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7 March 22nd, 2010 B&B’s Brad Bell in “Undercover Boss” video parody to celebrate shows 23 years!

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Tomorrow is the The Bold and the Beautiful’s 23rd Anniversary celebration and while the cast and crew celebrated this past weekend at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood, the show put out a video parody that had us chuckling!  In a spoof of reality’s shows from The Bachelor, Undercover Boss and The Amazing Race, check out Susan Flannery, Jacqueline Macinnes Wood, Winsor Harmon and our favorite of them all, Brad Bell (EP and head writer, B&B) in Undercover Boss,  where Brad dons a wig and goes incognito to his own show!  You can view the spoof on our Video of the Day area on the homepage!

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  1. Doe says:

    I loved this. What fun! Love spoofs and they did it well. Everyone, take a look…


  2. bottomchef says:

    That was so hilarious, the skits got better and better. Good spoofs, and Brad Bell has a knack for comedic acting. Steph’s “I’ll shoot you” was hilarious. Thorne jumping out of the car, looking through the trash, running w/ the bag and the paper in his mouth, and his shorts falling to show his undies were all hilarious! They need to revive Thorne’s hatred for Donna. He, Felicia and Pam should make Donna’s life hell.

    The sad part though is that’s the most acting Harmon has done for B&B since Thorne’s engagement to Donna! Instead Bell keeps writing for Katie and Bill, til recently. Bill and Katie are the most annoying couple. No one cares abt these people. Thorne and felicia over these 2!

    Steffy wresting control of FC was a majorly idiotic storyline even for B&B. Had Thorne and Felicia plot to outmaneuver Katie and Bill by trying to sabotage their marriage, then it’d be more realistic, while Steffy could go after Hope, a Logan she could actually battle instead of Katie and Bill. And Steffy keeps complaining that she’s a Forrester and Hope isn’t when neither is Steffy. Biologically, Steffy is a Marone. Had REST stand for Ridge Eric Stephanie Thorne, it’d be more logical. Thorne and Felicia could force their way into FC making Thorne CEO and Felicia head designer since they are biologically Forresters. That’d be better drama w/ Thorne and Felicia vs. Ridge.

    B&B’s a mess now since it’s all abt Steffy and her ridiculous feud w/ the Logans! And now they have this Ollie character that captures people having sex on his video phone. How contrived is that? All so Bridget and Aggie could battle for Nick.

    Felicia should go after Justin or Marcus to drive Donna insane. Since Justin’s a Barber, it should be revealed that he rescued Drucilla and is secretly keeping a comatose Dru in his house, w/c has never been shown on B&B. Have Dru wake up, wrap things up on Y&R for a week, return to B&B, run Jackie M and have a romance w/ Thorne.

    Brad Bell needs to write for Thorne, Felicia, Pam and Justin, since Aaron D. Spears can actually act. And enough w/ this Steffy, Hope, Oliver, Nick and Aggie crap! They need to ship Thomas and Rick out of the show til they find better recasts. They don’t need Aggie since a Bridget/Nick/Jackie/Owen quad would be better, so they can let her leave town or get killed off. They can kill off Oliver also and they need to table Hope since Matula can’t act, and only let Hope return when they have a better actress and when Sean kanan’s Deacon returns. Those cast cuts can make way for Victoria Rowell’s hefty salary and for more airtime for Thorne, Pam, Felicia and other characters.

    Also, once ATWT wraps up, they should hire John Hensley as Zack hamilton, Tay’s younger brother who was involved w/ felicia. That way Lesli Kay and JH can still act alongside each other, and have it revealed that Zack is Felicia’s donor. And if they don’t let Birdget get preggers, have her go thru an eating disorder.

    B&B is the soap w/ all this potential, but it always get sidetracked by terrible, repetitive storylines. Tay and Whip? Seriously? Tay should have married Stephen Logan, making her Brooke’s step mother! How fantastic would that have been?! Then Tay should have eventually married Rick, making Brooke her mother in law! That would have been hilarious, but instead it went back to Tay going after Ridge, w/c led to Rick going insane, w/c led to endless material for Talk Soup. Tay should be paired w/ Thorne instead of Whip. Have them marry and bring a demon child liek Alexandra make Tay’s life a living hell and try to make her go crazy since Allie thinks Tay “killed” Darla.

    And if they ever super age Ridge Junior or Dino, they should be party animal gay teens. B&B is set in LA among rich fashion families, so their children should be messed up Kardashian clones.


  3. bottomchef says:

    Michael fairman:

    What do you think of my storyline suggestions for B&B?

    Do you contribute your opinions on your own boards? You seem to not engage w/ the soap fans that write on your website.


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hola! I was just at the set of B&B this afternoon for the on set celebration for the 23rd anniversary. I will be posting comments from Brad Bell on his thoughts on his storylines, and chats with Ashley Jones, Sarah Brown, Brandon Beemer and Ross Moss.

    I think you made some very creative points in regards to what to do with B&B stories and I did Ask Brad about his hilarious spoof from “Undercover Boss” You will enjoy.

    I like the comments on the posts on MF On-Air On-Soaps to truly be from the fans and their vantage points and thoughts. Everyone has their take on things and that is what makes posting here and reading them so interesting. But of course, at times, you will find me making posts on here. Keep an eye open as you never know when an MF post may pop up. :)


    bottomchef replied

    Your website is so detailed, I thought you’d be more interactive w/ your readers. And you don’t seem to have any glaring biases towards actors, EPs, HWs, Daytime heads, or soaps, unlike tvgc’s Branco. So perhaps your opinions on your boards would be more objective and unbiased.

    Sadly though Brad Bell seems to be going full steam ahead w/ Steffy/Ollie/Hope since I read his interview w/ ET. He thinks this younger generation is working when it isn’t. He gets a kick outta Hope being a virginal good girl when she’s Brooke’s daughter, while “good” Tay’s daughter is troublesome Steffy. Hello? Brooke and Tay are both slutty. Tay slept thru 3 clans: the Forresters, Marones and Logans!

    And Bell mentioned in the ET interview that the show’s a success bec it still centers around the core characters (w/c is correct) and that it still centers around the Forrester vs. Logan feud (what the hell?). The Logans only resurfaced when Gareis was recasted as Donna. And the feud is rather tepid. Steffy is hating on the Logans when Brooke raised her and Steffy isn’t a Forrester. Donna is only there to be humiliated by Pam. Steffy vs. Katie was a joke. The cast is way bloated. Thomas, Rick, Aggie, Ollie, Katie, Bill and Whip need to be shipped off the canvas.

    The only time a younger character on B&B really resonated w/ the audience is when Jennifer Finnigan portrayed Bridget. She began really shaky, but quickly improved. And she could really act all the arcs they threw at her from Bridget/Deacon, to baby Hope, to Bridget/Ridge/Brooke! JF ruled the younger set. It’s surprising that she’s been so awful in her acting outside of Daytime since I pegged her as B&B’s Julianne Moore. Her Primetime work on Crossing Jordan, or that crappy sitcom where she portrayed Marnie were bad and worse. She could not even portray herself in that HBO comedy Head Case w/ her man Jonathan Silvermann. And they both were cutesy in an awful way in that Beethoven made for TV movie. Finnigan needs to return to Daytime. She’s a soap actress.

    BTW, are the rumors true? Is Adrienne Frantz returning to B&B? That would be terrible. The show has too many actresses. They don’t need Amber, and she’s so annoying. And did you ask Brad Bell if he’ll ever write an lgbtq character for B&B since it’s in LA and in the fashion business?

    You should write on your boards regularly since you consisitently update it anyway w/ new entries/articles.

  4. jean miller says:



  5. alek vidakovic says:

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