easy.  Ivy loves her father, and they have a nice relationship.  She strikes me as a “daddy’s girl”, but I am like that in real life, so maybe it’s me that is coming out through her, in that regard.

In the big episodes that had Ivy in Paris with the rest of the younger set, Ivy inadvertently helped wreck Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope’s (Kim Matula) relationship!   Were the fans “hating” on you?

ASHLEIGH:  I have not seen anything negative at all; I think the fans thought that Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope (Kim Matula) have gone on for so long that any change was going to be a welcomed change. That is not to say the storyline isn’t still thriving, but I think to bring in something else, no one is yelling at me, “We hate you for coming between them!” (Laughs)

How would you recap what happened in Paris?

ASHLEIGH:  Ivy was sitting on the bridge and she was taking a photo of Hope and Liam. Then Quinn (Rena Sofer) comes along and sabotages the whole event for Liam, by pushing Ivy into the river.  So now Liam is torn whether to save Ivy’s life or making it to the love of his life on time.  Ivy was not in cahoots with Quinn!  Nor is she on “Team Quinn”, nor will she be ever, because she loves Liam!


What does Ivy think of Hope’s pregnancy with Wyatt as her baby daddy … and what that means for her burgeoning relationship with Liam?

ASHLEIGH:  I think it’s a bad reminder of the love that could have been between Hope and Liam, and I think Hope is reminded of the same thing.  I feel Hope gets away with things so easily.  She gets away with murder! 

What it has been like working with Daytime Emmy winner Scott Clifton?

ASHLEIGH:  I didn’t know that he was an Emmy winner!  He is a hard working, and easy to work with on set.  We kind of gel!  You are easily in synch with another actor, or you’re not.  He is great. Scott also does a terrific Australian accent!

Where can you see Ivy headed within the company framework of Forrester Creations?

ASHLEIGH:  Professionally, I think I have been noticing she is good on the business end, not just on the designing end of things.  People listen to her, and Eric Forrester (John McCook) seems to listen to her.  I could see her getting more involved with PR for Forrester Creations.


I love how every one of the Forresters has no initial drawing talent or design background … and all of a sudden they are a high-fashion designer!

ASHLEIGH: Exactly! (Laughs) Ivy is young, but she knows what she is doing!

What would you like to see happen for Ivy, if you could foresee the future, or have a hand in writing the show?

ASHLEIGH:  I would like to see her flip around and become evil! Why not? (Laughs)

Fans of B&B have mentioned since Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is no longer on the canvas, Ivy is going to take her place as that type of character within the younger set!

ASHLEIGH:  I know! That is all I hear!  I think there is still potential for that.  I think she is still green and in a new country.  I think some things would need to, or could happen, to propel her do be bad.  It would be really fun.  It would be kind of interesting actually if Hope lost the baby, and then Ivy and Liam ended up having a baby!  However, what I am seeing right now is Ivy has quite a strong backbone.  If she gets even a hint of something not going quite right or her way, and I don’t mean in a vindictive type way, she never backs down or hides away, and she speaks what’s on her mind.  There is a strength coming through in her that I am really appreciating.  Originally, I thought perhaps they would map Ivy out as a wimp, but she has turned out to be anything but!  She is a lot of fun to play right now.

Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas Photography

What do you think are Ivy’s true goals at this point? Does she want to nab Liam as her man … or does she want a major career in the fashion industry more?

ASHLEIGH:  She is focused on Liam, and she is focused on her career.  In the storyline, when Ivy finds out she is going to Amsterdam, because of her jewelry line, it’s huge for her! The first thing she did was to run off and invite Liam, and I get that it is a part of the storyline. However, a part of me was like, “Oh, girl!  Just go do your work for four or five days and go back home!”  So therefore, I feel like she is a little more focused on Liam then she is letting on.

Do you think Ivy’s interest in Liam is going to turn into some sort of obsession, down the line?

ASHLEIGH: Maybe, but I don’t think Liam is helping that.  I don’t think this is completely one-sided. We shall see.  I feel she is more in love at the moment than Liam right now, because she has to split his attention away from Hope!

So, are you hoping that Ivy ultimately wins the heart of Liam Spencer?  Do you want Ivy to become more of an evil bitch?  Now that Kim Matula had left the series, and fans will see how the story plays out in the coming weeks, what do think that means for the character of Ivy>  What did you think of what Ashleigh shared in our interview? Comment below!

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  1. Filomena says:

    Ivy ain’t all that. Plus, Livy is SUPER boring.


    angry gal replied

    I couldn’t agree more ….she’s got no chemistry with Liam and everything she does just looks so forced and boring!!!!


    abs replied

    yes so true

  2. knighthawk says:

    Wow, there are so many things in this interview that are just wrong. First of all, Miss Brewer needs to do her homework and learn the history of the show. AND, she should go read the comments on facebook and Kim Matula’s instagram and maybe she would realize that fans DID want Hope and Liam to be together and in addition to missing Kim’s work in general one of the things fans will miss the most is the chemistry between Kim and Scott, and the fact that Hope and Liam didn’t get to be happy together before Kim left the show.

    She wants Ivy to have Liam’s baby and Hope to lose HER baby? Really? Well sure, that would be great if she wants viewers to stop watching.

    Ivy is a boring character, and I don’t care what kind of fan following she had on her old show, she hasn’t impressed me much on Bold yet.

    Since the show has said they have no plans to recast Hope, maybe she should think twice before assuming it’s common knowledge that the character will be recast.


    Angela replied

    What fans? I read almost every soap board and the MAJORITY were against a Lope redux.


    abs replied

    you are so mean Ivy is amazing and Ash too


  3. Angry gal says:

    Sorry but this girl has never watched the show by the sounds of it and for her to make these judgements on the characters is ridiculous. She also said that she hasn’t seen any negative reaction to her character coming between Hope and Liam all I can say is maybe she should read boards and mags more she isn’t liked at all and as for her comments about Hope really ???? what would she know all she’s doing is blowing her own trumpet and self importance maybe if she read more she’d see that she’s not the expert she thinks she is and not a very liked character on this show.


  4. Adam says:

    Ivy has been awesome, new life to the BB, read the comments above, please get real. She’s doing a damn good job. Thrilled to have her on the show. Sick of Kim M. and glad she is going as BB turned in the HOPE SHOW – it’s old, a new fresh face is just what was needed baldy.

    She may not the show or characters but hell she’s not from USA, give her a break folks!


  5. Dita says:

    I think it’s really sad how some are getting salty over her opinion. I think Ivy is a great addition to the show. Not all fans were crazy about the never ending toxic love story of Hope and Liam. Some of us were sick to death of that storyline. No offense to Kim but I’m glad the character of Hope Logan is gone.It’s also nice to see Liam happy and in a good mood. Instead of begging Hope all the time. I think Ashleigh is doing a great job.


    knighthawk replied

    Maybe you should read the article again. Miss Brewer basically says that Hope will be recast, so you aren’t getting the break you want. And Ivy is just another in a long line of Bold and Beautiful characters that are more than willing to be the rebound, second choice love interest, and we all know how that goes. Livy is awkward. You don’t have to be a Lope fan to see that.


    Angela replied

    If you think Hope won’t be recast WAKE UP. She will be. People said Brad Bell wouldn’t recast Ridge either, but he did….

  6. Mo says:

    I like Ivy and Ashleigh. I prefer Liam with Ivy than Hope.


    AJ replied

    I’d prefer the neighbor’s cat with Liam over being with Hope. So glad Hope Logan is gone. Lope fans blame anybody but Hope herself. She was the one who decided to marry one brother within 5 minutes of giving up on another. She chose to leave Paris with Wyatt, she chose to marry him and after the last pregnancy scare, chose to get knocked up. But of course, none of this will ever be HER fault. Plz, many of us count the days until the train wreck of Lope is off our screens, no matter how long. Hope and Liam were no great love story.


    Mo replied

    I like Hope with Wyatt and will miss Hope/Kim when she leaves. I do think the character is integral and will have to be recast though. However, a break wouldn’t be bad–give viewers a chance to bond with someone new should that happen.

  7. Dani says:

    Firstly, Ms. Brewer needs to read up and get familiar with the history of the soap. Secondly, she is incorrect in saying that viewers have moved on from Liam and Hope. Wrong! Most of the Lope fans are pretty much in anger that the writers brought in Ivy to take Liam away from Hope. For this reason, Ms. Brewer, Lope fans will never like Livy! Apart from this, sorry to say that you may think you gel with SC, but we fail to see it. So far, the character of Ivy has been nothing but a snooze fest. If your intention was to promote your character and yourself, I would suggest you change your tune. You are not very liked!


    Mo replied

    Wow! No wonder she hasn’t read stuff from the Lope fans if it is all as rude as yours. I don’t blame her.


    Jeannine replied

    Dani, i want to comment on this part of your post ‘Most of the Lope fans are pretty much in anger that the writers brought in Ivy to take Liam away from Hope.’…now you obviously only see what you want to see on the show…first the naked prince rushed the spawn off to be married so he in fact TOOK THE SPAWN AWAY FROM LIAM FIRST and in fact Ivy was pushing for Liam and the spawn, she wanted him to go to Paris and she had to almost force him,that says a lot about the so called LOPE love doesn’t it, it was only after those two morons were married that Ivy really focused on Liam….the spawn and Liam had their chances repeatedly and she always ran away and Ashleigh is correct when she said viewers have moved on from Liam and the spawn because quite frankly were frigging sick of the crap/


    Leigh replied

    I am glad to see another woman come in and give Liam some attention. Hope was too quick to run away with Wyatt instead of giving Liam time to get there and then to let that manipulator talk her in to marriage ! I would take Liam anytime over a guy like Wyatt whose witch mother will always be manipulating and scheming and be a wedge between them.


  8. Sofia says:

    Absolutely adore Ashleigh Brewer, she’s a breath of fresh air. Love her character Ivy, she’s sassy and classy.


    abs replied

    EXACTLY :)


  9. patricia says:

    I love the character of Ivy she does not have to be a bitch or Steffy I like the character of Ivy she is a classy lady no need to make her evil


    Leigh replied

    Love Ashleigh. I hope that the writers don’t write her as another schemer. She is so real and so beautiful .


    abs replied

    Yess :)

  10. Sue says:

    Not a fan of Ivy, she can leave with Hope!


    abs replied

    I don’t agree but at least you said it with class


  11. Leigh says:

    Who in the world can replace Kim as Hope?


    abs replied

    hum no need to replace hope RIP hope
    but actualy Kim is a great actress and so beautiful


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