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4 May 19th, 2010 B&B’s Brad Bell on Emmy noms, Stephen and Pam’s tryst and more!

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On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Daytime Emmy nominee for both Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series, the head honcho of The Bold and the Beautiful, Brad Bell.  Yesterday, Brad and his team were honored by the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Popular TV Soap in the World.

We asked Brad about his choice of submitting Ann’s death, the resurgence of Betty White, why the decision to have Pam sleep with Stephen, and what’s next.   Here are some excerpts:

Bell on what B&B submitted to garner them the Emmy nod for show and writing and why:  “We submitted for Drama Series, the Betty White die with dignity story.  We were thrilled with the performances, and they were our favorite episodes of the year. It included a location shoot, an issue, great humor, and a brave heartbeat. So it felt like we had all the right ingredients. For us these really stood out. In the years past, we would have difficulty choosing, but these were some of my favorite episodes of the whole series of all-time.”

Even though Bell is the head writer, how much was he involved in the actual day to day of the heralded story ,and series of episodes: “ I was very involved in the creation of the scenes, and the dialog, and the editing. But, certainly it’s a group effort with the writing team comprised of Kay Alden and Patrick Mulcahey and Michael Minnis. Our team pulled all together on this one, and they all really shined.”

Bell on the Betty White success story in 2010: “I think it’s wonderful! In soap opera, we have found actors throughout who are brilliant and who have “it”, and so many of them are not being recognized. We have had the wonderful chance to employ some of these great actors, and Betty White is a standout.  She can do comedy, and drama. Who knew?  She is a wonderful human being, and I am happy she is having this remarkable and unprecedented resurgence.”

Bell on if it were to be two in a row for B&B, and they were to win Drama Series, what would he do if he was unceremoniously cut off during his acceptance speech again, a la the American Airlines promo, that was seen instead of  his speech on last year’s telecast!  “We joke that we are not flying American Airlines to Vegas either!”

Bell on the honor by Guinness Book of World Records: “It’s very exciting, and we didn’t really know, but they have a wonderful comprehensive entertainment section in the Guinness Book of World Records, and we have really stood out with our numbers and viewership around the world. We are definitely and by far, the most popular soap or telenovela in the world.  And, it’s wonderful to have this acknowledgment especially when soaps are being canceled, and not having much good news these days.  We had the Emmy nominees last week, the Guinness Book of World this week, and I can’t wait for next week! ” (Laughs)

Bell on the big sex scandal when poor crazy Pam gets deflowered by Stephen Logan as part of his revenge sex plot to destroy Stephanie!  “I think it goes back to the core battle between the Logans and the Forresters.  I think at this point in time it’s never been more interesting. We have a great group of actors: Patrick Duffy (Stephen), Alley Mills (Pam), Susan Flannery (Stephanie) battling against each other, and the Logan sisters are hot, and ready for action…. Always!  I think this a man who is still mourning the love of his life, Beth Logan. Yes, he is rebounding from that, and this is a darker time.  He is having very dark thoughts, and in his mind, because of Stephanie.  She had emotionally and physically abused his daughters over these years, and he has done nothing about it.  This is a man at a breaking point who has to do something, and believes he has come up with the perfect crime, and the perfect redemption. ”

Bell on if this will be a quickie B&B story beat or have some major fallout: “Yes, this is a story with some legs.  Its going to be fun, action-packed, and with some very dark moments, and some unexpected twists as well.”

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  1. bottomchef says:

    They should not have won for that maudlin ep w/ Storm’s suicide. Its repercussions, as expected of brad bell, are never utilized. Katie’s heart surgery scar has disappeared, and no one even mentions Storm’s death, even when Steph had a part in Beth’s death. The sad part is Brad bell actually thinks the guiness record equals a reflection of quality on B&B, which it doesn’t. B&B hasn’t been any good since Taylor/Rick thanks in no part to hammy, over enunciating Lowder, and thanks only to Tylo and KKL. B&B is like McDonald’s. LOL! B&B is a global brand. McDonald’s is omnipresent. It doesn’t mean B&B is a quality show or McDonald’s serves good food. They just happen to be everywhere. No one can deny B&B’s global ratings. But it doesn’t mean it’s a good show. It used to be good, but it’s been crappy for years.

    LOL on Brad bell’s quote: “He is having very dark thoughts, and in his mind, because of Stephanie.” Where would Stephen have thoughts other than his mind? Hahahahahaha! Bell says the same things abt his storylines. It’s going to have a lasting impact/repercussions/etc. But the only thing consistent abt B&B is that its history is always rewritten. So nothing really makes an impact and everything is plot driven.

    Instead of killing off Storm, Brooke should have been the shooter. She could have gone bonkers after the rape and Brooke has a history of mental instability. It would have been more dramatic, and the show needs male Logans to balance all the women. Storm would have been a good pairing w/ Felicia, and Devry is a decent actor (except when Storm was revealed as the shooter). All killing off Storm did was give Katie a heart transplant, yet Heather Tom didn’t garner an Emmy nom, Katie lost her baby w/ Nick and her scar is never an issue.

    A storyline for Mills is great. Pam needs to drive more storylines. Maybe Pam ends up going bonkers and kills Rick! Fire Kyle Lowder! he’s an awful actor. Stephen’s revenge storyline has potential, but the real revenge storyline should be from Brooke. She needs to go nuts and try to kill Stephanie for her role in Storm’s suicide and Beth’s death and brooke’s rape. However, that ain’t happening since Bell writes Brooke in such a boring way. Brooke needs to get into a catfight w/ and win in that catfight against Amber and Tawney. Bell needs to rehire Andrea Evans as trashy Tawney. And once ATWT wraps up, Lesli Kay’s Felicia should return, along w/ John Hensely as Zach Hamilton, Felicia’s ex and let it be revealed that he’s Felicia’s donor.


  2. Doe says:

    I think Brad Bell and his writers are very smart in creating B&B and its stories.This one of Pam and Stephen is a hoot. She literally is getting hers after all the viscious things she has pulled and got away with.. I am not so hapy with the Bridget and Owen story. I would like to see Nick realize what the heck is going on behind his back. And yes, the Betty White death scene was done extremely well.She’s a comer……


    bottomchef replied

    They never should have killed off Betty White’s character doe, but then it’s odd for her to portray SF’s mother and Moss’s grandmother since Moss is in his 60s. How hilarious for Brad bell to label that storyline the “Betty White die w/ dignity story” LOL! Such a ridiculous label!

    Everyone hates that Bridget/HOwen/Jackie/Nick storyline. It’s 1 soap cliche after the next. It began w/ Bridget and Nick having 1 of their babies die yet again, then Bridget has grief sex w/ slutty HOwen, then they had a who’s the daddy arc, now the 3 whores Jackie, HOwen and Bridget are lying to skanky Nick. B&B has done this kind of storyline so many times. And the most hilarious part is that Bridget couldn’t have any babies. She has a surrogate, and now that she’s older, she gets preggers! LOL!

    Pam’s upcoming storyline is the only good part of B&B. The more Pam, the better!


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