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44 December 3rd, 2013 B&B’s Brad Bell Gives The Scoop On Why Thorsten Kaye Is The New Ridge & Reveals A Quandrangle Could Be In The Works!


The Bold and the Beautiful’s head honcho, Brad Bell has broken his silence in a new interview with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan on the decision to cast Thorsten Kaye as the new Ridge Forrester and much more!

From the sounds of this interview, look for Ridge, Katie (Heather Tom), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Bill (Don Diamont) to be involved and intertwined in each others lives… can you say quandrangle?  Bell also revealed what to look for when fan favorite Thorsten Kaye takes over the pivotal Forrester role on the upcoming Friday, December 13th episode!  Here are a few excerpt from Brad’s chitchat with TVG!

Bell on if nuRidge will fall for Katie: “Well… maybe I will. Anything is possible! Thorsten makes a fantastic Ridge — very different from (predecessor) Ronn Moss. He’ll really electrify the show. Bill has been cock-of-the-walk for way too long. He needs a little competition! And that’s exactly what he’s going to get! We’re going to find out that Ridge has gone through something very significant during his time away — something that’s really changed him. There’s only one Ronn Moss and he was splendid, but now we have a new and very different Ridge and it’s exciting to write for him.”

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

Bell on his thinking process at to why make Thorsten Kaye the new Ridge, when he is so vastly different than Ronn Moss: “I felt we needed an actor with depth and range and complexity and Thorsten brings that. I love the idea of Ridge being a man of the world, a man with gravitas. I didn’t go looking for superficial similarities. It’s a case of betting on the man himself. I’m betting on Thorsten’s acting chops to win people over, not any similarity in looks.”

What do you think of Brad Bell’s decision to make Thorsten Kaye the new Ridge Forrester?  Are you excited about the possibilities in story, if a quandrangle were to occur, where Ridge falls for Katie, while Brooke gets back with Bill?  And then that gets all scrambled up? Weigh-in!


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  1. Emma says:

    I’m excited about TK joining B&B. He is a very, very good actor so I think he will do a tremendous job with the role. Hopefully, he will take over the lead of B&B from Kim Matula.


  2. brian says:

    Never watch B & B… but if his wife Susan Haskell gets signed.. I would.


    clh replied

    Oooooh, Susan Haskell as a love match for Thorne would be awesome!


    Jake M. replied

    How about Haskell as a recast for a younger Brooke? :)

    alexis replied

    please no no susan haskell, she is not attractive at all. she has a weird mouth and ugly smile.

    Jared replied

    Susan Haskell is a lovely, beautiful, talented woman. I’m okay with insulting characters or brainless executives who ruin good people’s live, but to insult the looks of an innocent woman is not cool and just plain cruel.

    kaity replied

    Susn Haskell is a Beautiful women and an awesone two time emmy winning actress. To the poster that call her ugly she must not had the pleasure of meeting Susan in person.
    So bring Susan on BB as a Karen recast maybe


    eileen hargis replied

    Partner, they arent married.


  3. toscanti says:

    Love it!


  4. Iakovos says:

    I think we could see that quadrangle coming for a long time, owing to history and the star power. Now if the characters could just get some smarts to go with their passions.

    Eager to have Kaye on screen again and as Ridge Forrester. Ridge was so integral to the story yet in trhe last decade we have yawned at the endless Brooke-or-Taylor game or lamented lack of participation because of focus on well… the endless hope-Liam-Steffy triangle. A rough-and-ready Ridge, coupled with his brother Thorne, opposite Bill Spencer could really be exciting. I just want everone to eb smarter and less focused on work breaks in the steam room. Would be nice to see some longer-form stories develop, more surprise, less near incest.


  5. clh says:

    Love it! Can’t wait for him to start. I record this show and watch it when there’s nothing else on to watch, but now it will be must see T.V.!!

    While I’ve always like the “idea” of Brooke and Ridge, I think the chemistry between Thorsten and Heather Tom will be off the chain, so I could totally root for a Ridge/Katie pairing.

    Wouldn’t that just give daddy’s little girl Steffy one more thing to whine about.


  6. mo says:

    Sounds like some good stuff coming up. I’m willing to let Thorsten win me over. I think he’s Ridge will be totally different, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


  7. k/kay says:

    Blah, blah, blah you want to talk to Rick Hearst, Jack Wagner, Lorenzo Lamas the list goes on and on this man Brad Bell is a worm and KKL has another man on her list she can giggle with etc. hopefully she can keep her hands off of him off camera she has a problem with that. FYI Ronn Moss is 61 yrs old and is showing it when TK starts the dog petting of KKL’s hair we will all throw up!


    Annie replied

    Every time RM started petting KKL’s hair and did that straddle it was up-chuck time. Please pair TK with HT. I hope a larger part is written for Thorne


  8. Kate says:

    I would have preferred TK in Y&R. B&B has no depth to it. The whole show is about who is sleeping with who. There is only a little story to allow for all the sleeping around. The only reason B&B has viewers is because it comes on after Y&R. Anyway, glad to see he has a job.


  9. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I hope Thorsten’s Ridge does fall for Katie. It’d be a great pairing.


    Michael (not Fairman) replied

    It remains to be seen how they interact with each other on-screen and what kind of chemistry there is, but the prospect of seeing two such strong actors in the same story is certainly intriguing. And I’ve never, ever understood why Katie stays with Bill anyway (though I have to say: I never for a minute understood why Brooke or Taylor put up with the Ron Moss version of Ridge, either; let’s hope the Thorsten Kaye version has more to recommend him).


  10. Katherine says:

    I still think that this recast was Bells disrespect toward Ronn Moss and all his work through 25 years. There is and ALWAYS will be only one ORIGINAL Ridge – Ronn Moss. TK will only be fake.


    Cindy replied

    Finally!… someone who agrees with me! No disrespect for this TK guy; but ugh. No way. Ridge was the kind of guy who had every hair in place, and was refined. This guy looks like someone who should be the bad guy on a CSI episode. Not someone in fashion!!! Maybe if he shaved and washed the grease out of his hair, there could be some hope. But for some reason, that raspy voice and cocker spaniel eye thing has already got me holding the remote when he comes on. Turn! Sorry, don’t mean to be rude, but that’s just my opinion. The guy does nothing for this role. Nothing. And I’ve watched B&B since day one. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! Give him the hook and bring Ron back, please.


    gail replied

    I 100% totally agree with you!

    Dee replied

    Arggghhhhh!!!!! I have taken to recording and forward winding near every time he speaks. Soooo nottttttt a Ridge Forrester . Ur right he isn’t refined at all. Sorry he may be a great actor but they really needed cast someone who is close too The true ridge forrester. We are behind here but I know there’s an episode when ridge is missing….. From a plane or something . I’m praying he isn’t found. Will be enjoyable B&B episodes for me once again.

    Gabriella replied

    He’s found, but I hope he will get lost again for good.

  11. eileen hargis says:

    Ronn was insulted by his contract offer. Id be willing to bet TK got nearly what Ronn wanted, total disrespect to RM. And BB never even approached Ronn about a cameo for Stephanies funeral.


  12. JPro says:

    Don’t know who Susan Haskell is but just looked up photos of her online. Clearly, “Alexis” is thinking of someone else. Susan is beautiful and has a pretty smile!


  13. Suzanne Hoffman says:

    I hate this new Ridge….he is grizzly, gross and has nothing about him that is at all appealing. Plus he looks older than Ron Moss…..what a horrible mistake. With this addition to the cast and all this continued crappy re-hash of Liam, Steffy, and Hope, I want to puke! And, how did Steffy suddenly become able to have children? The news comes from her Dr. In LA. Has she secretly been flying back and forth from LA to Paris for some phenomenal surgeries? What a slap in the face to those wo can’t conceived renig on this issue! Brad Bell ain’t his daddy!


  14. Forever Ron Moss says:

    I HATE the new Ridge Forrester! OMG. He doesn’t have the looks and is not nearly as suave. I have watched B&B for 25 years and this is some BS! Booooooooooooooo!!!!!!


    Dee replied

    Oh I’m with you!!!!!


    Gabriella replied

    Me too, boooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kelly says:

    I hate the change


  16. barbara says:

    love love love new ridge … and sexy I will stay tuned just to see him …good move mr bell…b and b was starting to bore me not any more just one question what about taylor…?????? I have always been a fan of ridge and taylor….


  17. B&B Fan says:

    I am LOVING Thorsten Kaye as New Ridge. Ronn only had the good looks, TK has good looks and BOY can he act. It’s a welcome change.


    Judr replied



  18. Suzanne says:

    I am so disappointed that Brooke and Ridge won’t be together.


  19. Harriet says:

    I really dislike this new Ridge. The story line about him maybe being gay is too far fetched to be the Ridge that I have watched for so many years.
    Just dumb to do this to that role.


  20. Cindy says:

    …and how about this new, “sudden”, romance with Katy? Huh? They had one rendezvous in the park and couple of puppy-eyed moments in her office–this turns to love? What? I mean, yeah, the original Ridge (Ronn Moss, who they unjustifiably kicked to the curb) was much more subtle than Brooke… but, so what? He wasn’t a wimp. It mirrored the relationship between Bill and Katy… as in opposites attract. The poetry now and the doughy-eyed glances between the new, unimproved Ridge–gag me with a spoon (to coin an outdated, but befitting phrase). Stick this new Ridge with that wacko Quinn. Now that would be a perfect blend. While I am busy trashing everyone (sorry! but it is what it is)… will hair and makeup please give this woman a new do? She was so beautiful in a few LMN movies with long hair. This new short, extremely parted to one side this is a catastrophe, and so thoroughly unflattering. Anyway, back to Ridge… please beg Ronn to come back after the tall Columbo’s contract expires or I am signing off this show. And if Hope stays with this wimpy what’s-his-name instead of the hot, desirable Liam… uh, yeah… I’m done. I realize you have to switch it up for the story line… but throw them some curve balls–don’t break them up!


  21. bee says:

    I HATE the “new” Ridge. So much so that I can’t watch anymore. He’s is unattractive, appears dirty and unkempt , boring and has NO CHEMISTRY with either of the sisters. Add to that the stupid triangle with Hope and it’s insufferable. They are reusing the old triangle script that they used back in the day with Ridge/Brooke/Taylor, just changing the names. Have they just run out of storylines? When this soap premiered it was edgy and the cast was young and beautiful. It’s clear that everyone involved has aged, including the writers who cannot come up with fresh new ideas. It’s a snooze…….


    Gabriella replied

    I completely agree with you Bee. I’m starting to hate the show myself. It was my favourite show and now I’m considering giving it a miss. I’ll hang on a little longer to see if it picks up. How sad.


  22. Maria says:

    Hate the new Ridge!!! Nothing personal to the actor but I think he is all wrong for the part. If he is supposed to have the unkept, Euro playboy look , he nails it! Not clean cut enough for my taste or a lot of American women’s taste I’m sure. Can’t imagine that the show is long for this world unless Ronn Moss returns. They would have to figure that one out & anything is possible in Soap Opera Land!


  23. Allure says:

    Love watching the new ridge! Wow he can actually act! Too good for this show anyway! How can peeps think he’s not sexy?! I think he’s extremely handsome. The person that passed judgement on his partner is so rude.


  24. Zandra says:

    Thorsten Kaye has acting depth but is not believable as a renowned women’s fashion designer. In medical and hadn’t seen B&B for a long time but no matter what over the years the Ridge character may have gone through cannot see Thorsten Kaye in the part.


  25. Gabriella says:

    I totally agree with Bee and all the others that hate the new Ridge. I really loved Ron Moss as Ridge. I once truly enjoyed watching B&B but now I find it totally boring and I’m considering giving it up altogether as this story line is just not interesting anymore with the newer generation. I really missed all the previous actors, they are leaving one by one and soon I shall have to give it a miss altogether if it doesn’t pick up. If only you could get rid of Thorsten Kaye he is so scruffy and not at all good looking, not my cup of tea. How sad that the show I once looked forward to watching is totally a big bore now. Very disappointing.


  26. Tricia from Australia says:

    The reality is TK is far too good to be Ridge or any other character in this show- a 2 dimensional character at most. The recent episode in the cabin between Ridge and Caroline was so totally frustrating. There was no consistency in the storyline whatsoever. Following the big pash scene they just go about their business and Caroline leaves. Like it never happened. What a load of crap. Thorsten, for God sake get your agent to find you a better role in a better show with better writers. Your talents are being wasted. You are so much better than acting along side the Bill Spencers of this world.

    Come to Australia – we’ll sort you out.


  27. Frances from South Africa says:

    I have an idea! I’m also a hater of this SCRUFFY new(ish) Ridge. How about giving him a shave and a haircut – then he might be a bit more credible. Maybe less sexy perhaps, but that’s what happened with Nick (Marone) and we survived the change. [I miss him, and Bridget.. And what the heck happened to Taylor?]


  28. Judr says:

    Sorry to disagree but the Ridge is terrible. I have been watching the story for ever to delete my television.


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